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Good Morning Tulsa, welcome back to the magnus fitness in south, also Jenks personal training podcast. Today we are excited to finish up our facebook post with the questions that you all posted as regards to your relic regarding to your health and fitness goals. Um, and that sounds like some of you may be starting on a journey and a, are looking for some advice on where to start. And I have to start by saying that that is really commendable. They really do appreciate your oles transparency about your fitness goals and slash or concerns, questions, comments. It’s really awesome to see people engaging, uh, overall, just a, um, a questionnaires. It’s, it’s great. It’s great to see people. Uh, now we do want to bridge the gap between intention and results. And so again, if you guys need any help, come to us. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one.

Three is our direct number. You can text that number or give us a call. Uh, don’t just hide behind a text though. Follow through. If you’re going to text, please make sure that you have intentions to really, uh, that come in and seek some help from our personal training company. You can visit our website at magnus fitness,, and like anyone who calls in, we encourage you to do your homework on our company. We have just reached one of the most highly rated personal trading companies in Tulsa. And you can see that on Google. If you go to our website, again, that’s magnus fitness, or personal training company has a. Our clients from a Jenks personal training company have allowed us to do video testimonials to reveal to you, uh, what it is like a, at our company and the results that they’re achieving, uh, on average within a six week period.

Uh, I would say that our average weight loss is anywhere between 15 to 20 pounds. Guys, that’s a month at a couple of weeks. Uh, if you come in and just follow our proven system with our Jenks personal training company, you will find your goals on the horizon. If it’s just 15, 20 pounds, I know that I, I can confidently say if you would follow our proven path, we can guarantee you 20 pounds of weight loss stuff of workouts are fun. They’re engaging, they’re 30 minutes you’re in and you’re out back to your day, three days a week. That’s 90 minutes with us, uh, the scholarships for those qualified candidates who cannot afford it. Uh, we, we, we, we are, we are polarized as a company like a see, I could feel it. We’re going to be awesome as a resource for you, but we’d love for you to come in and really take advantage of that, uh, of our program.

Guys have really utilized the resources our clients, our personal training company would, would, would, would highly encourage you, if you haven’t been to our website, again, as a reminder, go there. Magnus fitness, Uh, and so today’s shot out is actually regarding the people who have engaged on our facebook posts. I really do want to commend you all. Uh, Christine. Nicole has a great a question. I believe this actually wraps up our, um, our facebook concludes our facebook Jenks personal training questions, a workout and health questions. She says how to incorporate a variety of workouts so things don’t get boring. Also, variety of warmups as well. I’m going to start with the warm ups just to give you all an idea, a sort of insider scoop into our personal training company works. We always do believe in warmups, getting the body ligaments, tendons, muscles, nice and warm.

We do that primarily through either rowing, biking, jump rope, battle ropes, or even what’s called dynamic warmups. Those are dynamic warmups. Uh, Nicole and Christine, a dynamic warmups are there. You have two different types of stretching. A lot of people utilize static stretching before they begin an exercise. And I’m not a big fan of static stretches before and exercise more. So at the end, a static stretches something similar like a leaning down and grabbing your toes with your legs locked and stretching your hamstrings or, uh, or folding your arms across your chest at one arm across the chest, uh, to stretch, uh, your, your lots are, your triceps are, you know, those, those types of stretches, stretches at really are not conducive with our program because there’s a lot of body movement and functional movement in our program. We believe in dynamic stretching, which is what you’re going to find more so on the APP.

If you watch any sports, particularly baseball, if you watch the athletes before they play, you can see them down there on the field with a trainer. They’re doing stuff like London twist. They’re swinging their legs back and forth for 20, 20, you know, 20 seconds each side, they’ll grab a band and they’ll pull at those types of warmups are highly effective. Uh, and particularly if you’re, if you’re looking to, uh, gain flexibility and mobility, there is one complication with a static stretches that I’m not a big fan of now. And before I say this, as a professional personal trainer, I want to say that, um, I, I am all things health and I love all things fitness. A lot of my clients actually very surprised as a personal trainer that I, I, I, I am involved in love. So many different fitness and particularly yoga.

I’m a big fan. I’ve had a professional, a yoga instructor, instruct out of my Jenks personal training studio. I’m a big fan of it. And he would also agree and I believe he’s actually been to India to study. It’s got a little over 500 or close to a thousand now hours of inductive, a yoga culture and studies. He knows all the terminology but absolutely nuts. Whenever they lived over there for I think the equivalent of a year to learn and get submerged. And, and, uh, he would even warn you of overstretching, Eh, you could overstretch yourself. And, uh, there’s, there’s more powerful movements that you can use the body weight to your advantage to gain some strength. But overstretching the body is, is, is something that, uh, we want to be careful of this. This can cause some damage to the joints, ligaments, and tendons, but I am a big fan of yoga and mixing things up in personal training and our company is part of what we do best, uh, not only so that the person can stay engaged and stay on board and stay excited about their fitness goals just to mix things up.

But to be quite honest with you, you’ve just got to venture out and try some. Didn’t have different fitness programs. They have a, our Jenks personal training company is not afraid to introduce hiking and jogging and, uh, all sorts of different ways to engage the brain. Swimming. We encourage you to mix things up. We have plenty of people who want to sign up for six months, but after about a 12 week period, even though they may be getting results, they still want to drop off. And, uh, and one of the biggest ways to overcome that is to find something, a fitness that you love, that you can do forever. It might be boxing. Um, it could be anything that you’ve always wanted to do. Rock climbing, mountain biking, cycling, uh, guys that the options are endless with keeping a fitness levels are high. And so I just want to say that the gym and weights, I mentioned this in the past few podcasts are not the only way to do that.

You can move into calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, guys, it’s all good. It’s all good for you. Just living an active lifestyle would really help a lot of you to just stay consistent, motivated, excited about your fitness goals. Um, but, uh, yeah, that’s, that’s pretty much what I wanted to address is the, is the, as Christine’s question about the, uh, stretching, again, dynamic warmups are great. And our personal trading company, we use that. A swinging of the legs, lunging and twists. Nothing too. Don’t exert yourself. It’s just something to get the body moving. A certain arm circles, waste twists, old school, uh, Jenks personal training, a step, a march in place, okay. All those goofy looking old school movements, those are fun to do, but stay away from static stretches before you begin an exercise. If you want to do something like a wall sit after you do leg day or in between sets, that’s all good stuff to contraction reps, but if you have any specific questions about what I’m talking about or you need some energy or would encourage you to just youtube, uh, a dynamic stretching and, uh, types of dynamic stretching and then remember to mix things up in your fitness.

Get out and explore the world and get out and get part of a new fitness social circle if you want to. And, uh, and getting to be empowered. I, as a professional personal trainer, would it tell you that if all you do is stay in the gym or the likelihood.