Welcome back to the magnus fitness and Jenks personal training podcast, Oklahoma. And we are excited that you are listening in tuning into our South Tulsa personal training podcast. We have listeners in coming in from Claremore. We, it’s so exciting to hear. We had a client come in and a actually a consultation come in and mentioned that that they were cutting hair. And uh, now mind you, we’re on a hundred first and Sheridan. This is South Tulsa folks Claremore all the way out. And Claire Moore sat down to get their haircut and said they were going to come check out a place they had heard about magnus fitness, south Tulsa to come and get results. And a, we must be doing something right. Uh, in success stories are really our best advertisements. So congrats to all our hardworking clients. Uh, moreover on this, we have to give a shout out to, uh, Nate and Ashley Downs.

He just graduated their program 55 pounds in five months. What a remarkable story, uh, of effort, hard work, dedication, willingness, coachability. This is the recipe for success. Truly inspirational. But yeah, thanks for tuning in and listening to our Jenks personal training podcast. We’re excited about all the responses that we’re getting. And now I’m on social media. Feel free to post questions on our Jenks personal training Facebook and our website and magnus fitness, tulsa.com. Uh, you’ll find us there. So today we are going to talk a little bit about sustainability. A lot of clients at magnus fitness South Tulsa and even just in passing have been asking me the question, what is something that I can do that’s realistic and sustainable for the rest of my life? Um, I think the stats still stands, it’s around 78%, if not, maybe more now I’d guess of Jim’s databases. Uh, tell us that that virtually, almost, almost 80%, I’m guessing are not using their gym memberships.

So that means I had a 10 people walking around that, you know, and you might be one of them, have a gym membership in their back pocket but never use it. And uh, for various reasons, life, home, life, work life, just life, somewhere in there, a social life maybe, um, you’re just not able to get around to do it. So that’s specifically why Magnus fitness South Tulsa exists is a company that we’ve taken the service of personal training and brought it out into the world for you to find us on Google, Facebook, our website, but ever have you look us up. But that’s why we’re in business now out of the 80%. So let’s say 20% of people who are using their gym membership. Here’s the scary, scary, scary thing. 93% of that 20% are not getting results as it pertains to their own fitness goals. Isn’t that staggering? That leaves us seven to 8% of people, seven out of eight wow. Are actually getting results as it pertains to their fitness goals.

It’s, it’s just, it’s just, it’s, it’s astonishing. So that’s why we’re in business. That’s why you can come down to us at a hundred person Sheridan in south Tulsa, you know, and she could just give us a call. I forgot side of our Jenks personal training town, give us a call. We have noticed that our, on our Jenks personal training Facebook, uh, ads that, uh, people from all over the u s have been viewing them. And, uh, commenting on our ads. So anyways, clients, friends and family have been asking us, uh, you know, what’s some things I can do to keep the ball rolling? And we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about ways you can turn your body weight and turn it into something that you can build on for the rest of your life, right? If you do it right, you can, you can get the most out of every body weight rep, but you can’t just leave it with that. You’ve got to understand, and we say this a lot, when people come into our Jenks personal training company, 80% of your results are gonna come from the kitchen. It’s what your daily diet is made up of. What you’re chewing on is what’s gonna make

you know, primarily all the results appear. You may not like this listeners, but I’m going to tell you right now that it doesn’t matter what you do for fitness. Yes, there’s certain things, there’s science behind exercise, there really is okay. But for the most part, if we could just get Americans moving again, we would see a drastic change in obesity. And for those of you listeners who don’t know what company we are and what we have to offer, we’re primarily weight loss. We help clients reach their weight loss goals. That’s my passion is to get people moving. Again, get excited about life. If you’ve never met me in person, I’m always in a good mood. I’m optimistic. Uh, you know, life is too short to be worrying about things and wondering. And I would, I would, I would say, and if you’re listening to this, you’re saying, get to the point we are next podcast, we’ll carry on this subject and there are about 10 minutes long, so not too long.

20 minutes out of your day to listen to a podcast. Uh, let me rant. Uh, you know, the, the vast majority of our obesity issues in this country comes down to, in my opinion, uh, just mental health, mental health, and then on the other side of it, our Jenks personal training industry is largely not for the amount of information, but the amount of different information that you’re required to learn and then execute. Right? That’s impossible. It’s controversial nutrition exercise. Is this bad for me? Is this bad for me? Well, this is good for me. Well, this kidogenic Paleo, south beach, it all, you know, I, I sit in so many consultations with people who told me what they’ve done and, uh, folks, I, I just can’t tell you. I can’t, I can’t stress it enough. We have to make a lifestyle change. I’m sorry, but we have all the resources, wherever we have more resources in this country when it comes to health and weight loss and fitness and exercise and dieting than any country on the planet.

And, uh, and I have, I have been across the world and I’m going to tell you right now that I have been in cultures, specifically Europe, where they eat bread and they do drink beer and they’re not obese because their lifestyle is different. So we need help, don’t we? We do. We need help. We need someone to point out the truth. Black and white, nothing in between. No political correctness on this podcast or kicking is straight forward. We do. We are lazy. Okay? The nicer version of that. For those listeners who can’t take edgy comments, uh,


we lack courage. We think a lot. We stress a lot. We worry a lot. We contemplate, we don’t execute. We have intentions, but lack of results. We neglect. We miss prioritize. We don’t schedule right? You. Here’s a quote that I think you might like and it’s this simple. If you don’t make time for your daily fitness, you will be forced to me to make time for illness. If you do not make daily time for your Jenks personal training fitness, you will be forced to make time for illness. It’s important for you to know before I wrap this podcast up and our sessions are 30 minutes long, we get more done in the gym in three days a week than what most people would get done in three years when it comes to their fitness goals. Check out our testimonials on our website at magnus fitness, tulsa.com right? You can Google searches.

Magnus fitness will pop up. We’re one of the highest reviewed personal training companies or fitness companies in Tulsa. If you’re in broken arrow, feel free. (918) 814-2213 is a number to call, but I just had to start this podcast out before we go into sustainability. We need to address the issue, lifestyle mentality, habits, all of those are, are, are, are part of the equation and we’re not going to get an answer until we talk about those things. We have to talk, we have to discuss those, the most important components to a healthy, successful lifestyle. And, uh, another podcast. I go into a little bit about my testimony and how we birthed at this company and what we hope to see the outcome to be and who we’re looking to help. But in the meantime tune in the next podcast, we’re going to talk about sustainability like I wanted to do there and this one, but I had to rant a, we love conversating with you. We love our Jenks personal training listeners, we love our clients listening. There was lots of dialogue going on in our, our Jenks personal training company or studio about these podcasts. Clients are talking to clients, clients are asking questions to trainers. Uh, it’s just an amazing dialog. Are going to keep it going. Uh, textus nine one, eight, eight, one four, two, two, one, three. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we’re in business.