Tulsa. Welcome back to the magnet fit this in Jenks personal training podcast, our personal training podcast. Today’s topic is going to be the best type of exercises geared towards your weight loss goals. There’s a lot of controversy, especially when I deal with my personal training clients about what type of exercises, uh, we should be doing. A lot of people do not want to waste time or effort, uh, you know, or money for that matter and not knowing if what they’re doing is working. The weight loss journey. Um, specifically when I do with my personal training clients is one of the toughest. We also desperately want out of our circumstances. We want to change, uh, what we did to our bodies, what, what happens circumstantially, uh, emotionally, uh, to our bodies. We want out of that circumstance. And I am here to tell you that it’s going to take time.

It takes time, first and foremost for you to take the weight off. It really does. And so the first thing, I think from a sec psychological standpoint, it’s important I teach my clients and my Jenks personal training company to understand that a weight loss takes time. It’s important to have short term, mid term and long term goals. Magnus fitness, South Tulsa, our personal training companies, specifically gears, our training tool words, successful weight loss. There’s a lot of things you have to take into consideration when losing weight, injury prevention, hormonal changes, recovery and recuperation. And along with making sure that you’re putting forth the effort that a, it actually takes to for effective weight loss training. Um, the magnus way, which is a copyrighted process or a patented process. Not Patented yet. I’d like to say that, but, uh, in my mind it is because it’s unique. It’s unique to our personal training clients.

We have a specific process that we put our clients through a, and I’ll give you a little taste of a, of what that looks like. Our first, uh, month is primarily calisthenics and bodyweight. Our goal is to get away from the extreme weight training, weight training in the sense of a dumbbells. And, uh, uh, uh, a barbell training, while those things have their benefit, uh, they do not compliment rapid weight loss. Okay. And they do heighten the risk of injury, especially with the type of nutrition that comes along with our weight loss protocol. Some of you may be thinking, well, you know, uh, uh, I really like lifting weights. Um, there is some scientific backing proving that it does, it does cause weight loss. Um, they’re there, I could agree with you and I would be willing to hold a conversation with you about that.

But in our personal training company, we have gone to the best of best and research the New England Journal of Journal of Sports Science. Um, you know, a lot of those journals that come out with specific types of routines and exercises you should be doing for weight loss take into consideration all of the hormonal changes, the biological changes, um, and even even orthopedic. A lot of people do not keep orthopedic health in mind when trying to lose weight. And that’s something that is very crucial. We have to adopt the mindset of a lifestyle change. And so we don’t want burnout and we don’t want to quickly hurry through this process called weight loss. It takes time to put it on. It takes time to take it off. Calisthenics is primarily the best because it only takes about 30 minutes. You should not be, uh, in the gym trying to lose weight more than 30 minutes.

Uh, you have a stress hormone, a hormone called Cortisol that is released. Uh, it is a stress hormone when lots of stresses put on the body. Uh, and so, you know, long distance cardio and all of those types of, um, cardiovascular trainings that were used to, uh, really have, have, uh, have gone out the window. If you are dreading the idea of getting up and going for a 45 minute hour long run, uh, then welcome to the crowd. I don’t know that anybody other than long distance runners, people who get runner’s high and really enjoy long distance running with crowds or maybe by themselves, but specifically the vast majority of weight loss clients. And if you’re listening to this and go, and I love that. I love weight training. I, although that’s fine, but I am speaking, unless you have led a vast army of over overweight, obese individuals into successful weight loss, I don’t want to hear it because there is a successful proven path that you should be following and we can help you with that.

The specific types of exercises are personal training clients benefit from our program because of the psychological, the accountability, right? The specific type of nutrition and a and of course the type of exercises you have to combine those three. You have to have a sense of accountability, which is great, right? You know, you’re paying for our time when you come to our personal journey studio to be there to motivate and support you and Megan Monitor you of course. But then secondly, we also have as a nutrition that nutrition is a major aspect. You will only perform as good a with us as you, as you, uh, as you take care of yourself in the kitchen. Uh, it, it is more than half the battle nutrition. You cannot out train a bad diet when it comes to weight loss and even putting on muscle for that matter. And then the exercises, the specific type of exercise.

So the first month in our program, we primarily put our clients through bodyweight training. Do not be ashamed, do not be embarrassed, do not feel like it’s not tough enough. Uh, I will kick your tushy with bodyweight training and 30 minutes if you do not believe me, marched onto my personal training company on a hundred and first and shared and, and test drive us test, drive callous, the next body weight routine for 30 minutes. And tell me you do not, uh, that, that it was easy. Please do that. Uh, and if you’re that bullheaded and you’re that intense, then uh, I dare you to sign up for a month or two months or three months of it. Uh, so yes, there’s a specific type of way it training you should be doing for weight loss. Um, a sample, a routine would look like pushups, right?

And if you cannot perform a full pushup, I’ve been dealing with my clients on this quite often, a full all the way down, all the way up. PUSHUPS, hands have to be directly under the, uh, under the chest. Not Directly, but you, we want it to resemble a bench press. All of this stuff where your hands are wide and out and your shoulders are doing all the work is extremely unsafe and not affective. You will actually, if you can do a pushup correctly, you actually do them better because you recruiting the muscles that are required in a push movement. So it’s all about movement, not just strength. Um, or how many you can do. I’ve corrected multiple clients this week who came in, we did a pushup test and uh, they were not, the movement was incorrect. If you could just consider, if you could just realize that you, you, you will get a better, more effective exercise if you use the full muscle.

Okay. Uh, all of the muscles that are incorporated in the exercise of Pushup, tricep, chest, right? Um, all of those muscles, uh, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re supposed to be used. W you’ll, you’ll be able to do more and you’ll look a lot better and you’ll be a lot healthier. And Debbie, I’ll do this for a lifetime. So even when it comes to squats, all of, we have correctional training for all of those. We help you to a target the weak points and strengthen them so that you can perform better. And that’s really what the first month is. A part is getting adopted to the nutrition and then learning how to move your body weight. It’s just an overall amazing program. I think you should try to participate in our first two weeks of completely free of charge for you to test drive it, see if that’s something you’re going to be enjoying, something to look forward to doing.

And not that everyone enjoys or looks forward to the exercise. It’s hard. It is hard. It’s tough to do. It’s hard to stay committed. Everyone’s excited for the first six weeks and that some of us want to go back to her old lifestyles. But that’s the point of accountability. Uh, we do sell transformation packages. Unfortunately, we do not sell a session by session. It’s important for you to understand the accountability and consequence, uh, principal, uh, and, uh, and that’s pretty much it. Folks, if you would love to see our, I’d like to, you know, vet us and see what we’re like as a company. We, we’d always advise you to go to our website and check out our video testimonials of our real life clients. Go to magnus fitness, tulsa.com or you can visit our Facebook. It’s magnus fitness, Tulsa as a well, I go to the website, magnus fitness, tulsa.com it’s our Jenks personal training website. Go to testimonials

and watched those videos. Just hear from our real life clients who it’s like to train with us and see where they’re at. See if they reached their goal, their progress. We want you all to know you can do it. We really do believe that.