Everybody. Welcome back to the magnus fitness in Jenks personal training podcast. Hope you guys are having a great start to the summer. It is a nice 75 degrees outside. What an amazing, amazing. Uh, we’ve been waiting for a half a week here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have been, uh, we’ve been enduring, uh, tornadoes and floods. It’s been quite the season and, uh, we can only hope for the best. Hope you guys have a great vacation. Summer, a great time with friends and family. Uh, if you’ve got kids, God be with you. Okay. Hope you figure that out. Uh, so we, we really want to do a continuation of this series on sustainability. We’ve struck a chord with a lot of people. It seems like we’re on a roll with, uh, our, our, our Jenks personal training listeners. The last podcast was fire, man. If you did not listen to that, it will forge you into the person you want to become.

We addressed codependency, especially while obtaining health goals and major reasons why we don’t, why we don’t do them. Okay. Cone dependency, big issues. I can’t tell you one of the biggest reasons in my consultations as a, as a coach and a personal trainer, especially in South Tulsa, which is a big surprise. You know, I run into a lot of ambitious people who’ve accomplished a lot. It, codependency is a big issue. People are going to check in with their spouses and they’re afraid of what they might think they’re, and I get it, I’m married, I have a budget and we don’t want to go outside that. We want to respect our spouses. I get that. But if you have a goal, you know, do what it takes. It seems to be most of you have already done what it takes to achieve other areas of success in your Jenks personal training life.

I can’t stand the idea that you think you have to wait to be able to afford a health program of any sorts. But uh, you have to wait til you become rich or you know, we have this thing and procrastinate in society. I just call it straight out procrastination. But we wait to do certain things until we can afford it. You know, I have friends of mine who are in the entrepreneurial world who say when I get 1 million bucks, then I’ll be able to give no man, uh, you know, it’s where your Jenks personal training heart’s at. If you’re a giving person, truly, uh, have the uh, self image of someone who gives, you would be giving regardless of what you mean. You be giving material things away, not just waiting to one day if you’re not doing it now, just plain civil. I can do whatever. Okay? So we want to bridge the gap between intentions and results for you all.

And uh, I could spend all day on training methods and all of those things, but we’re dealing with a question a lot of people have asked us as a company, how do you create sustainability? And I’m telling you right now, if you’re just looking, why don’t you go get certified yourself? Okay? If you’re just looking for exercises, jump on Pinterest, jump on youtube and just do them. If you have to have a person who’s a driver, type a personality by God, more power to you, go do it. Okay. Now I have to, because I’m a in this profession, tell you to do it with supervision, but to go do it. No one’s holding you back. But the vast majority of people that I help and who pay and invest in our Jenks personal training company to help them, uh, are asking for real raw material to help them accomplish their goals,


Right? They’re paying for the accountability there. They’re paying for me to show up, to guide them through this process and I’m here to tell you there’s no secret sauce. Your body goes in the direction of your most dominant thinking. Your entire Jenks personal training life goes in the general direction of your most dominant thinking. You’re not going to get around that. I’m sorry, but you’re not. Your brain is what fires when it’s on all cylinders. If you’ve got them all fired and I’m had a few do, I can’t help you with that. I’m just in fitness. Okay? You may want to go to a psychologist. Uh, nothing wrong with that. In fact, I mentioned counseling in my last podcast. I think that we should all be firing on all cylinders. Some are slower than others. Some of us need some, uh, uh, you may, you know, I’m not going to go too much into that analogy, but uh, listen, okay.

Your thought life is what’s preventing you from sustainability from continuing on. And we, we approached that from the standpoint of codependency on this last podcast, a sustainability part three. This is sustainability part four. Let’s go into a little bit of depth as to why we may not achieve goals. If you remember, if you’re a current client and you’re listening to this podcast, you remember me asking you a question sitting a growl across from my desk in our Jenks personal training private consultation, I asked you when’s the last time you accomplished a goal? And I love that question because every time I ask it, everyone always looks at me like I’m crazy. Whether you know it or not. In pre-programming your brain, I’m stimulating it.

