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sisters not mass while there is a bunch of them. The master sisters, they are here at magnet fitness, South Tulsa. They’ll be here in the next few minutes and to train and our personal training studio, they are go getters. They came here, cast their vision for their life and their fitness goals. They’re utilizing our resources and they’re taking action every single day. We just want to give a huge shout out to the mass sisters who to me are winners by nature. They came in here ready to sign up, took advantage of a two weeks. Personal Training South Tulsa, no signatures, tooken a and we didn’t take any signatures at all, just trained for two weeks. They loved the program. They signed up five of them, five, including their nice signed up, ready to go. So let’s talk a little bit about the. Let’s be a mythbuster today. Let’s talk about some myths we than our previous podcast on myths.

Let’s keep going on. Myths, myths, myths, myths that are personal training studio that we educate people on. Uh, the big one that people talk about all the time is that, uh, you know, sky, I don’t really want to put on a whole lot of muscle because, you know, I heard that when you get older, a lot of that is going to turn into fat. False. That’s a myth. Muscle tissue is muscle tissue. Personal Training South Tulsa Fat is fat, okay, two completely different on a molecular level, a two different things. So when you put lean muscle on, you don’t use it in the future. It does become soft, but that is not fat. You have a lot of muscle tissue under there, but it is not convert to fat. Big Myth, a huge myth. Do you not worry about putting too much lean muscle muscle on your body to central for everyday living?

Now, bulking and using steroids and supplements is an entirely different conversation. We need to have is you’re not just, you, not your goal to get girth and the gut and massive vascular arms and chest and back muscles along with legs and calves. Then that’s a completely different journey. Completely different trainer than my studio and completely different problem you may have with fitness and your perspective towards it. So that’s not what we service here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa, Personal Training South Tulsa, is bodybuilding or prep show. We specifically want to help the general public with weight loss at our personal training studio. We want to help them up and optimize their life so they can win, win, win, win, win, and all the areas of their life, family, faith, finance, all of those areas that we need help in. Fitness is just one of those f’s that helps us to dominate the day.

But don’t worry about strength training you will not have to worry about later on in your life that turning into a fat issue for you. The other one is, um, you know, sky, I really don’t like standing around lifting weights, you know, while there is some truth to that, uh, there is high benefit and resistance training. Your muscles need resistance. They need new stress every single day. I did a previous podcast on that as well about muscular atrophy. You have 650 muscles in your body. They all need strength and resistance each day. Your daily activities will not suffice for healthy strength training, pulling doors and carrying groceries adds some benefit to strain the stress, proper stress and good stress to the muscles, but not enough resistance to put them to the test. And I make them resilient and grow and grow strong. You need consistent progress and making sure those muscles.

Now do you have to lift a whole lot of weight? No, there’s an interesting, uh, a technique called static. Uh, you should be able to hold what you can pull or push. And so if you can hold weight in a certain position, wall sits in a it which is great for people who have knee replacements, etc. But, Personal Training South Tulsa, just sitting and holding the position, grabbing some dumbbells and holding them at a 90 degree angle besides your waist. Holding there for 20 seconds is extremely good stress for the muscles. But a lot of people say that a muscle does not burn fat. That’s false. The more lean muscle you put on your body, the more fat you burn at rest. And we ever woken up with a muscle cramp. Sure you have. It’s active. Muscle is active. It’s always working. It’s burning. It’s fuel. It’s working for you.

No one’s ever woken up in the middle of the night and said, oh my, my love handles. Her fat is not active. It’s in the way. It’s unnecessary. It doesn’t make us happy, doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. Fat is not. I’m a very active in our body. So don’t worry about strength training. Strength training does burn fat. More. Lean muscle on your body makes you more. Metabolic, takes care of you when you’re not taking care of yourself. He said, put it on there. Put some muscle on your body. The last one is a lifting weights really makes women look like a man. And so, Personal Training South Tulsa, I, I really don’t want to bulk sky. I really don’t want to, uh, I prefer not to look like a dude. I really don’t want to strength train. There was a european sports science study done and uh, women who strength train lot, significantly more amount of fat than women who just did cardio.

