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welcome back to the madness fitness South Tulsa personal training. Show a shout out to Monica, our new scholarship participant. For those of you who do not know what that is, and our personal training, personal training studio, that is an opportunity for each person we sit in front of to be able to come into here and go through our two weeks of free personal training, test drive our personal training services. And at the end of that say they want to commit to this because they’re already seeing results like of all, a lot of our other personal training participants, uh, they say I can’t afford it, but for two weeks they’d been here on time. They’ve shown an effort. Attitude’s been great. Perseverance, patience. All of those things have been working in their life and they’re fully committed to their health goals. You know what we’ll do? Personal Training South Tulsa We’ll make it affordable. We will find it in your budget to make sure that you can afford personal training.

And before I go any further, that is exactly what we’re going to discuss today. Why is it that personal training is so needed? Why is it so important to you sky? Why is personal training such a key element to my existence on this earth? Why are you so passionate? Why did you get all of that education to be able to come out into the community, open up a location on 101st and Sheridan and offer me personal training services. I’m tired of looking at your personal trainers who think you’re buff and big and bad and your ego is as large as the sun. You know, it’s important. I’ll get to why the US, why that’s important here in a second I’ll do horses, but uh, on this thing, on this very same topic, I had a client I was sitting with after they’re a program out there, one of their sessions here at our personal training, personal training studio.

Say to me, I can’t believe the amount of people and friends and family because she was trying to find ways to encourage her friends and family to be able to come into our personal training studio and trust us with their health. And she said, for the most part, most people don’t like personal training because of what personal trainers have done to the energy industry. Now we don’t know for certain what that looked like in the event that something bad did happen. But it’s, you know, my statement to those stories are typically like our, our, our, kind of like this. If you go into applebee’s or any fast food restaurant and you always experience one bad server doesn’t mean the whole chain itself as a horrible chain does it. So I know if I personally know a lot of good personal trainers and personal trainees in an effective and well needed, Personal Training South Tulsa very much needed service and our life and our existence, in fact, personal training, uh, dating back to a Roman Greco era, uh, all of the previous historical actually had personal trainers in their life to help them with their body to be able to sustain a, a lot of their responsibilities in life specifically.

Um, rulers and dictators don’t, don’t get. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Now we make personal training very affordable. That’s different about magnets, fitness as we want to make this very affordable for every person. We’re not just interested in business owners. We’re not just we service from the youngest all the way to the eldest. Our current clientele is made up anywhere between the early teens all the way to seventies and eighties and a life is just as hard for everybody. Life is just as hard as for the boxer who wants to last 12 rounds in the ring and life is just as hard as Mrs Smith, who has to carry groceries at the ripe old age of 52, her car, 60, 70, 80 to her car or keep up with the grandkids and prevent injury from slipping on ice. Life is harsh for every single person, so personal training can be as vital is very vital for every single person in society and in life.

Magnus fitness stands and postures or self in this community to make sure you understand personal training is needed and affordable. We can make it work for you. We really can march up in here if you don’t believe me to 101st and shared and talked to our clients, talk to me and look at our client portfolio, test us CCC if we’re really blowing smoke here when it comes to personal training, we believe everyone can afford it and that everyone needs it. So back to the story, this specific client had mentioned that she was shocked at how many friends of our families not only had a bad taste in their mouth about personal training specifically in Tulsa, but more so that how quick they were willing to remove personal training out of their budget when anything happens, such as, um, the cost of healthcare goes up, job loss.

Um, I mean, think of anything that could happen to your budget. The first thing to go is typically viewed as a luxury, as any sort of health related memberships or commitments. It’s always the first thing we pulled the plug on. But I wanted to give you a little bit my client’s perspective, who’s been with me over a little, a little over a couple of years. Personal Training South Tulsa This specific client said that if you yank that, that, that, that fitness membership or commitment, exercise or personal training commitment, everything else in your life has just been put on a high risk. How’s that possible? You might be thinking, why is it that if I put my personal training, membership or fitness membership or commitment on pause, everything else in life may or may not succeed like I think it might. Exercise is one of the most beneficial solutions to stress or living in objective reality.

