Welcome back to the madness fitness in Jenks personal training podcast. We hope you all Tulsa are having a great day today. Our Jenks personal training studio is here for you to help you reach your fitness and health goals. A massive shout out. As you know, we have to give a on each one of our Jenks personal training podcasts, say recognition, time of recognition to our clients whose efforts and hard work, uh, and harder and money are paying off. They’re reaching their goals. It’s an incredible sight to see human beings coming into our Jenks personal training studio here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, uh, reaching their goals. It’s, it’s, and it’s, and it’s tough and that’s just what we’re going to talk about today is a what, what you should know before going into or signing up with our personal training Po, uh, not our podcast, our, our program and, uh, reaching your fitness goals.

Uh, before I do that, as I said, Jonathan is making an extraordinary change in his health. He’s down 12 pounds in just a few weeks in. He, uh, he hadn’t done pull-ups, beliefs since college years ago and is now doing a sets of 10 on ups and a wide grip pull ups. It’s an incredible thing to see. That was his goal, to be able to tone up and use his body weight, uh, to exercise with. It’s really remarkable and it’s a great feeling to know that the you can pull your body weight and, and uh, to him that’s his, that’s his fitness levels. He enjoys that kind of fitness. So, uh, today on our personal training podcast, which by the way, Tulsa Broken Arrow, uh, south Tulsa, uh, you know, Jinx. You guys are tuning in. We appreciate you guys giving us some feedback and listening to our podcasts on our Jenks personal training website.

Uh, please feel free to visit our Jenks personal training Facebook at Magnus fitness, Tulsa. You can find it on there. Visit our website at Magnus fitness, tulsa.com and send us some inquiries about the, some questions, comments, concerns you have, anything fitness and food related. Uh, today’s topic is going to be titled Habits. Uh, we’ve done podcasts on this before, but we’re going to talk about specifically how to change an unhealthy habits. Uh, I had someone over the weekend ask me here in Tulsa. They said, uh, so, so what exactly you know, is the most difficult thing about your company or the industry you’re involved in. And I’ll tell you what it is. It’s, uh, it’s dealing with individuals who are extremely excited here in Oklahoma about changing their habits and, and we’ve helped people online from Europe and, and across the nation. But, uh, specifically here in Tulsa Jenks Broken Arrow Glenpool uh, here’s what we deal with.

We deal with individuals who come into our Jenks personal training location at a hundred and first and Sheridan and get extremely excited about changing their life. But how many of our listeners do you know that it is not if you could have the best intentions, but, uh, but not get any results. And that’s what we want to address. That’s what we’re here for. Uh, over the weekend, I had the privilege of meeting someone in my wife and I were at a, uh, a potluck party out in broken Arrow, uh, with some married couples. And, uh, and this man had, uh, had asked me what makes our program different than others. And I, and I followed up with a question. I said, w w what other programs have you seen other people try? And he thought it was a great question. He said, you know, I’ve seen people do diets and they specifically brag about not having to exercise or do any sort of routines.

And, uh, and I asked him, I said, well, where are they at today? And his wife chuckled, looked over at him with sincerity and looked back at me and said, they’ve put the weight back on. You know, and that’s what I, I want to caution anybody, if anybody’s telling you that you don’t need to up your activity or, uh, you know, I have three keys of success here at Magnus fitness that I’d get into and they are, uh, real quick accountability, nutrition, and exercise. Those three, if you can combine those three, it’s a self, it’s a, it’s a fail safe way of maintaining and uh, and maintenancing your health from here on out, helping you find the fitness you love to do forever. And I’ll get more into that later. But, uh, I appreciate that dialogue because, and so did they because they understood it.

They said how you provide the accountability and the exercise. That’s remarkable. So you spend time with your clients, you take time out of your day or you took high risk in your business to come to Tulsa and broken arrow on Glenpool and jeans to be there for people and to help them. But it is very nasty. It’s a nasty, nasty industry in the sense that, uh, people have the best intentions, but we have to bridge the gap between intention and results. Um, benefits will always out weigh effort. Do you realize that? I believe you could probably apply this to every area of your life that if you just, uh, you know, uh, effort, effort, effort, effort, effort, but never saw benefit, uh, the benefit factor, uh, would go, oh, your effort would go away because the benefit factor is, is not, uh, not, not revealing itself to you.

So, um, that’s what our program is built around is navigating those, helping you with, obtain those goals. And in our Jenks personal training interview process, when we onboard a client, we asked the question, have you ever reached a goal before? Because the reality is we got where we’re at with our health, uh, because of lack of lack of action. Okay. And, uh, and, and, and, and action is the sword to results. You have to continually apply yourself. We’ll get into more of that later. I have so much I could spend time on this podcast, but a Tulsa listeners, broken arrow. Glenpool Jinx. Listen to me. I am in the business of helping you change your habits. And so I’m going to give you a quick few. You know, these, this is for free. This is for free. But here are some tools, tips that you can apply on an everyday basis.

