Everybody. Welcome back to the magnus fitness in south Jenks personal training podcast. All of our Jenks personal training listeners from Oklahoma were excited. There are a handful of you who are tuning in. We’re excited to start it with a handful, uh, cause if we can just get a handful of people to grasp what we put on these podcasts to implement them, to put them into action. Uh, just a handful of people to go from things desired to things possessed. You have no idea the impact that you can have with just those around you. Um, I, I do it all the time in my consultations here in South Tulsa. Uh, I explained to my, to my clients that their friends and family are watching them. And there’s nothing more inspirational than your children watching you develop new habits in your household. It’s incredible. Fitness has the ability to radicalize your life.

Now, for many, many of you, you may not know this, that I am a devout Christian. I do believe that Jesus is the son of God. Uh, I can reason myself into that. Real easy. A, I admire the guy, the character. I just believe in his lordship in my life. I, I just liked the quality of life and the freedom that he offers. I don’t see why I would a y to hate the idea of him calling himself the son of God and no one else me. It seems to mind confidence in a person. And, and that’s, that’s just what he is. He’s offers that to me, son ship. And so, uh, for those of you who don’t know, I do pray for my clients. I pray for their success. I believe that there is a spiritual component to every human being on this planet, not just mental and physical.

So I do believe Jesus can be savior, right of our Jenks personal training life. We need something bigger than ourselves, especially men listening to this. We need a sovereignty of something to help us. If, if you are your own God, that’s a very dangerous place to be. A, because everything bad that happens to you is ultimately a externally that happens to you, is ultimately up to you and your thought life and your negative self image and all those components. So, but I do believe fitness from a physiological standpoint has the ability to revolutionize your Jenks personal training thinking, your thoughts, your Jenks personal training communication, every component of your physical makeup has the ability to revolutionize that. Um, now we have plenty of testimonials. One which we’ll have live very soon on our website. His name is Daniel Dad gave you Daniel, you do listen to this podcast. I want to give you a massive shout out.

Daniel looper. What an incredible individual. His journey has been watching him transform his life, uh, emotionally and psychologically. It’s impressive to watch this guy grow. I remember our first session together, me and him in the room, uh, with loud crazy music playing and him just yelling at himself out loud in a positive manner. Just one pushup, God, one pushup, please, you know, speaking to his body to do what he wanted it to do. And that, for those of you who don’t know, here is how I believe the, uh, transition of a thought into manifestation occurs. It’s thoughts, proceeds, actions, actions, proceed are thoughts and feelings and feelings, actions, actions manifest the results that you desire. And it’s very few people who can go from things desire to things possessed. And I do work with one-on-one clients here in Jenks personal training program to help them with that.

And it’s revolutionized their personal lives. We’ve even had their children come in to train with them. And so we’re more than a fitness program. We are a transformation program, which by the way, go to our website, magnus fitness, tulsa.com. Look at some of those transformations, play some of the videos, be encouraged, be inspired. If you never hire us, go do it. Go do it. And that’s just what our podcast is about today. We’re on the series of, um, sustainability. How do you make fitness a sustainable thing for your lifestyle, uh, at one one, one, one really good way and hear me very clearly is to not create codependency upon you and your coach. If you have an issue with this in your everyday life. I, I’ve been coaching for years now, mentoring of all walks of life and fitness and in just social settings and spiritual.

And I’m here to tell you most people, and if you’re a coach creeping on my podcast, listen to this. This is free for you. Most people are afraid to do what was, is required of them on their own because they’re afraid without you, they won’t keep doing it. Hear me again. If, if you’re trying to get them to act on their own, on their own time, to edge it in their own schedule and to, and to, and to divide it up and get a conquered throughout the, uh, the week and you’re getting push app push back. I’m here to tell you from a psychological standpoint, it’s terrifying to them, not because they’re not willing. Some are, some are prideful, some just don’t believe that, uh, the, your, your strategies will work. But for the mass, majority of the vast majority of people are afraid to do it on their own because it requires you to break an emotional boundary.

Many are afraid to break an emotional string rather, and that is codependency. The vast majority of people in our society today are co dependent upon social norms, political parties, friendships, parents for, I mean spouses for Gosh Sakes. Most people can’t, uh, um, producing original thought anymore. Most people don’t know how to know how to tap into their own creative power or to even take time throughout the day outside their busy schedule of doing, to tap into their creative potential. And so creative, you, you, you’re asking people to do things that, that, that and you keep just, you keep just asking them, produce an apple producing apple producing apple producing apple producing novel, but really they’re not an apple tree. They’re a person who, who, who’s created codependency in this principle has to be broken before you can require anything of them. And many of you are listening to this.

This is an angry guy. I’m not angry. I’m passionate about helping people and most of the times I have to be louder in your Jenks personal training head than the thoughts that you allow occupy your brain. And so replacing those thoughts comes with intensity. I think about it in from a preaching standpoint. I think existentially, I think, I think from a stimulating standpoint, the word of God can be communicated calmly. It can present its own power. But when you’re passionate about something, you want to get the key, the, the, the, uh, the word across [inaudible]. And uh, I just think about this. This is my platform for many people and I want to help you if you could only know the things I’ve had to overcome in my own life, when I look at the palms of my hands, I look at the places my feet have been and to transform my self image and make a lifestyle that I’m happy with, to become a person that in essence, greatest hero, right?

