Everyone. Welcome back to the magnus fitness in Jenks personal training podcast. Uh, we, uh, we love hearing the questions we have from our Jenks personal training clients about fitness, health, motivation, uh, even, uh, you know, fitness psychology, getting a lot of responses. I’m sitting here reviewing some of the ones that we’ve gotten some of the questions. We’re going to take a break from our podcast on sustainability and we’re going to talk a little bit about our program. So you could call this a pause in our sustainability series. Um, and we’re going to discuss a little bit about our coaching program here in South Tulsa. Uh, first off, I just want to thank you all for listening, tuning in. We know that it’s on our website, it’s on iTunes or anything like that. Nothing fancy, but what can you say? It’s, you’ve got to start somewhere and we are for you.

So, uh, thanks for uh, some of you maybe weren’t wondering where the content comes from. In all actuality, they come from real life participants in our Jenks personal training program who asks questions and, uh, who, who, who we get to dialogue with on a daily basis. And hear their, uh, hear their questions, comments, gripes, concerns, and providing answers. And so we take our time to do for you guys. I’ve been in the coaching industry, fitness particularly, uh, for approximately about eight years now. Um, that was, I did that in a spiritual capacity within a church while I attended college. Uh, which was fun, but, uh, fitness is definitely a fun avenue for me to work in. I love it. It’s where my, uh, one of my expertise is lies. And so we do this for you guys to listen to tune in to, uh, and if you questioned any things we were talking about, feel free to dialogue with us.

Go to our Facebook page and post on it. Post some controversy, some questions, comments, concerns you may have as it pertains to health and the industry that, uh, I’m in. Um, the industry that I know is ultimately confusing. So we want to be here to clear your windshield. I was a wiper so you could move forward clearly without distractions and, uh, learn how to succeed in your fitness goals. So, uh, real quick, I want to talk a little bit about our Jenks personal training program. The workouts that we design for our participants in our Jenks personal training program. Uh, these designed workouts are conducive for weight loss. Uh, you’ll notice when coming into our studio, there’s not a bunch of weight stocks, uh, in machines. We, we do believe in body weight, calisthenics for weight loss. We believe in Tabata. We believe in elevating the heart rate, not a Betty being afraid of doing that.

And if it’s suitable and a, and lowering it and raising it, uh, and then those are just some quality exercises you can perform. Ultimately it’s of value to us that adds value to us knowing that these are exercises you can do wherever you’re at. So, um, our designs, our Jenks personal training workouts, we design are tough. They really are. They are difficult because again, we want to push you mentally and help you with confidence. Now you’re not going to come in, especially in our classes in the evening and be thrown into exercises in that class. There is no more than three to four people at a time. Um, primarily just for quality control. So there, there, there are different, uh, you know, body types in there and people at different fitness levels. Uh, and uh, we do take that into consideration. We want to progress you and there’s times for particular clients, we may have to regress ever so slightly just so that you can accomplish a movement without damaging your body.

Um, ultimately we’re in business to better your health and not requires something to you that’s gonna you know, uh, derail you for a period of time so you can’t continue. So there’s different, uh, you can expect when coming into our evening classes or small group training classes, a different variety of fitness levels, ages anywhere from 17 to a fifties. Really exciting crowds that we work with who are just excited to reach their fitness goals. They really are. And we provide the resources and, and they put them to use. So, um, particularly with the, with the, with the workouts that we designed, uh, they’re tough. You know, we’re definitely not going to be your type of program that you come into and you get to sit and talk and do a bicep curl or do a lunge and real slow and talk about your hair and talk about your at.

Now there are times with our Jenks personal training coaching program that we do understand there is a therapy side of accomplishing goals and that’s having someone to talk to and a personal training coach and weight loss coach or fitness coach is available for those reasons. But we want there to be an end in mind with those discussions. We don’t want to just want to talk a, because talking about it doesn’t always, you know, there’s a difference between molding and the problem mulling over a problem to the point where you’re just swimming around in it, right. Uh, and sharing it with someone, uh, and not really looking for a solution. No. That when you share stuff with our Jenks personal training coaches after, you know, during the workout and even during the workout, uh, that we haven’t ended mine for you, that you’d be empowered, uh, to confidently approach your problems, circumstance, situations.

