Everybody. Welcome back woo to the magnets, fitness and Jenks personal training podcast. We love all of our Jenks personal training clients and their excitement, their enthusiasm, whether they’re one-on-one in the mornings or they’re part of our group sessions at night. Uh, our meal plan, uh, some people, so you know, do you pay a prettier penny to be able to be with a coach one-on-one to lead them through the process? Uh, some may need greater amounts of tension for whatever reason than others. Some people, uh, who, who, who are a budget crunch and a and liked to be a part of comradery and other people, people who progressing in their fitness goals and evening classes maybe for you. So just be aware of that. Um, we are going to continue in our podcasts on sustainability. We’ve covered a ton of material already that you could probably just meditate on for years.

A B has the ability to transform your Jenks personal training life. If you listen and hear it, you really adopt it as your own Jenks personal training and you begin to implement and practice the things that we’re talking about on a regular basis. There are last podcasts. We are on the topic again of sustainability. Again, listen, sustainability, we’ve covered a exercises you could do that are outside of your everyday Jenks personal training norms. What would you, what you’d call gym stuff. You can do body weight. Bustles do understand time intention. We’ve talked about the brain. It understands time, intention, how long it takes to train the brain to adopt a goal, getting lifestyle, so on. Who’s a go getter and how to train the brain to be a go getter and an achiever. Super Achiever, right? That’s not a personality disorder. If you have one personality, it doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain a goal.

It’s not just the personality out there. It’s someone who practices, it’s a skillset you can develop. Number two, you always make the same mistakes. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Um, and that’s largely why I would encourage you to seek out a personal training company or a fitness program of sorts that has already laid it out for you to do. Okay? The last one we did was on self confidence. You lack it. Okay? That’s why we may not be able to obtain a goal on our Jenks personal training own. A sustainability part three we talked about codependency, that’s a big issue in coaching programs. Uh, and then the second one, a the fourth part four, we definitely covered, uh, the self confidence aspect of it. Number two, today we’re going to talk about, we always make the same mistakes and this is just this, just simply put, this is all about accountability.

Um, you know, if you’re the type of person who’s going to say they were fired from your last Jenks personal training job or really a dream job that you had because you’re always late and uh, and then you landed another one, you creaky, you made the same mistake. You just, you know, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Uh, you, you might through a really good self actualization or self assessment, a realize that this is, this is a, a sabotage and achieving your Jenks personal training goals.K is specifically with my clients and my Jenks personal training program. I can see this through oversleeping right? And overeating or under eating starvation. We talked about overtraining syndrome in part three. Podcasts of sustainability. Okay. This, this same concept of always making the same mistakes applies to any other thing you want to possess in your life.

You’re going to have to come to the realization that, you know, just meeting a personal trainer or professional who can help you or provide you the resources to succeed is no different than you applying for a dream job. You taking the job and then providing you the job description and you getting fired for the same reasons. You’re going to have to acknowledge those issues and change them. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to learn to change. You’re going to have to human beings work off two concepts, pain or pleasure. As an example, a lot of my clients who want to obtain a healthier self image, I have them either dig in through their photo albums of an older picture of themselves where they realistically tried to get back to that old figure as a pleasure and put it as their screensaver or their, uh, of their, their background on their iPhone or their android to constantly remind them that the choices they’re gonna make day in and day out. It should be simple reminders.

This is what you’re headed towards. This is the pleasing idea and, and you have to say no to certain things to obtain that. The other one is I asked them to get a photo of themselves of their heaviest time in their life and they put it on the screen of their phone or computer, laptop, desktop, whatever it is, their iPad or in the rear view mirror. And you better know that the brain is going to work off of a flight concept. If fee a pain you make the decisions that you want in your life to avoid that pain again. And anytime you attempted to do something that is, that is going to be causing you to feel that pain again, you, you will feel it. Physiologically. If you’ve decided you don’t want to go back, you will need a external reference to remind yourself of why.

If you’re looking, if you work off of better off of pleasure, you’re going to need to set in front of you constantly. A reason, uh, that is pleasing. And there’s nothing wrong with working with both having a worst case scenario in a best case scenario right in front of you all the time so that your brain can go to work for you on how to help you say no to certain things. Habits can not be just be changed through assuming that you’re, your Jenks personal training subconscious brain will help you. It has been programmed from a very young childhood on what you can and can’t do. So

if you’re always making the same mistakes you need to address those. Now, if you’re not willing to, I think you’d probably need to see someone for professional help concerning narcissism because that’s a major issue and I can’t help you with that. You’re going to have to really, really, really, really take into consideration that there are repetitious habits you have in your life that are, that are, uh, really robbing you behaviors that are robbing you of your true potential. I, I, I hope I’m talking to people and I believe that I am who are willing to reach their full potential. And if weight loss is a major goal for year, and you’ve sought our Jenks personal training podcast here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be a resource for you, you had better know that those things will be addressed because I’m not ignorant of them. And if you’re going to pay me your hard earned money that you work for at a job, you probably don’t like to obtain a goal that you know is painful, that I’m going to go to work for you and address the things that I know are standing in between you and things desired and things possessed in your life.

If you want to manifest great goals in your life, habits are the number one thing. And if you have a habit of making mistakes over and over and over again, I’m telling you the only way you’re going to change them is by being honest, transparent, and admitting it. Okay?

And then creating yourself consequence. Consequence doesn’t just mean it’s the outcome of any decision that it can be bad or good, but you’re going to have to lay a battle strategy in front of you. Number one, I’m giving you the noho painter. Pleasure you’re going to have to, to create yourself. Now, if you’re the type of person who enjoys pain and you enjoy sabotaging, uh, mental health issues, okay, and I’m not saying that negatively, I’m saying you need professional help. If you’re the type of person who goes from marriage to marriage, friendship to friendship, job to job, and it’s to the point where it feels good and well, might as well just, you know,

throw this aside or in this relationship or in this job because you’re afraid of success or whatever have you. That’s a whole nother situation. But for those of you who, who can on your own avoid the same mistakes, which are the vast majority of people, I’m asking you to take them into consideration if your friendships keep ending because you are in this podcast is powerful. I sound a little dolor in it just because I can feel even my own subconscious listening very carefully because I think we all make mistakes. None of us are perfect and we’re all trying to obtain a life on this planet for the short period of time. We have that as effective, fruitful and beneficial for ourselves and others around us, and that requires us looking to be introspective, to be, to do self assessments on a regular basis, to make sure that we’re doing what it takes and avoiding the mistakes. If you want results, you’re going to have to stop making the same mistakes and come to the realization that you may be the problem. Not everybody else.


Call us if you need any help. Nine one eight eight one four, two, two, one three, nine, one eight, eight one, four, two, two, one three. I can empathize with you if you want to hear my own personal testimony and things I’ve overcome. You need to come see me and I’d be willing to talk to you completely free of charge. You can do this. You can create sustainability in your own life. You can achieve your goals, and we’re just covering some of the reasons why people don’t do it. Don’t obtain and don’t sustain. We want to see you do that with your fitness goals. 95% of people are guaranteed to put the weight back on. This is why there’s resources for here to, to, to listen, to hear and meditate and adopt and perpetuate your own life. The things that a, the things that you desire to happen. We’ll talk to you soon.