Do you realize that exercise on a neurological level can affect almost every single area of your life? Not just self esteem and confidence, but also your ability to strategize? That’s right. The neurological effects of exercises. Exercise in general or personal training can elevate you to areas in your life. You otherwise think that by putting it on pause and freaking out and canceling all of the other prior commitments and your budget, that it’ll all work out. Exercise can help provide solutions to those. Even if you’re a current client here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa and you’re utilizing our personal training services and you have a budget crisis. Personal Training South Tulsa There is nothing wrong with you going ahead and communicating with us. One of our trainers or me as the owner that I budget crisis has come into the household and there’s no reason why we couldn’t work around that.

If you’re part of a fitness facility to the other doesn’t understand or is willing to let you go from your personal training or fitness goals because of a budget crisis and your life, then I dared to say that it’s probably best to not part of that fitness community because we are here live at the true grit of who we are and our heart and our passion and what what, what blood pumps through our body is to make sure that you are transformed and not just physically, but in every area of your life, mentally, physically, and spiritually, and that you would see the overflow of that investment and the goodness of that investment and your life. Reap extraordinary juicy fruit of your life and every financial relationships. That’s what clients come in here to do. I don’t think you realize people don’t come in here to look like me.

People don’t come in here to look like my other trainers. People don’t come in here in order to just get on a stage to show their body off. A lot of people want to transform the way they feel about themselves. They want to be able to climb up a rope. They want to be able to do a push up or a pull up. The personal training services here that we offer, offer a life transformation. They want a new social circle. They’d like a better love life. That like energy to keep up with the kids that like to lead a better image and their family. They’d like to be able to learn how to commit to a goal and follow through and execute. Personal Training South Tulsa They’d like to live a limitless feeling life. That’s what personal training can do for you and that’s why we exist in this little hub on 101st and Sheridan Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training studio.

Our client’s lives are changed. We have athletes who have dreams to make it to major league platforms. We have people who, general general individuals who just would love to be able to compete in not in any sort of athletic competition, right? The image or the ethos of our company has nothing to do with making every single person, which by the way, we do not use steroids in our facility at all and I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove this to you and we’ve had people question that because of the amount of results that come from commitment from our staff and our clients to create a client coaching cohesion that cannot be met anywhere else in Tulsa, and that’s why people say, why is your program without a scholarship availability so expensive? First and foremost, it’s good for you to know that our pro, our pricing was already up to 30 percent cheaper than our competitors and we’re more humble. Our results are only as good as the coach and client relationship. Do you realize that most of the individuals that leave here are inspired and motivated to make fitness part of their everyday life?

We hope that you can see the value and if you leave my personal training studio and haven’t made a decision on how to how to continue on your health and fitness goals, Personal Training South Tulsa then I have failed and creating value for you on how awesome physical exercise can be. Really.


let’s move on to exactly why personal training is such an effective resourceful, necessary item in your budget. Do you realize there are. There are over 600 muscles in your entire body. These all these muscles combined Tulsa makeup of about a third or like one half of of your whole body weight along with like all of these connective tissues.

They sort of bind us all together and they hold us up and help us move. You’re. You’re not just a bag of bones. Your bones are not what makes you operate on a day to day basis. These are muscles and connective tissues that work together in your brain to make sure you can move and function. Stand and sit and pull and push. They bind us together. They hold us up and they help us move. Whether or not bodybuilding, like I mentioned earlier, is like something you want to do or compete bodybuilding wise, muscles need constant attention. They need constant attention and I’m going to get to why just day to day living in your life will not suffice for living optimally, living your life optimally way the way we these 600 muscles on on a daily basis. Guys, Tulsa determines whether they will wither or grow.

