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Welcome back to the fitness and also personal training show. Today we’re going to talk about the principle, the 80 20 principle. Before we go any further, a massive shout out to Keith who is coming up on the of program here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. He reached his goal, his goal and he came in here, was to simply get off enough weight to lower his insurance premiums. Guess what? Keith is officially down 28 pounds right at his three month period here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. He’s reached his goal. His premiums are lower. He saved $600 a year on health insurance premiums and he can’t be prouder now. Him and his wife both came in here at 5:30 AM to knock out their workouts. You can see a part of his video testimonial on our website and magnus fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa Go to our testimonials tab and always stay up to date with what people are doing to better their fitness goals and watch them as they progress.

Extremely exciting, citing good news for Keith. We’re very happy for him and his wife. Today we’re going to talk about a very controversial subject and it is one we need to address from our personal training company because in our personal training company, it is something that makes us very different from our competitors. You might be asking, what is your competition? Is your competition other personal trainers? Isn’t other gyms? No news flash here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company where our competition is stress, eating, overeating under eating, depression, anxiety, fear, fear of loss control. These are competitors, personal trainers and other fitness programs. While they may not be providing the results that we offer, they are still contributing to the health care community. They’re true. They’re contributing to the overall general health of our country. Personal Training South Tulsa They are part of solving the problem when it comes to fitness levels and obesity and our nation.

They are not my competition. So what is it that magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company has in place to prevent or help eliminate this issue of obesity? The 80 20 principle you may have heard that 80 percent of the battle is nutrition and 20 percent of the battle is exercise. This ultimately leading to a 100 percent, 100 percent results. That is accurate for the most part. You cannot out exercise a bad eating habit. If you, if you consistently, I eat incorrectly a bunch of starches, sugars, drink a bunch of alcohol throughout the week and you work out seven days a week. I don’t care how good your metabolism is. It will eventually catch up to you and many of you who are listeners on our Tulsa Pr, Personal Training South Tulsa our personal training podcasts are nodding your heads right now. You’ve experienced this. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Many of you may be former athletes. You may be in very active in your life and your community through sports and different various types of programs and your community, but you know what I’m talking about. Eighty percent of the battle is nutrition. Twenty percent of your battle is going to be exercise and I understand that other personal training companies and even our personal training company can provide you brilliant types of exercise protocols, routines and regiments. They can provide you the best knowledge in leading in research protocols for personal training, but if you do not master the 80 percent, which is nutrition, you are going to be spinning your wheels when it comes to specifically weight loss goals and even weight gain goals. If you’re trying to put on lean muscle mass and all you’re doing is eating poor foods, do you realize what it is you’re doing to your insides, your organs, the the major parts of your body that the that require a good new, good, clean nutrition to function properly Personal Training South Tulsa.

I mean the amount of preservatives, sugars and processed foods. If you’re putting all of that in your body fast foods that the. The biggest term, the biggest term I’ve heard people use is what’s called dirty bulking. They’re just eating food in order to put on size. You are what you eat and if you continue to just throw food in your body or to keep food from going into your body, do you realize what you’re doing to your vital organs, Personal Training South Tulsa one injury or one mistake that you are completely unaware of happening? If that happens to you, you could either one, put yourself right back where you started with an injury internally or externally or ultimately in your life early and there goes your fitness goals. You don’t have a body to. If you don’t have a body to take care of the. What’s the point of having fitness goals?

It doesn’t exist, right? So our personal training company is huge on emphasizing the 80 20 principle, making sure you’re aware the nutrition. What you do outside of here is the largest contributor. So what? What does magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company do differently than other programs? We actually do do evaluation six week evaluations. This creates a client coaching relationship that is, that can’t compare to other programs. This. This creates a sort of a pain pleasure, opportunity and puts you in the driver’s seat when you’re not here. When we’re here, we’re the driver’s seat at our personal training company. When we meet together and we trained together, we’re in the driver’s seat because the reliable you’re in are your inside of our personal training company. You’re performing exercises. We’re teaching you some stuff. Personal Training South Tulsa we’re, we’re, we’re in the industry. We’re providing you a leading knowledge and leading expertise on routines and how to avoid injury.

Making sure your form’s correct, making sure the personal training routine is done correctly. Okay, but when you’re outside of here, we want to teach you how to do this forever. We want you to master the 80 percent. That is why magnus fitness is so different than other personal training companies because I don’t want you here forever. I don’t sure if you’d like to come back and renew as a client. That’s fine. Many of our listeners and many of our participants in our program have, for the most part, they’ve, they’ve graduated our program and they plan on coming back, you know, next year in January to learn more and to stay up to date and to them it’s not that much out of their budget for them to come back and, Personal Training South Tulsa, to participate because if you don’t know if, if you’re just now tuning in and you’re just not getting plugged in to our podcast, you need to know if you haven’t seen on our website, we have scholarships here.

We help pay for people’s programs. There hasn’t been one person that hasn’t been able to afford our personal training packages. Now there is a difference between willing and able. Some people just aren’t willing to spend any money on their fitness, uh, on the fitness levels. They’re just not a major priority for him. Personal Training South Tulsa that’s fine. We’re not going to force anybody, but there, there are literally 16 year olds in high school who were able to pay for our program. Do you realize that we have people who own businesses, multimillion dollar businesses, and we have people in high school who could afford her personal training program. Okay, but our goal is for you to get this, to get this now before it’s too late, or if it’s. If you’re in your seventies, our eldest clients been 83 years old down to our youngest and their teams.

It’s never too late for you to get this. Eighty percent of this is going to be your nutrition. Now, Personal Training South Tulsa I do not want to hear that you’re doing nutrition without exercise. That is an extreme. I would, I would err on the side of caution with that. You always want to make sure you’re utilizing exercise with any nutritional protocol. You are utilizing free for you to just trust that you can lose weight without having to use any energy. I would be very cautious at how your body is getting high, your heart, uh, and many of your, uh, your circulation. The whole circular, circular circulation system in your body is operating. You need to make sure you get some walking in some side of a robotic or anaerobic routine in your, in your lifestyle, along with nutrition, but 80 percent of this needs to be mastered and so we teach you that.

We hold you accountable to that in our in our company and there’s many. There’s much more to it as far as resources that we provide, but that is a very surface level. It’s a very surface level insight into our coaching program when it comes to the 80 slash 20 principle, 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent being our personal training program equaling 100 percent results. That is how we work. That’s how people get the results they do. If you’re wondering and you’re watching from a distance on facebook, instagram, youtube, if you’re watching from a distance on our website or listening to a podcast, that is a very surface level, Personal Training South Tulsa a insight into our personal training company and how people get results here reached out to us. We have two weeks personal, a personal training for free. No contract coming here. Share your goal and we want to help you get there.

Reach out to us nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. That’s nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. You can send us an email if you go to a website, magnus fitness, Scroll down to the bottom, fell out the contact us form. We’ll call you. We’ll make sure if someone reached out, reached out to you to hear your goal. It gets you in. Remember, our goal is to help you meet yours. Our goal is to help you meet your fitness goals as it pertains to your world, Personal Training South Tulsa but we have to master nutritionist 80 percent of the battle and we’ll provide the 20 percent in person training services equaling 100 percent results for you. Again, this is sky with magnus fitness South Tulsa. Thanks for tuning in.