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Tulsa personal training podcast. Today we’re bringing you the news, the Groove, the gym, the Jive on a extra ways you can burn calories. You’d be shocked at how many ways you can. And I’ve done a previous podcast on this and our personal trainer podcasts, but it doesn’t seem that people are getting it. I don’t understand that. I don’t know what the hesitation the big block is on, uh, on, on burning extra calories throughout the day. But I want to be here to tell you on our Jenks personal training podcast that it is possible for you guys to not feel like you have to overwork or kill yourself in the gym. But before I go any further, I want to make sure you are aware of a big shout out to who are we celebrating here today? Oh, it looks like we’re going to give some, uh, shout out to Daryl, Daryl and denise.

Darrell, uh, is in his sixties and he has lost 10 pounds in two weeks. He’s killing it. He doesn’t have a whole lot of weight to lose, but he did utilize our candidate meal plan. His doctor was extremely excited about him doing that. He did it. His blood sugar went from 299. Remarkable stats I’m looking at here. He’s lost five inches in his tummy. Three inch, three and a half inches. Excuse me, in his chest. Remarkable. He’s leaning up. He’s a custom home builder. So, uh, if you need a home, come here to magnus fitness, Jenks personal training company and a Darryl’s here. He’ll build you a home and he’ll do it fit. So let’s talk a little bit about this today. I, I really want to make sure you understand that a fitness is something that you, you, you have to, I don’t know where.

And when a pupil got the idea that fitness is only with weights. I, I do agree that, you know, there’s over 650 muscles in your body that you need, you know, some sort of exercise with resistance to, uh, to, to prevent atrophy. And, and, uh, you need a routine that’s outside of your daily, uh, movements. And etc. Etc. ThE list goes on and on, on reasons why you would need to make sure that you are a giving attention to muscle development. But guys, when it comes to weight loss, which is what our Jenks personal training company specializes in, you’ve got to, to understand that, uh, you can work smarter, not necessarily harder. And while Those, that’s a very overly used statement, you don’t have to do that. We don’t have to kill yourself. Did you know that there’s simple ways of doing cardiovascular training. And most of my consultations go this way.

Uh, people get jogged, dropped until headed whenever I tell them I only want you to do in 12, 15 and max 20 minutes of cardiovascular training. I’m really not all for a long distance cardiovascular training, I’m just not, I’m just not as a personal trainer in the healthcare industry when it comes to weight loss. I’m not a big proponent to. I just don’t, I won’t, I won’t advise that. Now you know, here’s, here’s why. There was a research study done on orthopedic health for men and women both alike. Did you know that for every pound of body fat, that means if you have 40 pounds of excess body fat on your body, uh, you, you, when you run or sprint you, you actually ruined your orthopedic health because that one pound of fat translates to eight. That’s 40 pounds of fat that turns into what, what does that 320 300 and quick get a quick math here.

But that’s quite a bit of excess, which 300 plus pounds of excess weight on your joints. And so I’m here to give you some short, realistic ideas on how you may elevate your heart rate, how to calculate your maximum heart rate and how to get the benefit of cardiovascular weight loss. How to get into a targeted weightloss zone. You don’t need to kill yourself. Uh, uh, but, but, but, but just, just some ideas to help you to stay consistent. You know, there’s ideas like hiking. there’s. Jenks personal training So let’s start off with a little experiment that we had done a while back. It was really interesting when we actually had a, a participant sprint, uh, on a, on a treadmill. And then we had another person walk on an elevated incline on the treadmill, and we were testing to see how hard you had to work to elevate your heart rate.

Did you know after about a five to 10 minute warm up on that inclined treadmill walk, the heart rate of that participant was almost similar to that is of a person doing sprints that remarkable walking on a treadmill on an incline your bar, your heart rate was raised, her, their heart rate was raised. And so here’s how you calculate your maximum heart rate for your age. You want to take 2:20 minus your age and that comes out to a, your ideal targeted 100 percent. Excuse me, a targeted heart rate zone. So for me, I’m 29 to 20 minutes, 29 equals one 91. Now if you want to do hit training, which is another great way of doing this, Jenks personal training, you’d want it to be able to do 20 seconds on a hundred percent effort. And then however long it takes you to recover, you’d want to repeat that maybe 10 times over.