Um, and bring about results in your life. When I look for coaches to participate in my program and share time with my clients here at Magnus fitness, it’s not to build a, um, a friendship in the sense that uh, you get to gossip. Uh, you are allowed to sound board. You’re allowed to share, you know, uh, certain successes, difficulties. But, uh, most people when they think of friendships, they think of someone you can sit around a drink with, talk with, and never really get to a solution. The type of friendship I’m talking about is someone you can expect growth with. Um, someone that’s going to address and ask some questions that may stimulate some feelings that aren’t always the best, but only to help you come to a conclusion that better suits what your circumstances may require of you. The best version of you maybe cause you to think about some things differently so that you can approach those things with confidence and courage.

Not just talk about it for the sake of talking about it. There’s a massive difference in meeting with a personal trainer who steps in as a therapist for a bit who, who just, you know, we’re, we’re good at listening, but then providing with your permission some, uh, some perspectives you may not have thought about. That’s obviously if we have the report now, we don’t, we don’t. There had been a lot of times where I’ve come into situations and trainers are listening to their clients, uh, and, and they’re just letting them talk. And that’s necessary at times. Sometimes some of you just need a soundboard to come to your own conclusions. A lot of people just, they know the answer. They just do the sheriff verbal processors, right? And there’s no problem with that. So never think that we’re just here to tell you what to do in your life.

Sometimes it’s best just to listen to him. So inspired when a coach can do that. We’ve worked with enough personalities to be able to discern in the moment, um, which, by the way, my voice has gone from coaching, uh, out loud, so I apologize for that. Um, but, uh, you know, we do listen and we, we, we, we take pride in that ability because we know that that’s what it takes some time. Some of you just need someone to vent to the soundboard too. And some of you, you’re smart enough, you’ve lived life long enough, you just need to come to your conclusion, come to the answer. You’ve always known it as the truth. Um, but, uh, most of the time we reserve our Jenks personal training slots for people who come in, accept the challenge or the workout, if you will, and completed and, uh, through, through, through that, we do know that most of the Times you can complete a challenging workout.

A lot of times you get the endorphins, the dope, you know, uh, all the chemicals in the brain stimulated and you feel better and you get a new perspective. Uh, you just need a little booster. Just say you completed something. Um, and I’m on spired at the people who just put their best foot forward. You’re not always gonna feel like completing a challenge or a work, a daily challenge, but come in and just do it. Come in, accept the daily challenge and accomplish it. This is going to revolutionize your life. I promise you. Um, you, you cannot feel your way into action. You’re going to have to act your way into feeling. And that’s why our program, our Jenks personal training daily challenges are created the way they are so that you can come in here and complete something that is challenging for you so that you can boost that self confidence.

And ultimately from what we have heard and seen in with real life evidence and real life testimonials in clients is that that has appropriated, uh, some things created in themselves, the solution to many problems in their life. The problem is, uh, in life we don’t take challenges on, we allow challenges to take us. And if you just had an outlet in your life where you could come and dominate for a bit, you might feel better about yourself and your circumstance. So check us out at our website, magnus fitness, tulsa.com. There’s not gonna be a whole lot about our training program in there as far as like on a day to day, what kind of workouts you’re going to see, but they are daily challenges. We give our clients to help them reach their goals and we believe in you. Call or text nine 188-ONE-FOUR-2, two, one three, two me reach out. I’ll answer. I’ll text you back and we want to be here to help you through your process. If it’s listening, encouraging, correcting a whatever level of coaching you need, let us know. We’ll be here for you. We understand what it takes to obtain your goal. Our, our goal is to help you obtain yours.