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Okay, welcome back to the madness fitness and personal training show. We hope you all have had a great start to your week and we are going to enter a very serious topic today from yours truly here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company. Sky. We appreciate your feedback about our personal training podcasts. A lot of you have reached out to us and have thanked us personally for addressing some of the topics, the issues and uh, Personal Training South Tulsa, some of the, uh, uh, some of the, uh, even just celebrations that we provide here of our clients getting results. It’s encouraging to you long. You may be involved with another personal trainer at another gym and just tuning in has allowed you to be a part of a sort of community that is online. And if you, those of you who just turned two newer podcast, this is sky with magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company bringing to you the latest and greatest when it comes to health and you’re reaching your fitness goals.

A huge shout out to kristy and Raymond who are ending the end of their two weeks free. No contract. They will be here for six months. They purchased their time slot, they’re very excited about reaching their fitness goals. They’ve expressed interest in, uh, in reaching specific fitness goals of theirs and uh, they’re excited. They’re very excited. They’ve already implemented some of their homework and they as a marriage or experiencing a momentum and uh, they’re very proud to call magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company, their personal training studio where they come in, they focus on themselves and ultimately they win. That’s what we’re excited to do here. Our goal is to help you accomplish your goal. So huge congrats and shout out to, uh, Christy and Raymond for being here and taking advantage of their two weeks free. No contract. Let’s talk about a serious subject that we need to discuss from our personal training company. Before I talk about it, I want to give you a quick story. This seems to be a very, Personal Training South Tulsa a very common theme when it comes to our clients at our personal training company here in South Tulsa. A lot of our clients are hitting plateaus there. I’m experiencing a sort of pause and they’re in their weight loss goals. This is primarily going to be targeted towards our weight loss with listeners, uh, for those of you who are tuning in, we’re going to address weight loss plateaus and what may be happening.

We’ve had multiple stories recently, multiple, multiple, multiple. When I say multiple, Personal Training South Tulsa, I mean countless stories out of 100 clients. I’m talking probably probably about 10

guys. That’s a lot. This story that I’m about to tell you

needs to be listened to very closely. Primarily, I’m going to be talking to my business owners about this subject. Primarily. I’m going to be talking about my type a personalities who are clients here. Primarily. I’m going to be talking to those people who have reached a level of success. My personal training company needs to address this issue of stress. Out of 100 clients, I guarantee you I have at least 10 who are living, if not more. Personal Training South Tulsa. That’s 10 percent of my clients who are dealing with exhaustion, mental, physical, spiritual exhaustion. You are exhausted and your cortisol levels are through the roof. The reason we need to address your cortisol levels is not only is it replacing your testosterone levels, but it is preventing your weight loss goals. It I don’t think you understand how important it is to have your hormones in balance. I don’t care how successful you are at a personal training relationship at obtaining your fitness goals, but if or business, whatever it is you’re good at, if you’re stressed, is through the roof and your cortisol levels are way too high.

You could, you could literally kill yourself. And I need you to understand that I have a client and this is the story who came in here this morning. She’s at a very young age, very young age. She’s a high performer who she’s, she’s lived through a whole lot in her life. She came to a personal training company wanting to reach a specific goal and, uh, I’ll be quite honest with you, she’s put her best foot forward, but she’s also sabotaged a couple of times when it comes to her, her nutrition, and she revealed to me that it was because of stress. She was stress eating food has been her goto. Now you might be thinking, well, what’d you do? Tell her to quit quitting the tink. Twinkies. No, Personal Training South Tulsa that’s not what I told her. Just to stop doing. What we did was we evaluated how many things she’s doing in her life, how many things are on her plate, because ultimately one thing, if not more will fail.

If her priorities are straight, if she feels inadequate in these areas of her life, she feels overwhelmed. She may fall into depression and discouragement. Okay. How do you stay on top? How do you constantly stay in a winning state and keep life even keel? I don’t trust me. I am not opposed, especially when it comes to fitness and personal training to pushing the envelope. I just did a podcast. For those of you who are just tuning in, we’re talking about the one of the number one enemies to our weight loss goals or really any fitness goals for that matter, and that is cortisol levels and our stress, our stress levels, what our stress levels are very high. It is very difficult for us to really reach our fitness goals. Here’s a reach or a interesting story for you. Uh, they had, Personal Training South Tulsa, a research project done, a clinical study of women.

They had two different participants. They had women who stepped on the scale every single day and we’re managing their weight visually every single day and they had other women who, who literally just learned to enjoy the moment of, of living a fitness lifestyle. The women who stepped on that scale every single day, not only where their cortisol levels extremely high with her testosterone was almost depleted because they were in a constant state of anxiety and stress. I would encourage my listeners to just stop and breathe. If you are a current client and you are listening to this and you’re coming in here and you are willing to exercise despite injury. If you’re coming in here in, in your, Personal Training South Tulsa and you’re not willing to just do steady state cardio or whatever it is. If I’m just, if I noticed that you’re having a. If you seem stressful or anxious to reach your goal and you’re not willing to take an easy day, I will not train you. Because when you, when you train under stress and you train under those types of that, that mental performance, it’s I hear me correctly, please, when it comes to personal training, I do not mind you using fitness as an outlet

for for anger, for stress, but if exercise is causing you to be more stressed because you’re not reaching your goals, you need to take a step back and look at your priorities and evaluate a different area of your life. If you can’t just enjoy being with a personal trainer and being on the fitness journey and enjoying the momentum, it’s probably a good indicator that your priorities are way out of whack. I’m being firm and very stern on this subject because it could kill you. It could absolutely kill you. Just be thankful that you had the courage to come to a personal trainer, reveal your weight loss or your fitness goals and that they have you on a specific journey and that you show up and then she’d get up every day. I had two clients today who were not happy about 10 pounds in two weeks gone Tulsa. Listen to me as a, as a trainer, professor, and the health as a professional in the healthcare industry. I know you don’t trust a lot of us, but listen to me, you have to give yourself credit. Get away from fear, get away from stress, Personal Training South Tulsa and enjoy the process. Love yourself please. Cortisol is killing you.

It’s the precursor to many diseases, autoimmune and even fatal. Fatal circumstances. Call us nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. The story of that girl, the young girl is this. I told her I needed her to go home and evaluate her life before we continue in our program. I needed her to sort some things out in her priority or we could talk about, uh, before we can talk about how we’re moving forward in our program. Personal Training South Tulsa I need her to go get her cortisol levels checked. I need to get everything else figured out before we move forward because I care about her health. I don’t care about money. I don’t care about any of that stuff. Specifically care about your fitness goal is go to our website, magnus fitness, Fill out a contact us form. Reach out to us.

We want to hear your goal.