Welcome back to the magnus fitness to Jenks personal training podcast. We hope you enjoyed our last podcast on sustainability. We addressed a couple of the things that prevent sustainability mindset, habits, lifestyle, and a addressed a few of the, the biggest limiting factors which are going to be, uh, food and uh, and uh, using resources, uh, getting, changing a lifestyle, getting active, moving around a humongous shout out, uh, to one of our Jenks personal training new new participants in our program. Uh, which by the way, if you don’t know the first two weeks is absolutely free. It really is. You’ll see the advertising or Facebook ads, uh, magnus fitness, tulsa.com. It’s right there on a banner. The first thing you see, it’s two weeks free. We want to work together for two weeks. See if you like it, try before you buy it to no brainer. Come in, let us do an evaluation.

It’s completely complimentary. Know where you’re starting and figure out exactly how much body fat you have on Ya and uh, and then get some measurements and have fun with the routines. You can choose between our one-on-one Jenks personal training program or our evening classes, which are with some participants who you’ll be around at different fitness levels. Uh, it’s a blast. We really enjoy helping our community get into the best shape of their life. Um, people are getting results. That’s our Jenks personal training best advertisement is success. And you can see those at our website at magnet’s fitness, tulsa.com. If you’re listening to this for the first time and you’ve already made a decision, you want to come in just based on our podcasts, our phone number’s nine one eight eight one four, two, two, one three, call it and we’ll get you in and hear your needs. So anyways, uh, one of our new participants in our program, Ana is doing a great job.

She is into boxing, but uh, her big success is her triceps and we just love that. We love the small successes and that’s what I want to congratulate her on is she’s found a way, uh, to stay motivated for herself. And that’s, uh, uh, different than the scale. It’s different than measurements, it’s, it’s visual for her. And I just want to make a quick point. Uh, one way to make fitness sustainable is to get your Jenks personal training mind off the scale. Just losing weight doesn’t mean success. Let me say that again. Just losing weight does not mean success. You could be losing weight and muscle, but nobody wants to be a skinnier version of themselves. You want to be lean so you can burn more calories at rest. You want to put on some muscles, he can look good. A man, nothing wrong with seeing it. A couple of upper abdominals.

You don’t have to have the whole 10 pack going on there. But just nothing wrong with seeing some abdominals and feeling great and, and looking good. Have Energy for the kids, but get your focus on something else. If the scale is the only thing you stress about is a numbers. Um, you know, weight loss shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun. It should be having a good time, you know, pushing yourself and pushing yourself mentally reaching new goals. So anyways, sustainability. The last podcast, we did mention a lifestyle moving, you know, our mental hiccups, things that, you know, limit us, worry, anxiety. Lot of times exercise will help eliminate a lot of those. Um, uh, thinking patterns we have a motivation does not exist. Okay? You got to act your way into feeling quit waiting around to feel your way into action. Okay? Inspiration is the reward and action is the giant.

And action is the sword. You just gotta start stumping. You gotta Start Moving, start walking something. Something’s better than nothing. But specifically body weight training, uh, can help be something you do the rest of your life. Okay? And, uh, but you can’t just do that. You have to dial in our Jenks personal training diet with body weight training. Um, extra mass does become a limiting factor now for both performance and athleticism. You know, carrying around an additional 20 pounds is like wearing a, you know, like a, like a vest. So the incentive is to get lean and quick, you know, as quickly as possible. Uh, but exercise alone won’t do that. Guys, you also need to dial in your diet. Now, I also know people who depend on diet before they start with exercise. You know, you look at any type of, uh, commercialized medication or advice from doctors.

They always say with regular diet and exercise, you know, you need to combine the both combined. The two 95% of people out there will lose weight, but a guarantee to put it back on because they never adopt that mentality of staying active. They go back to an old lifestyle. Uh, and that, that’s prevent sustainability. We don’t want that for you. We want you to just keep the, keep the results, you reach goals. What’s, what’s, what’s the point of reaching goals if you don’t keep it right? So, uh, let’s just start, keep it simple. Let’s start by eliminating some sugar, you know, particularly in the form of like empty liquid calories, you know, and then, and then focus on increasing your intake of protein and produce. You know, uh, if you’re a big sugar addict, you know, removing it entirely may not be realistic, but start with something like, you know, a sugar substitute, monkfruit, sweeteners, swerve, Stevia drops if you’re into that whole thing.