The first thing to do whenever understanding changing your habit is, is identify what it is you want to change. If it’s the habit of getting into exercise, if it’s the habit of finding some accountability, if it’s the habit of uh, uh, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, if you, if you don’t do well with accountability, if you, uh, the habit of, of emotional eating, uh, you know, the first thing to do is identify them. This means bringing what is usually unconscious in your life to the forefront of your mind and being aware about it. Okay? And that’s typically what happens. Something in our life tells us we need to wake up. We step on the scale specifically with me. It was looking at my Christmas photos and uh, and I noticed that I was overweight. I was 250, two pounds. How could this be sky magnus?

No Way. There’s no way I could be two 52. I was 50 pounds from morbidly obese. It my age. And for me that was the biggest situation was going to be, uh, changing the habit first, identifying the issue. But now changing my habits. I had to look at my day to day process and go, first off, I do not exercise. I do not eat correctly. I have a horrible habit of stopping at convenience, places to eat. Cause I was in sales, I was traveling everywhere. I needed to change these habits. I needed a new associations, I needed a new program. But that’s what happens is we identify these things. We, they, they pop up and we say, okay, well I need to, uh, I need to change something. If something has happened, I need to change. And it always is that way. It always isn’t that right listeners, wouldn’t you agree?

Nod your head. Yeah. It typically takes worst case scenario to wake us up. That’s the horrible thing about human beings is we have to hit rock bottom before we decide to change. And so that’s when people come to our personal training studio here in South Tulsa at 101st and Sheridan people from all over. We’ve had people commute from Claremore Deep Ba, uh, Okmulgee people driving down here to my company to entrust their health with us because they know that they’re in the habit. Changing a situation during the habit change situation. And it’s not easy. It’s not easy to change habits. So we, we come to realization that we are, we’re not happy with our Jenks personal training health. Now we need to change habits. Okay? So let those things come to the forefront of your mind. Don’t tuck them back. Don’t push them back and say, no. Another day tomorrow we’ll be here.

It will be a yesterday, very quickly and next year will be another year behind the calendar. You have to let these things come to the forefront of your mind and you have to then begin to look out for a coach, someone who can help you change these habits. You, you do this in every area of your life. If you’re a business owner listening to this podcast, if you’re a parent, if you’re a pastor, if you’re an influencer of any realm of your life, you notice that something is going wrong in your life. Uh, and then if something needs to change you, you use the law of a, I believe it’s empathy or I can’t remember the specific law name, but anything left and attended tends towards chaos. If you leave a lawn unmold it will grow out of control. If you leave a child unparented it will grow out of control.

That’s just the reality. Okay. Uh, and it’d be a messy process and it doesn’t have to be that way. And so we’re looking for a few key ingredients, one of our clients and our coaching program. And that’s humility and diligence. Just have the desire to want to do it. And even if you don’t necessarily feel like it, just hiring someone like us, a health coach to come in and motivate you and inspire you and keep you accountable and focused, then those are the key elements that’ll help you success. Succeed. We’re not going to do it for you. But having that person there to hold you accountable is, is, is, is priceless. It’s amazing. And we have seen some extraordinary changes in our Jenks personal training clients lives, from careers to spouses to restoration to a, I mean, it’s bulled over in almost every area imaginable. Uh, and, and that’s, and that’s the first place to start.

We’ll do a continuation of this podcast, uh, uh, throughout this week. Uh, but the first thing is to identify the habits you want to change. If you’re not happy with your current condition, then we have to look at change. This means bringing those unconscious, uh, things in our life, habits, things we typically ignore into our front, uh, and to the, into our front of our mind and on a daily basis. And just don’t beat yourself up about this. You don’t want to fall into a bunch of a downward spiral habits and sabotage yourself. It’s just an opportunity to look at something you want to change and, and, and, and make it. Tulsa South Tulsa gun pulled, jinx, broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Listen, you can do this. You have the power to change your circumstance. That’s the beauty about this is identify the habit you want to change. Pick one and let’s do this. If you need help doing this, please call our coaches. Nine 188-ONE-FOUR-2 (213) 918-8142, two, one, three. Again, this is sky magnus fitness. Tulsa. Look us up on Google. Look at our testimonials, our real life testimonials, and see what it’s like for our Jenks personal training clients who are getting their results. We’ll talk to you soon.