Um, that’s a great way of creating oxidation in the blood, creating the afterburn, which is going to be a where you are, your body’s trying to return to its original homeostasis. You’ll be burning calories for about 36 hours, but it’s very hard to do on your own. So, you know, obviously hire a personal trainer, come here to magnus fitness south tulsa or get a workout buddy and do that. So you push yourself. So a lot of times we don’t push ourselves on it when we’re by ourselves. Uh, so then there’s, then there’s the 75 percent effort zone. So you would take that one. You would take that one 91. I think I had that correctly. Jenks personal training, let’s see here. Again, I’m not good at quick math. One 91 times point seven, five equals 1:43. Okay, that’s 1:43. My 75 percent effort, which is an extremely good cardiovascular state to Be in or for fat burning, uh, is 1:43.

That’s a power walk folks. So I can take that and integrate that with training. So I can power walk for a period of time. Maybe four minutes and then slow down. And then power walk. A interval training is extremely good for blood sugar levels, uh, not raising cortisol levels. You don’t want to be doing cardio more than, as I said earlier, 20, 25. Some experts will allow you 30 minutes, but the whole goal is to be mindful of your long term fitness goals and to stay injury free. That’s the idea. That’s, that’s what we want. That’s what we want is to stay injury free and we want to get the max benefit, uh, with proper education on, on how to maximize our weight loss. So, Jenks personal training, let’s go into some ideas, some other things other than just a treadmill or walking outside. This can be used while you’re swimming.

Our Jenks personal training company specifically uses battle ropes. Battle ropes are a great way of raising the heart rate to that have maybe even a sprint. I’ve seen clients, heart rates here. Get up to one 90, one 80, one 70 range, their maximum heart range and burn cow. We had one guy burned 500 calories here, a Jenks personal training company in about 30 minutes. Remarkable. Absolutely remarkable. So you can hear from our podcasts that we’re trying to communicate to use. You don’t have to kill yourself, you know, hiking for an hour, just hiking, enjoying your family outdoors can burn approximately 1100 calories. Carrying groceries can, it can burn upwards into a couple of hundred pounds. It’s from the grocery store, park a little distance in the, in the parking lot. uh, carry them, look, placed them in the car and then carry them into the house. There’s always ways that we can stay active and burn more calories because a lot of people don’t understand, but our personal training company isn’t concerned or just impressed with the initial weight loss that our clients experience.

But we also care a lot about you learning to make this a lifestyle. I don’t think it’s an education issue at my Jenks personal training company. I do not believe people are at a, a stumped on a lack of knowing what to do. I think it’s just sheer laziness and I think people are just, you know, bombardi. Some of it may be not just overwhelmed with education, but also just wondering if what they’re doing is gonna work, uh, is a correct information. All of those things in, and I’m here to tell you, just stay active. I’ve given you a little blueprint there at the beginning of this podcast so you can calculate your maximum heart rate and find ways to do it safer and get your heart rate up and elevated and, and, uh, enjoy an active lifestyle, but just get into the habit of it. Another thing is don’t go into the gym expecting to kill yourself at our Jenks personal training company.

We give our clients homework to do and this consists of anything between sit ups and pushups and walking and jogging and jump roping and boxing. All great cardios cardio things to do a. And I’ll do another podcast on great ways, better exercises to do for weight loss, specifically from Dr. Sears and his, his workout called pace p a c e, you look it up. Fantastic. A lot of my personal training, education and methods are fashioned around that philosophy. Uh, but, uh, yeah, give us a call if you need any help or text tests, we’d love to answer any questions you might have. Visit our facebook post. a question on our wall. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. That’s nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. We’d love to answer any questions you have as it pertains to your health at our personal training company will talk to you later. Tulsa, we hope you guys stay warm. Wash your hands and cover your nose when you sneeze. Would ya.