Okay, and I really want to address the idea, especially in our personal training studio where we get this question a lot, whether or not muscle. Personal Training South Tulsa I don’t want to get into a lot of muscle on my body because when I get older and I can’t use it, it’ll turn into fat. There are two different cells. Muscle tissue and fat tissue are completely different and they can’t come together. Just because rubber meets asphalt doesn’t mean if you don’t use the rubber, that asphalt and rubber will become one. Now maybe extremely hot out. You can see the tire deflating and creating a sort of relationship with the concrete because it’s subjective to the heat or a lack of pressure in the tire, but they’re two different. They’re two different things altogether, so muscle and fat cannot. That doesn’t happen. Your muscle tissue may become soft and we’ll address that, but it will not turn into fat on a molecular level.

That’s pretty much impossible as far as I’m concerned and as far as I understand. Okay, so don’t worry about over bulking, et Cetera, et cetera. So you have to give these muscles attention on a daily basis. This determines whether they will, whether a grow. Okay, and let’s, let’s use the analogy of like standing in front of a door. Okay? Earlier I mentioned like carrying groceries, which is the exact same sort of thing or catching yourself. I’m slipping on the ice, but let’s use the pooling of a door and you pull it. You open it with your brain. That’s a cognitive move. Okay? So the the brain then sends motor neurons inside of your arm where they connect and they received this message, right? They fire causing muscles to contract and relax, um, which then pool on the bones in your arm and generate the needed movement to open the door, leverage it.

So this is, this is how we create movement on a day to day basis has muscle that we have to give these attention. Okay? So when, when this message is received by the, by the brain, and then the muscles they fire causing the muscles to contract and relax which pulling the bones in your arm and generate the needed movement. The bigger the challenge becomes, the bigger the brain signal grows and the more motor units it rallies to help you achieve your task. Um, so let’s, let’s use the idea that if the door made of solid iron, at this point, your muscles alone won’t be able to generate enough tension to pull it open. Okay? This is where personal training really becomes essential. So your brain appeals to the other muscles, the secondary muscles in your body to help generate enough force to be able to pull that iron door. And then it opens up the nervous system, right? Because it has leverage and it begins to use all the other muscles involved, so you already have other muscles to meet the demand. While all this is happening, your muscle fibers undergo another kind of cellular event, and as you expose them to stress, this experience have creates microscopic damage. Personal Training South Tulsa A lot of my clients are shocked to hear this, that whenever you exercise, you’re actually tearing the body down in which in this specific context, this is actually a really good thing.

You’re like pain. How is that a good thing? So the injured, the injured cells in these muscle tissues release inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Personal Training South Tulsa These activate the immune system to repair the injury. This is when the muscle building magic happens really greater. The damage to the tissue in the body, the body will need to repair itself. Um, the resulting cycle of damage and repair eventually makes muscles bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger, and they adapt over time, a greater demand. Since our body has already adopted to most everyday act activities. And this is what I mentioned earlier, that everyday activities will not suffice because they’ve adapted to all of these walking. Um, you know, anything that requires any sort of a data opening, doors, opening cabinets, brushing our teeth, cleaning, vacuuming, playing with the kids. A lot of, a lot of our muscles have already adopted this, so they, they need a greater demand.

They need more stress to stimulate new muscle growth. So to build new muscle onto our bodies, it’s a process called hypertrophied. Ourselves need to be exposed to higher and higher stress or workload than they’re used to. And if you don’t continually exposed these muscles to some type of resistance greater than everyday life, they will shrink. And a process as known, it’s called muscle muscular atrophy. It basically, without we, when we never expose our muscles to integrator high, a greater degree of attention, right? And this is where the saying in life a lot of us are attracted to, but don’t do because remember, quotes are only as good as you do them. Quotes are only good if you do them, but we always loved the quote, do hard things. If we don’t do hard things are muscles will fall into muscular atrophy, so we need this constant tension, tension or stress on her muscles, and that’s why personal training is so effective. We need someone who can push our bodies to a newer level of growth intention every single day, all 600 of them. We can touch them all so especially while the muscle is lengthening and this, for those of you who don’t know, this is called an East centric contraction at generates effective no conditions for new growth. However, muscles rely on more than just activity to grow. Guys, and this is why when you walk in my studio, my personal training studio, look at my blackboard. You’ll see 80 percent, 80 percent nutrition,

