Welcome back to the Jenks personal training podcast. We got listeners from jinx coming in. We’ve got listeners from broken Arrow, we’ve got people on Google looking for us and our personal training podcast. We are located at 101st and Sheridan, if you’re looking for us, you also know our number’s (918) 814-2213. Our personal training companies here is, he is so here for you. We uh, today I’m, I’ve done a few podcasts where I’m just speaking from the heart and literally just going to be talking to you on this podcast about some things that I’m experiencing with my current clients and even myself as a personal trainer, a jinx, uh, Tulsa Jinx citizens and broken arrow. A welcome to the podcast. We know you’ve been tuning in. Some of you have messaged us and sent us emails from those zip codes. We really appreciate you tuning in and listening.

It’s exciting to know that people are starting to listen to our podcasts. We did a Facebook post or a personal training podcast a while back. There are our Facebook page. And so we did podcasts answering those questions that were extremely helpful to people in broken Arrow and jinx and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Um, our Oklahoma podcast is growing. It’s exciting to see that our Jenks personal training podcasts topics are relevant. They’re new, they’re full of research and psychology of fitness and, and uh, and helping you reach your fitness goals. And that’s what we want for you. We exist as a personal, excuse me, personal train podcast to be here for you to help you reach your goal. I have said this previously and our podcasts are personal trainers or our coaches are only as good. Our company is the highest reviewed personal training company in Tulsa at one single location.

And we’re only as good because we’re coaches and we’re accountable and we’re there for you and we believe in you. And we show up to our sessions on time and we, and we track your workouts and your success. As we high five, we motivate, we reward, recognize and celebrate. Our coaches are extreme, extremely good because we’re committed. That’s it. We’re just committed to you. Tulsa Jenks broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Your fitness goals are important to us. It is one avenue or one area of our life we know has the ability to affect every single other area. No one wants to feel overweight. No one wants to feel or be overweight for that matter. No one wants to ah, to, to feel like their kids are comparing them with movie. I had a client a while back, it was the saddest story ever. He said the reason he’s signing up for a personal training program, uh, our transformation program at our personal train company was because his kid had made a remark about him and aqua man.


He said, quote, Dad, you can’t do that.


you’re fat in quote.

And that breaks my heart to think that in some of you may be listening to this going, yeah, well, you know, suck it up. You know, I’m, I’m happy the way I am. I am the way I am. And, and that’s it. You know, and that’s, and that’s sad that you would think that about yourself. But, uh, uh, you know, at our company we really do believe that your inner world creates your outer world. And uh, we are seeing too many people, you know, if you think what you’re doing is working, don’t wake me up cause you know, this dream has working of hours, this dream of being in business to help people reach their fitness goals, reach their weight loss goals is really a reality. And I’m seeing in people, if you don’t believe me, go to our personal training podcast or our website, magnus fitness, tulsa.com and look at the clients.

Would you please look at the client’s not from comparison, but just to see who we are and what we’re doing. Broken Arrow listeners, jinx listeners, Tulsa as a whole, Oklahoma. If you’re listening to this podcast, go to our website and check it out. Those are a few of the testimonials we have captured for you to help. You know, you can do this, that there is someone here providing the resources, the motivation, the accountability, the professionalism, the education for you to do this. And you may say, who are you as a personal training company? Who are you as a fitness company? We are here for the weight loss community. That’s who we are. We want to help you lose the weight. Uh, we have had plenty of testimonials of people and individuals who have lowered their a one c count their blood sugar. Can I get a tech Saturday night at 10:00 PM a n a man in his seventies texting me, telling me that his blood sugar, uh, which was in the high three digits at one point text me that it was no higher than one o one and no lower than 99 morning and night.

And uh, he’s losing inches around his stomach. He feels better. His joints felt great. Uh, today he’s mastered a few different exercises he could not do. When I met him two weeks ago, he’s growing and progressing. He’s succeeding. And that’s what it’s about. So yes, overall general health, we want to help you, uh, have energy for your day. Get back, you know, lose the weight, the unweighted, the unwanted pounds so you can fit into some clothes. Feel good day to day doing stuff that you know you want to do to have a body to sustain every day life. That’s what we’re about. That’s exactly why we are here is to support you, educate you, motivate you to achieve the body that you know you deserve. And I know you’ve seen those quotes all over the place. You deserve it. You’re worth it. Uh, you know, new New Year, new you, but people are getting results here.

Tulsa, broken Arrow, genes, Oklahoma. Listen to me. People are getting results and our coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve that. You know, we thrive on excellence when it comes to our personal training company. We’re not some Wacko company that you sign up for your trainers, 20 minutes lay, you know this. No, we’re committed to you. We have a guarantee of service that we will be there for you. One every step of the way that you have interactions with your coaches on days off a weekly phone call to monitor your success. But here’s what you have to do. You have to elevate fitness as a priority for you that she have to make this a c you have to, you have to give us your 100% even if you don’t, we’ll be there. You know, one day is better than none. It when it shows w you know, just be there the best.

Should we ask that you be there 100% and attitude and presence, but a, we understand life happens and there’s times my clients can’t stand me because I’m, I’m, I’m repetitious. I’m the same. I, I know what it takes to get you there and it’s consistency and sustained focus. So I’m going to ask you questions that you’re going to be tired of being asked, but that’s how we get there is asking and doing the tough stuff. That’s what make us, it makes us successful is our relationship with our clients. We believe you can do this. We really do believe you can achieve your fitness goals and ages and just a number. Look at our website, go to magnus fitness, tulsa.com and check out our eldest clients, 83 down to teens and age. Okay. We have a man named Harlin who can hold a three minute plank.

It’s remarkable. I wish you could meet this man. He is determined to stay out of a wheelchair and I just believe he’s going to do it because as a man thinks so is he, and your tongue has such a remarkable amount of power as the power of life and death and it, if you’re just going to walk around confessing that you’re going to stay the same, then the, you’re right. You are absolutely right if you don’t come here. Now, uh, that’s why we’re here is to help change that the course of your life and the tongue is like a rudder on a ship. As small as it is, has the ability to change this entire direction and you have that ability in New Year right now, the same power that you have to make the wrong choices is the same power it takes. Did you make the right choices?

You can do this, we believe in you and we’re here for you to coach you along the way, to be consistent with you, to be professional with you, to show up on time. They’ll tell you the truth, to hold you accountable and ask the right questions and provide the right resources. That’s why we’re here as a personal training podcast. We really do believe that you have what it takes. We really, really, really do. And uh, that’s all we ask. That you make it a priority for a period of time, three months or so, three months, six months, okay. That’s all that we ask. Or you can give me a call at (918) 814-2213 she was a tax. Give us a call, come in and meet our coaches. Shake my hand, the owner. I’m there at 101st and Sheridan, I don’t neglect my personal training company. This isn’t just some passive income for me as a business owner so that I get to go off and live my dreams.

I’m involved in this myself. I’m involved with my clients. I check up and monitor them, making sure my coaches are pushing them, that they’re helping them reach their goals, that they’re there on time for you, that they’re professional. They’re not. Uh, they’re not inappropriate. We are a professional personal training company. We are a professional, personal training company. We are a professional Jenks personal training company and we are a very high standard company and people love being with us and they enjoy working out with us. Because of that, we hold a high standard to our service and we’re going to help you get results because we know what stands in between. I had been there.