Let’s face it. No one wants to be skinny fat, no one wants to just lose the weight. Now hear me. I do think that if you are, if you are prone to injury and uh, you’re not necessarily ready to start doing big lifts, there’s nothing wrong with beginning with nutrition, getting that weight off and uh, and then starting to exercise, there’s no problem with that at all. That is a safe, better safe than sorry technique that is a very, um, the proven a way you could do that. But women overall whose strength training a lot of last day significantly a significant more amount of body fat and overall felt better about themselves. They actually, Personal Training South Tulsa, improve their self esteem as well. A lot of women

in society or press down and overlooked and not heard. And so lifting weights is a really good outlet for you to prove to yourself you are more and more and more and as a woman, more beautiful than you could ever imagine. And your strength is in that beauty. Strength is in beauty. So the, another one as well is, uh, my elderly clients listen to this. This is a myth that strength training is just for the young bucks. It is not, it is not for the whippersnappers, it is for you as well. my eldest clients are in their seventies and 80 years old and they’re highly benefiting, benefiting highly from our strength training programs. We have Judy Nelson, the ripe age of 73 who came in here with the need to be able to keep up with her husband who has dementia. She needed strength to be able to keep him in control whenever he has his fits.

Our most recent example of this is whenever she lost control of his wheelchair, 240 pound man in a wheelchair and the back backyard have a retirement home, was a being strolled around by her, his wife judy and lost control of the, uh, of the wheelchair. She was able to run, catch the wheelchair and pull it back up. Hill, remarkable story that is remarkable and she will stand here if you do not believe this. And our personal training studio, if you, if judy comes down here at 101st and shared in one zero, zero, three, two, style sheridan and waits for you and you come in here and you come and talk to her here, she will testify that the strength training for her at her age has been nothing but beneficial, beneficial. Granted, we have had to do it progressively. A strength takes time to build a.

And frankly, we have to be aware of ligaments, tendons, joints, six cetera. We’re strength training is not just for the whippersnappers. It is highly needed. There is hope for you all with age and wisdom, uh, to, to get your strength back and to, to tone up a little bit. Uh, let’s bust this myth, um, that only lifting. You guys are very familiar with this myth that, uh, that, Personal Training South Tulsa, to lose weight you have to do high rep. I remember watching an episode of the office and, uh, and uh, Michael Scott pulls out of his trunk two pounds and someone says to him, what does that, a certain amount of weight? He said, no, I’m a lighter. I’m doing higher reps, I’m going for tone, not bulk, you know, so there were two pound weights in his trunk. He was going for tone, not bulk. so, um, you know, that’s, that’s another issue as well that, uh, just higher weight gives tone that is false as well as well.

UH, learn more about what I mean by that. Come in here to magnus fitness south tulsa. Let me teach you exactly the techniques you can use behind strength training and resistance training and how you can get the most out of your weight loss goals, strength training goals, because, uh, because lifting heavy weight does not mean you just bulk, you can burn a significant amount of calories and get into a fat burning stage with that heart rate, with weights, uh, in a moment, in a moment’s notice with, with, with, with proper form and a good amount of stress on the body with specific key lifts can really turn you into a fat furnace. Personal Training South Tulsa When your body temperature’s up past working out for hours. After working out with us, you’re burning calories during the session. Thirty minutes session, you’re going high intensity, you’re killing it, you’re crushing it, you’re seeing results.

This is what we want to make sure you realize is that a is that you can do this and you really can do not let myths stop you from progressing. Seek out the answers, do your research, make sure you hire a professional. That’s why magnus fitness south, also personal training studio exists, is to provide you the leading in research and knowledge. Don’t just go get some guy who got his certification and then left it on a shelf and then has no idea what he’s doing with his own body. Personal Training South Tulsa get the people who were in the crux of the, of the industry who are right up in the armpit of nutrition and fitness and who are learning the expertise on how to manipulate your body and how to get help you live optimally. Certifications are not enough certifications or four year degree is not enough. You cannot just go get a degree or certification and then just sit on it.

People need to know the facts, the answers, the truths behind what makes them, um, uh, reach their potential as a human being. They need that information. So hire someone, come down here to magnus fitness south, also put us to the test, ask us some questions, ask us where we got our education, but not just how, when we got her education, but when we, when we last research, ask us that question. When you hire a person, ask them what their most up to date on. Ask them with a real recent relevant topic. Personal Training South Tulsa Ask them exactly aBout the hottest topics on the, on the, in the industry because if they have a base knowledge in sports science and personal training, then they’re going to understand a lot of the new topics that are out there. You’re gonna. Find out real quick if they’re just in it for the money here at magnus fitness style tulsa. We’re not just giving you a selling you a, some sort of a bag of hammers or a frog with a perm and hoping it works. We here are giving you resources and systems that if you take action, gives you results. So that’s, that’s it. Mythbusters. For the day. Magnus fit in the south tulsa. Hope we answered some really important questions you may have had about your body, your fitness levels, and reaching your goal.

Call or text nine. One eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, nine, eight, two weeks free. No contract coming here and we’re going to shake your hands here and your heart about what you want to do with your life and want to change it. We only hire specific people. Hope you’re one of them. again, our goal is to help you read yours.

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