Everybody. Welcome back to our Jenks personal training podcast. We are so excited to hear that Jenks personal training a in broken arrow. Uh, citizens are tuning into our podcast, even reaching out to us. Uh, we had mentioned this in the previous podcast on our personal training podcast that, uh, we had a client come in who just signed up for a personal training program. Uh, it was actually a, Mallory Mallory is a stylist and I want to give her a huge shout out and, uh, uh, recognize her for her hard work. Um, she’s a hairstylist, dotted Claremore. She signed up and a has already lost I believe, 15 pounds in the month of January. Remarkable story. Some people beat their head against the wall trying to lose 15 pounds. She’s eating three meals a day with a snack and a dessert in the evening along with showing up to her sessions three days a week.

It’s only 90 minutes. She shows up at a personal training company, uh, to put forth forth. Her best worksheet has learn new exercises with the correct form and movement. Uh, she’s row and like a champion and Olympian, Olympic rower. It seems he’s just got it down. She’s a remarkable person. We enjoy every session with her. She brings it the positive attitudes you brings, the energy, everything that it requires to have a successful training session she eats. And that’s important. You know, I really would love to go on, I could do it an hour long podcast on how nutrition can affect our Jenks personal training relationship as a coach client and a, and even determine your results. But that she does that. She puts her meal plan to use to, she’s gotten creative. You know, we’ve asked clients have asked us in the past to come out with more recipes, write a book, all this stuff.

You know, that’s not how our Jenks personal training company’s geared and we’re not going to do this for anybody. We provide the resources that help kickstart all of this. It’s up to you as the client. Um, if some of you are just turning into our podcasts from broken arrow jinx in Oklahoma as a whole, our Jenks personal training podcast, our company there to kicks high, provide you the resources to do it, but no one’s going to do it for you. And none of my clients come in expecting me to snap my fingers in this work for them. This they expectations set pretty the standards and the expectations are set right up front because we can only inspect what we expect and that’s that you’re going to do this. And uh, Mallory’s just one of those people that just came in, she’s overweight, she has weight to lose, she confronted the reality and she’s ready to beat it.

And she didn’t always feel like being there. I don’t want you to get in the idea that she’s some enthusiasts that just enjoys it. She gripes, she curses and she gets through it though. And that’s what it takes. That’s all it takes. No one ever said you had to enjoy this process. No one ever said you had to enjoy showing up. But it’s our Jenks personal training job as coaches to distract you and keep you going and help you get results. And that’s what we do. And that’s what Mallory does as a client is shows up and puts their best foot forward and we don’t always get along. I’m, I, I upset her with requests and, and having her do stuff that pushes outside of her comfort zone. But that’s what it takes to achieve. And a lot of you are business owners. Listen to this podcast and that’s what shocks me.

We’ve got jinx listeners, broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma, South Tulsa. Listen to this personal training podcast. And you have done what it takes to get somewhere in life, but you’ve neglected your health. All I’m asking you to do is to apply those same disciplines towards your fitness levels. And you may be burn out and be at an age where you don’t have to meet deadlines and schedules. You’ve got people working for you and all this stuff. That’s great. But our Jenks personal training podcast, we don’t provide shortcuts. We don’t provide, we don’t tickle your ear with, with comments and the statements that you’re gonna like and, and just kind of groom you and help you along the way just and help you in the sense of do it for you. No Sir. No ma’am. You have got to do this yourself. It takes ownership to do this. Um, and Mallory is one of those people that just does it.

And it’s remarkable. It’s all inspiring to me as a coach. I don’t care what you say or think. Listen to this podcast. She’s amazing. She’s remarkable. And she’s the ideal person and ideal clients. He’s weight loss. She’s got an income of her own. She works, she recognizes the issue and she’s doing it. She’s solving the issue with the resources that are in front of her. So, um, that’s kind of what leads me into today’s topic a little bit. A is ownership. We had done a previous podcast on this topic and it had actually gotten an error. But, uh, we want you to understand one thing when it comes Tulsa, those you just coming into our Jenks personal training podcasts, getting introduced to our Jenks personal training company. Jenks broken Arrow, Tulsa South Tulsa, Oklahoma as a whole. Uh, we do not do this for you. Uh, this is something, these are, this is research.