I am my own greatest hero. 10 years from now, I want to be the best version of me for my family, my communication style, all those things. So the first thing we’re going to approach you, before I go off to off on a personal tangent, I want to get back to this topic of codependency. The first thing you’re going to have to do, clients listen to me very carefully with me as your coach. And other people in your life, cause you’re gonna have to start being honest with yourself and your surroundings. You’re gonna have to go from cognitive dissonance, which is believing one thing and doing things contrary to what you really believe you should be doing that is so damaging to your subconscious brain. If you’re ever going to want you to elevate your life to the next elevation and your stratosphere in your own little world, you have to understand, you have to start keeping your word.

If you believe something, you need to execute that on a day in and day out basis. If you say you’re going to show up to the gym, you need to Jay Leash, just show up. You may not know how, may not know when, but you just need to appear appears so that you start calibrating your personal belief system. There’s nothing worse you can do to your psyche than to continually damage it. With cognitive, actionable dissonance. You’re doing things that are contrary to who you are and what you really believe. Why are you sabotaging? Okay, be honest with yourself and in those around you. The second thing you need to do is flip down that mirror, uh, that you put makeup on in the car or, or when you first wake up in the morning and look at your stuff and stop the negative thinking and self-talking you have to begin to reprogram yourself and there’s nothing more powerful than looking yourself in the eye.

One of the greatest communicating styles that the, that uh, in the corporate world that they, they, they know that a candidate is um, uh, most desirable for hiring is eye contact. Eye contact is a powerful component because it means transparency, honesty, dignity and a lot of other things that that make up success in a person eye contact with yourself must occur regularly. Look at yourself. You’re worth looking at. Quit looking at the scale. Quit looking at yourself and comparing yourself on Instagram and Facebook and, and magazines, fitness magazines, people are drugging and hugging up on people they shouldn’t be around. Okay? That’s an unattainable, unrealistic, fake, superficial lifestyle that you will not obtain. You’re an everyday person who has an ability to impact your everyday life around you right now. Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you stay plugged into this podcast? I hope these words are, are intimidating.

The thoughts that you’re programmed to think. Okay. Uh, take breaks. There is a concept called Ots Jenks personal training syndrome, and it is not just something you do to your buzzy body physiologically. It is a psychological damaging, habitual illness in your brain that you’re so desperate to attain a goal that you’re willing to sacrifice your own health. I would ask you a question. If you have symptoms, would you, and the vehicle check and the check engine lights or anything for that matter in your car? If the, if, if the, if the symbol or the signal comes on that there’s an error inside of the inner workings of your car, how long would you keep driving it without taking it in? Many of you have symptoms of, of, of, uh, health issues and you’re not taking breaks. Taking time to go get some blood work, taking time to go.

You know, adrenal fatigue is the biggest issue in the weight loss community. Women, your Jenks personal training cortisol levels are through the roof. You’re living off caffeine. I know people who drink two to three bangs before noon today. Guys, Jenks personal training syndrome, take breaks, quit it. Quit trying to obtain a goal at the expense of your health and those around you. I have seen in the fitness world, deaths, marriages, separation, friendships broken because people are so desperate to obtain an image that you’re not designed or destined to obtain. Consider counseling. Step five, I want you to consider counseling. Did you know that some of the best and most influential, highly skilled individual in society and globally have counseling and their own coaches? My, I don’t understand this, but my clients are baffled at the fact that I have a coach. I leave Jenks personal training or at least by acquaintances with a highly skilled coach in my, in my surroundings because I need help because no one ever, ever, ever gets to the point where they are independent of people.

Now if you can break code dependency and do things on your own and from time to time check in, that’s different. You can be independent in your own goal, achieving a lifestyle, but you don’t want to become codependent. And first off, before I go any further, I would really help you to know one major sign of codependency is when that person is not around, you’re no longer motivated. That’s another podcast. Rely on peer support. You have to be transparent and welcoming others into your life to help support you on this journey of weight loss. Okay? That’s the psychological benefits of a boot camps. They’re, they’re highly successful because there’s people around you who camaraderie, right? And establish boundaries.

Every time you reach a success, quit telling other people and look yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself. Quit looking for external affirmation for internal validation. Quit looking for external valid affirmation to, to validate internal right validation. Okay. Celebration’s great, but you want to get it from the perspective of, of uh, of self-reliance. Okay. Now as a Christian, I think that it’s important to get your, your validation and your external information from scripture. It’s a mirror, right? You could like it that into a checking your hair out and checking your body out. A lot of people identify with their body and they look in the mirror constantly for validation that I’m on course, I’m on course, I’m on course. There’s nothing more powerful than using scripture about who god says you are everyday to validate who you are in the spirit. Okay? That’s a whole nother podcast, but really take this into consideration.

What I’m saying. You quit looking for external affirmation to validate internal. Uh, man, I really wish I could. Good. Should go back and say that correctly again. Don’t you hate that when you say, Stephanie, you got what I’m saying? Right? Don’t be externally motivated. Be internally motivated. Save the compliments for yourself. You have victories. Talk to yourself. Congratulate Yourself, applaud yourself for doing it. Show up, implement, execute, and celebrate yourself. This is how we’re going to win and accomplish your goals. I’ll be back on the next podcast soon. You guys, if you had need to help, nine one, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.