I really am. Because by the time we commit to each other, you make that payment and I commit to wake up designing your Jenks personal training workout and being there with you and holding you accountable. I’m stimulating that muscle called the brain to begin to get ready to work. And if you haven’t obtained a goal in a long time, I’m here to tell you it’s going to be a painful process because the brain is just like every other muscle. It works under time intention. It absolutely does work under time intention. Most people can not say safe stay focused on a goal or the obtainment or the arrival or the manifestation of a goal for very long your brain. Most people, most average individuals statistically and I as a coach have proven this. Eight out of 10 people are excited about achieving a weight loss goal in about six weeks in out of a 12 week program are ready to go back to their old lifestyle.

They may not communicate that to me but I see it in there. Their training with distraction conversations with avoidances if certain topics, cancellations and just upright not showing back up. I know what the real reason is and I don’t expect to be able to fix it. The only thing my company can do as a personal training program or weight loss program is supply you the resources. And a lot of my competitors are going to be tuning into this podcast and you’re probably thinking, you know what, who is this guy, man, you’re just a personal trainer. Stay in your lane, fix people’s problems. No, this is a platform for me to help transform. And I have transformed alongside these committed individuals, their lives, watched them. Uh, I mean, just absolutely transform. Go from a straight caterpillar into a butterfly. I mean, I have watched these individuals utilize our resources and watch their careers, change marriages, friendships, social environments.

I mean, literally transform the lifestyle. So there’s not one thing you’re gonna be able to tell me. Uh, the, the, the, anybody, even a client or, or a local PT, tell me that, that this is wrong. Coaching people without, you know, because, uh, anyways, I’m not going to go into too, too much detail. I want to commit to the people who are listening to this podcast. Uh, why, why don’t we to accomplish goals? Why don’t we, why don’t we, number one, we lack self confidence and my personal training podcast, uh, a career, there’s two methods I have with people who I work with on one-on-one or in a small group setting and that is progressive exercises. Uh, you can regress or you can progress and uh, I never throw someone straight into an exercise if the, especially if they’re in a group setting, they can’t perform if they have low self confidence because it will intimidate them. You damage their psyche, you have to progress them, go over and give them one on one attention, encouraged them through the process, help them realize over a sequenced period of time they have what it takes to accomplish something you’re requiring of them to do risk and reward is the reward of doing this exercise greater than the risk of damaging their self image or the confidence already? Right.

You know, number two, and I won’t, I’ll go into more detail one by one on these in the future on different podcasts. But right now I’m approaching this just strictly from my career. And so you know, me as a coach, what I require of you, if your Jenks personal training coaches who have personal training businesses listening to this podcast, just know that I’m just referencing the PT right down, not other areas of our Jenks personal training life. Okay? Most individuals who I work with, I’ve had negative experiences with personal trainers. They’re, they’re, they’re known as sleazeballs, late and professional, uh, uh, jerks and uh, they, they, they, they more than time, if you’re a certified trainer who has a sports science education, nutrition education, you just as well as I do, they’ve met someone who has no clue what they’re doing, who thinks just because they’ve got a nice body, they can tell everyone else to obtain that physique and despite a lot of knowledge, right?

So, uh, regression and progression, right? And, and fitness. You want to find an exercise you can progress in. It’s not about perfection. Fitness will identify weaknesses. You better be aware of that. And it will, has the ability to crush your hope. You need to be very careful progression, especially if you’re harder. Ask. Now, if you’ve got all this self confidence in the world, you by God go out there and you just do all the things you want to do and you know what it takes to obtain it. So go do it. So self confidence, that’s what I’m just going to stay on for this podcast because I’m, I am running out of time. Uh, call me nine 188-ONE-FOUR-2, two, one three. Our first two weeks is free just to see if we’re going to be a good fit. See if you can keep up with it.

The, uh, the idea of obtaining the goal. And if a, I like you as a coach, if you’re going to be able to stick to the program that we played, that we have laid out for you, very simply, all you gotta do is show up to the workouts, put the right foods in your mouth, chew on the right things, swallow the right things, right, but good things. And you’ve got and follow our program guidelines. That’s all we ask. We believe in you. We’re, we’re six. We’re only successful because of your success stories. Committed people to their own personal goals. We love you. We care for her. We pray for you. Call me at nine 188-ONE-FOUR-2, two one three shoot me a text. If you’re uncomfortable with talking on the phone, send us an email. Visit our website, vet our company. You can find us on Google. Check out our star rating, magnus fitness, tulsa.com.