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Everybody, welcome back to the madness, fitness and south Tulsa personal training show. We hope you guys are having a safe week. It is snowing and cold. Take care of your health. Would you please Tulsa or personal training? Podcast is reaching more and more people. Our clients are saying it’s becoming useful. It is a, it is encouraging and motivating, not just only for our personal training services, but also for everyday living. Very. Thank you so much for your feedback. Tulsa, we’re getting more and more listeners just on our website. We’re not even official itunes or spotify, spotify podcast. Uh, you understand that it’s primarily just for those in house and uh, it’s surprising to me how many people actually turning in tuning into our podcast. It’s, uh, it’s nice to hear. Thank you so much. And we are bringing to you the top notch in the industry, the leading and research Personal Training South Tulsa.

You know what magnus fitness does, we, Personal Training South Tulsa, we stay tuned in to the sports science and nutrition world. It’s never changing, you know, kind of a industry isn’t, it doesn’t seem that way, that you’re always getting new workouts, new plans, new, you know, you’ve got a dumbo workouts, barbell workout, change workouts, a yoga ball workout, Swiss ball workouts. I mean, it’s just never ending in it. It doesn’t seem like it ever stops. So having people in the industry, uh, is what this is all about. Who can be in the forefront of the ever molding everchanging science of the body and mind. So a quick shout out from our personal trading podcasts. You know, what we have to do? We have to give a shout out or we give a shout out today to Elsie. She has actually done 11 pounds in two and a half weeks.

She’s a diligent doer. She works very hard at accomplishing her fitness goals and we believe she’s going to reach them. She’s been a personal training client for about three weeks now. The first two weeks, I think I said that correctly, the first two weeks, the first week. And in fact, uh, she, she signed up for her personal training program for free the first two weeks are always free by the way, but she came in and, uh, quite remarkably put the program to use that Friday and over the weekend, went into Ketosis, utilized our meal plan, jumped right in. And uh, wow, quite the, quite the miraculous transformation. She’s, she’s already started on. I, I just, Personal Training South Tulsa, I can’t believe it. I’m beside myself at times. It had her, her, her diligence. It’s really a breath of fresh air from personal training standpoint for someone to come in and utilize the resources.

So let’s talk a little bit about today, um, specifically a rest in between exercises. So, you know, the old school school, the old school of thought, which, uh, you, you know, like the back of your hand that if you exercise a muscle group, uh, it is best to give it a 48 hour rest. And have you heard that? Uh, it’s true. So without going into too much science and not confusing you and creating too much a headache by knowledge, but uh, it’s important for you understand that every time you exercise, you are indeed tearing down those muscle fibers that exist to help lift, push, pull and stabilize your bones, your organs, your brain, your human being. Okay. Those muscle fibers when exercised or put under resistance for a period of time or a you would call movements restricted movements. They’re actually a, Personal Training South Tulsa you’ve got to understand that they’re actually tearing.

And those are what you would call microfiber tears in the protein fibers. You have type one and type two muscle fibers. I could go into a lot more detail into more of those, but, uh, to keep it really simple, it’s, it’s like a rubber band. The more you pull in, the more you pull in, the more resistance that has put, not banned. Uh, you’ve seen it. You tried to be the class, the class clown, or if not you, then you know, someone who tried to rear a rubber band back on the index finger with the other hand, pull it and it, uh, it being a weak band, snap and pop back and hit him in the face. Good instant Karma. Those moments are always great. But Personal Training South Tulsa, yes, so you have to understand your muscles is the same way you tear and a you tear and new tear during one session is you might do, you know, anywhere between 20 to 10 to 20 different exercises and depending on your experience in the weight room or whatever you’re choosing to do for your exercise, but anywhere between 10 to 20 exercises and you’re going to realize those things have just been torn down and worn down.

Alright? And the only way to help them is to let them recover, but also feed them nutrients. So proteins, right? You know what that’s made up of carbohydrate. I, I mean, uh, Personal Training South Tulsa, you know, what proteins are made up of. I’m not going to go into too much detail. Uh, I have a tendency to do that. Some of my listeners have said, man, can you dial back on all the science, just give us what we need and, and, uh, and uh, and we can go from there, but, uh, your carbs, your fats and your proteins, guys, you’d have to consume these because these are essential and restoring those in fixing those muscles, specifically proteins for muscles. Okay? Uh, you need those. You need to be taking in protein if you can’t afford a branch chain amino acids. I’ve had clients asking about that. What’s the difference between bc a’s and regular protein powders?

Whey isolate what’s the difference? Okay, I will do a separate podcast on that. Uh, but as I said a minute ago, it’s best that I approached one subject at a time. You need rest. Recuperation with my personal training clients is primary. I cannot tell you how impressed this more and more and more and be more stern and firm on this subject. You have to rest and recover. You have to rest and recover the mind. You have to rest and recover the body. You have to rest and recover your muscles can. The only way to let your muscles restore is through nutrition and recuperation. If you do not do these two things, you are doing yourself a major disservice. Now, let’s talk to the personalities who are listening on our personal training podcast. You have a difficulty being patient and diligent. Personal Training South Tulsa It is hard to marry those two, isn’t it?

Knowing where you want to be in doing what it takes day in and day out and not being in a hurry. I understand you want out of your circumstance. You may be wanting so desperately for that body fat percentage to drop. You may so desperately want those strength gains to come and you may so desperately want those muscles separation. Personal Training South Tulsa, the muscle separation is dry, Asians to appear underneath the skin and the veins and the vascularity all to look and appear professional, but hear me and hear me very clearly. You do in one thing a day is more impressive than someone who is able to lift a ton of weight and never lifted again. Do you realize that magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company exists to help you train for the speed of life? Life is harsh and you have a lot to do and a lot to accomplish and you need a body that has the ability to sustain it. You cannot make these fitness goals just short term. You cannot make longterm goals. Mid Term Goals. You cannot make midterm goals. Short term goals. You need to learn to prioritize your fitness goals based on these principles, rest, attitude, so rest is recuperation, attitude, nutrition, exercise, okay? You will get 100 percent of results if you can respect these principles, but if you are not on a daily basis, resting or recuperating, eating,

okay? If you’re starving yourself for weight loss, this is a major cause for concern. You need to stop and look at your motives. You cannot make short term goals, mid term and long term goals. You cannot marry those. While you may have to create short term goals to move to midterm goals and then long term goals. You cannot make long term goals. Short term tactics. You can measure them. You can create steps towards the longterm goal, what’s called blueprinting when fit isn’t in terms of fitness, but if you are trying to get to your end result fast, uh, I, I dare to say you need, you need to, you need to be careful. So Personal Training South Tulsa 48 hours of rest between muscle groups. Okay? If you’re doing big compound lifts, like multi-joint movements, hang clean, push, press dead, lift all of those extremely heavy weight for time, and you’re doing them day in and day out for six days a week. You are injury.