Our book, our manual, our Jenks personal training program or exercises or beard, uh, had been built around proven research. And we’re not going to duplicate this for you. We’re not going to make it change it for you to accommodate what you make it easier to make it any of that you got where you’re at with your health because of choices and you have the choice to, to do others at doing a to get it off. And that’s hard work, dedication, focus, concentration, accountability, transparency. All of those intangibles have to be applied in our personal training company. That’s the only reason we have success. And you’re getting the testimonials that you’re hearing about not because there’s a magic pill. There is no drug use, no steroids. There is no under eating starvation, none of that. We implement our nutrition, a protocol with specific exercises and coaching, coaching psychology. We are only as good.

We’re polarized as a personal training company. We are the highest personal training, personal training company at one location, uh, because of our coaching because we’re there because of our professionalism and that’s it. We’re there for you and we tell you the truth and we help you through this. That’s it. The vision of our company is to have locations where we have an owner to be there for management to help you through. Yes. A lot of the paperwork of the payments, whatever it is that you may be a perfectionist about or find a reason to gripe. We solved that with professionalism. Secondly, we have coaches who administrate the program. Okay? And it is not one size fits all. It’s customizable. We want to help you reach your weight loss goals, get down to an optimal body, fat precision safely, okay. But you have to take ownership of this. I can’t believe, uh, uh, that people would think that, that we are to do this for them.

Okay. And you, you know, I say that was so much, it sounds like I’m angry or frustrated on this personal training podcast, but I’m not those of you just tuning in from broken Arrow jeans or Oklahoma broad to our personal training podcast. I’m not an angry person at all. It’s just, it’s mind blowing to me that people come to us and spend the money. They do their harder and money on expecting us to do it for them. You know, and in a largely they think it’s because the amount of results that we’re getting in our Jenks personal training company, people think that, uh, they can just sell somehow jump in the stream and a, it’ll just work like a magic pill. And that’s not how these clients are getting results. I told you at the beginning of this personal training podcast that Mallory is getting results because she’s utilizing our resources.

She’s at home making recipe. She’s discovering new recipes with her boyfriend or they’re a household of three or four girls, I believe. Uh, and they get together and they cook and they, and they, and they, and they cook together as if they, they go grocery shopping as a family. That’s what this is about. We are not going to do this for you. I don’t know where you got this in your mind that personal training companies or programs or fitness programs are supposed to do this for you. This is a lifestyle change that you must inherit making Trinzic create a habit of Kay. Our personal is that I say that with so much love through this microphone, our personal training podcast, broken era, Tulsa Jenks, Oklahoma is not going to do this for you. Our clients, on average, our most powerful transformation program is three days a week.

That’s 90 minutes a week with us and our coaches. Do you realize that 90 minutes, most people spend 90 minutes a day in the gym. 93% of people in gym do not get results as it pertains to their fitness levels. And 70% of people who have a gym membership don’t even use it. So we’ve hit this weird market of people who want [inaudible] not weird. You’re not weird, but we’ve hit this market. It’s odd market of people who want results and we’re offering, that’s what we sell. I don’t sell time slots, I don’t sell any of the session by session. You come when you want to. I show up, lay on a you. We commit to each other. We’re coaches. It’s a high performance coaching program. You get 12 sessions a month, that’s 36 sessions for a three month period. You pay for it. And I work with you and we, we see this thing through and you do stuff on your days off to learn how to do this.

And uh, our success rate is incredible. We would really encourage you to go to our website and just look at the company. I can’t believe God has done such amazing things that our company does. We’ve only been in business for two, two years and there had been some amazing people who’ve, who’ve put forth the effort, ideal clients, and trust me, we have weaved through the worst of them. We’ve been cussed out in our personal training podcast and we’ve politely and professionally resolve the situation. We’ve been blamed. Uh, we’ve been, uh, all sorts of crazy things have happened that, but it’s finally time for us to stand up as a personal training company and tell you we are who we are because our Jenks personal training clients take ownership. And uh, and that’s what we look for. So if you’re interested in our personal training program, uh, not a lot of people can do it, but with the, we believe you can. If you want to call us (918) 814-2213. Go to our website at magnus fitness, tulsa.com. We challenge you to, uh, to take control of your circumstance. We believe you have the ability, and again, you can call or text us at (918) 814-2213. Our personal training website is magnus fitness, tulsa.com. Go to the a contact us form. Send us an email if you don’t want to call her text and we’ll reach out to you.