20 percent us. Our programs are highly effective because when clients come in here and not only can they afford personal training and our studio, but they also learn how to do this on their own. The nutrition is taken care of. I hand you a simple little car that you take home. Put it in your purse or you put in your glove box or put it on your refrigerator and it’s a reminder, a daily reminder of the food options you have. If you take care of that, we our time together as well, spent 80 percent nutrition, which you’re responsible for 20 percent of the time that we’re together on teaching you everything I know that creates a 100 percent results.

You need nutrition and hormones and the rest for our body, right? People don’t. A lot of my clients are afraid to recuperate. They have this innate desire to lose the weight or get to their goal fast that they’re unwilling to recuperate, but that is such a vital part of the, of the process of, of muscular development, especially when it comes to the pituitary gland and human growth hormone. The body needs to recover to heal. That’s why it becomes anabolic when we eat because it’s repairing our body a sufficient amount of protein to protect the muscle fibers that we’re tearing down and rebuild them with an amino acid. Okay? So you have to understand that rest is just as important hormones as well.

Uh, we have protein, like I mentioned a second ago, that protein intake that will help protect a muscular growth and then promote it and then we have what’s also known as natural occurring hormones like insulin, insulin growth factor and testosterone, which helps shift the body into a state where tissues repaired a lot quicker and it’s a vital repair process and it mainly occurs sort of when we’re wrestling, especially at night. That’s why I said you need sleep. Human growth record is promoted as high as level as a longterm. Research shows highest level, highest levels during sleep. Some people have more sort of robust immune systems, especially when we’re younger and the muscle damage or muscle fibers are a lot of people. That’s why we have a specific training program for younger athletes. And then elder athletes, I call them athletes because the general public, they’re competing to keep up with their day.

Right? So younger people, we may put a lot more stress on them. They’re their track to strength may be a lot quicker because they have that ability to take in more nutrition throughout the day. They have more time to, let’s, let’s face it, I can’t really say that in personal training because, um, college students don’t really always have the bio. Remember being a college student, I didn’t really have a whole lot to, a lot of money to purchase food, but for the sake of time, let’s just keep it simple. We have different training programs and, and progressive process to a building strength for each individual. Okay. Especially, it’s important for you to know what our personal training studio that we, we, we understand that concept. The success path for 18 year old looks significantly different then my 80 year old clients, but the end goal is the same. And that strength to meet up with the demands of life. So we need the recuperation process. We got to eat right, rest and repeat. You’ll create this condition to make our muscles big and strong and possible. Um, it is with muscles that, uh, makes life meaningful Personal Training South Tulsa and it requires a good challenge and good stress. So while everything else in your life, Paul says, creating stress for you, okay?

Keep one area in your life Personal Training South Tulsa where the stress is necessary because it is developing you. I can’t say that your friendships out there are healthy. I don’t know that I can’t say that the current job or employment opportunity, urine is healthy. I don’t know that, but what I do know is the exercise and the stress and the challenge that comes with it will develop you every single day on a molecular level, all the way down into your muscle fibers of your bones, your brain, your neurological system, personal training must and can be something you can do every single day to better your life. Do not remove it from your budget. Come over here to 101st and Sheridan margin here and asked me what it is that we can do to make your life better in every way. Trust us with your health. We appreciate all those who trusted with their the their health in the past, but for those of you who listening, come in here, experience this, give it a shot. Give it a chance. It’s something we need to part of our everyday life. Personal training is an essential service that we need and our back pocket, and again, this is the magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training show. We appreciate your ears. You’re listening to us. Take it to heart, put it into practice. Remember, quotes are only as good as you do them. We’ll talk to you later.