So, you know, take the opposite approach with carbohydrates. You’ll try to limit your daily carbohydrate intake to around a hundred grams, you know, and eat most of your non vegetable carbohydrates after your workouts. Does that make sense? I mean, I hope you’re listening to me here. You know, you use food for its purpose, okay? That’s the whole goal here. You want to make sure you’re using food. Carbs are a source of energy. Fats, some might say are the preferred source of energy, Omegas, right? Healthy fats and protein is meant to build and rebuild. Uh, but we want to start with diet, okay? Just doing body weight exercises alone is not going to do it. We want to get lean. We’re going to have to, we’re going to have to eat correctly. So, and we’ll do podcasts on sustainability with diet as well. Uh, specifically, uh, food groups, which is a very effective way of choosing food every single day and creating sustainability. And, uh, you know, the other thing too is prioritize your Jenks personal training strength. The common misconception is that you need to lift heavy to build a serious mass. And that’s not the, that’s not always the case.

Uh, but the reality, you know, the reality is your muscles can’t tell the difference between your body and in a barbell bodyweight and Barbell, uh, they know time, intention and that’s it. How much time can you put them under a certain amount of load, you know, and uh, as long as the exercise is sufficiently challenging you, you don’t need to add weight or trigger muscle growth. Think about the next time you drop and do 20 pushups, you know, or banging on a set of 50 body weight squats. If your Jenks personal training goal is to increase size and strength and most of the body weight sets that you do should be challenging, uh, in the five to 10 repetition range. Learn how to make any exercise harder,


Hold that position. Go down to the squat position and hold it for 10 seconds and see how you feel. All right. A lot of my clients are shocked that my Dumbo rock doesn’t go above 50 not only is that not to like intimidate my clients, but even guys who who are putting on lean, massive shocked at how we can make 50 pounds in just a few sets. Feel like 500 your your muscles, you know, again, don’t know the difference between your body weight and the bar bell. They know, they know tension in time. That’s the concept here. So, and the focus on form every rep of your Jenks personal training body weight movement recruits more muscles.

Okay? I preach this all the time with my clients in house. If you do the exercise correctly, it actually become easier because you recruiting more muscles. If an exercise is painful, it’s probably because you’re putting too much tension or torque on, on joints, okay? Ligaments and tendons. And that’s not the purpose of an exercises to strengthen the muscles to tear muscle down and you actually recruit more fiber muscle fiber across the board to help you. So we want to make sure form is done correctly and better engages the core, creates a greater demand on your nervous system, eh, than most weight-based exercises. Body weight calisthenics is a highly effective way to carry on your fitness goals and in, and, and I’m going into the science and giving me secrets as to why that is. So, um, you want to put yourself in a position to maximizes your training effect while minimizing wear and tear on the rest of the body.

You know, maybe you may be impressed or inspired by people ability to lift a lot of weight, but guys, you have to understand what’s going on underneath the surface. A lot of, lot of wear and tear and supplementation to be, have to be, uh, taken into consideration with that kind of, um, you know, it doesn’t because just some someone strong doesn’t mean they’re healthy either. This whole image of bodybuilding is kind of going away. People are getting more and more turned off by size. I’m here to tell you, your body weight isn’t enough to lose it. We tone it, we hone in on the Diet is 80% of the battle. We want to get rid of that extra weight. You don’t need a whole lot of equipment. Now, a whole lot of weight to get results. You can use your body weight, you’re getting, your body doesn’t know the difference between your muscles.

Don’t the difference between your body weight and a barbell. It only knows time, intention and how much load. Okay. You can do this safely and you can do it for a lifetime. That’s the point is we want you to be able to do this forever. Uh, for more ideas on calisthenic plans and stuff like that. Feel free to call us, come in for a consultation. For our weight loss clients, we primarily stick to body weight a the first few weeks so we can learn form and we can get the muscles activated. They need to be working and learn, you know, learn technique. And then I teach you so that you can do them at home. We provide homework each week, cardiovascular training, you know, and uh, other, uh, homework. People come in and they, and they get homework and they take it home and then they learn how to do this. So anyways, call us at nine one eight, one four, two, two, one three. Our personal training company exists to help you get results. Our Jenks personal training goal is to help you reach yours, gets you in the best shape of your life, uh, at an affordable rate. And, uh, at Timesaver, we look forward to hearing for me at Kuduro website, magnus fitness, tulsa.com.