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welcome back to the Magnus fitnesses southpaw, so personal training show. Personal Training South Tulsa We hope you guys have been enjoying our podcasts. We’ve covered an array of subjects over time. We’re going to start going into a little bit of a little bit of a unconventional information just to help pew with everyday life. More and more of our clients are finding that fitness is running over, bettering their fitness levels, is running over into their everyday life. What are some wins that we can begin to apply, uh, to help enhance our fitness goals as well. If fitness is a, an issue or personal training, if you’re a personal training client are looking to have a personal trainer and you’re having trouble prior to prioritizing it into your schedule and we’re going to help you with that. We’re going to give you some small actionable items here at a personal training studio on how to win in life.

What are some small wins that you can have? A lot of times our clients come in here discouraged and our personal training studio because their life is in disarray. A lot of people, if they’re an older age, age is only a number. Personal Training South Tulsa, we, we quantify that by, based on how we feel, how we look and how our mind works, how our body works. We always help people to find small wins in their life, to make sure they feel as though, uh, they, they are not left behind in society. So one of the wins that you can do again, I would highly encourage you to get a calendar in my madness. Fitness South Tulsa does schedule sessions. We don’t do a session by session. We’ve got a lot of people reach out to us recently wondering if we can trade session by session. We do not do that here.

You can go somewhere else and, Personal Training South Tulsa, and trade dollar for time and dollar for dollar in time over and over again. Cancel. Quit. Cancel, quick cancer. Quit. But we hear it. Magnus fit into South Tulsa, personal training studio. Commit to people who are committed to their goals. Our goal is to help you accomplish years. It’s that simple. So what’s a win? What’s something small we can start with in our day to day that can help us have major wins? One, let’s talk about cleaning the house. Have a clean home, having a clean home. You may be thinking to yourself, what does this have to do with fitness? This is a big thing when it comes to fitness. If you haven’t started your fitness goals, we’d encourage you to practice cleaning up your home because it is one area of your life. You can begin to take control of them.

If you can’t start with fitness and taking control of your eating and your health. Starting with making your bed is such an incredible task that that leads to a successful feeling throughout the day. You have no idea if you’re the type of person who wants to make a difference in this world. Start by making your bed. Get up first thing in the morning, make your bed before you do anything else. If you can, if your spouse is still in bed, that’s an issue. Um, but, Personal Training South Tulsa, go ahead and make your bed. If you can make your bed get up. We hope you’re brushing your teeth, brush your teeth, put look at yourself in the mirror and smile, right? Don’t just put your toothpaste or a toothbrush right back down on the countertop. Put it in its holder. Okay. Small steps to help you build habits of a successful person in your life.

Begin with details. Details a minute, a minute ago, I mentioned calendar. Get a calendar, sort your day out. Put it. We only have 24 hours. We don’t have 24 hours for fitness and 24 hours for family in 24 hours for work. It’s only one set of 24 hours, so you have to schedule stuff in. Start with stuff you know you can control, you will feel great about yourself. Steve Stephen Covey has a book called seven habits of highly successful people. The first chapter talks about keeping your word with yourself. If you would just do things for you. This doesn’t have to be a. If you have the excuse that that’s just an organized person, that’s just a person of a specific ocd, they have ocd that then that’s going to be an excuse for you for the rest of your life. If you’re real smart, you will be good at justifying and your excuses will get better and better every time, but don’t let that be an excuse.

Any individual who wants to make an improvement in their life will find stuff to make an improvement and I’m giving you improvement. Personal Training South Tulsa Actionable items. Make your bed, put your toothbrush backward. Goes lets it gives back to our age old child, our childhood years, the age old, but just our childhood years, doesn’t it? Mom says, put your toys back where they go. Organization is one of the best ways to eliminate chaos in your life. There’s nothing more, a better feeling than knowing. Let’s say for instance, you leave the house and you didn’t clean the kitchen last night and you told yourself you were going to do it in the morning and you leave the house and you go home or go to work. Excuse me, and you and you have a horrible day at the office. Employees or employer is there not a hearing you misunderstanding? You come home and on top of the stress of a flat tire, you went to work with an empty case Ed at a tank of gas, you’re late for all of your appointments.

You come home and now you have to conjure up the energy to do the dishes. Get the conjure up the energy to vacuum. You have to conjure up the energy and the and the courage to fix your household if you would, just of ours in restaurant management. Years ago, before I was in a private personal training, I was in restaurant management during college and one of the biggest things in our kitchen staff that we taught was cleaning as you go. This is crucial when it comes to preventing chaos. Cleaning as you go is not an element of OCD. It is wise understanding that you can as you accomplish something accomplished. Other things. Personal Training South Tulsa You don’t have to be a multitasker, but just doing things smart when boiling water, not over boiling it because you’re over here chopping this and shopping that. If you learn some culinary and basic linear skills you could prevent and a volcanic eruption in your kitchen.

You could learn how to do things successfully. You can do them without creating yourself more of a mess. So start with cleaning your home. Start with, uh, making sure that you’re proud of your household whenever you clean your home or do the dishes. You, let’s, let’s, let’s talk about that. So for instance, there’s a lot of marriages out there and our personal training studio that we talked to, um, because a lot of our sessions do you turn to the therapy sessions because we do want to know what sabotaging your goals. A lot of times it’s marriages and delegating and helping. Having team Organi an element of teamwork in the marriage. Instead of making, giving, divvying out roles for each person. Why don’t you make it an event of conversation while one washes and dries the dishes, or one could be bloating. My wife and I, Personal Training South Tulsa we want, she will load the dishwasher and I will clean the countertops and sweet, make it a teamwork thing and we’ll talk and talk about the day.

If we didn’t get a chance to sit at the table and finished our conversation will continue it over cleaning the kitchen together. What an awesome, awesome, awesome technique you can use to make sure that you are building and investing in your relationships, in your household. You can do this together one day a week. That’s all it takes. One day. Do one day a week to do a deep clean of the house. Turn some music on, have some fun dance. Don’t make it a military type thing a. go ahead and just have fun. Have Fun and clean your household together. Enjoy each other’s presence, laugh a little bit, play some games, Personal Training South Tulsa, who can clean this the fastest and I’m a or who finishes first, gets to do this and I mean just be creative, but ultimately make your household, uh, inviting to you and guests.

Now, there are certain things that don’t need to be done every day. They do have an element of OCD and that’s like cleaning baseboards that doesn’t need to be done every single day or cleaning the blades of the fan. Delegate those things for once a week, Personal Training South Tulsa, but other than that, every night things that need to be, there’s things you want to be done and things that need to be done, things that you want to be done, like cleaning the garage and all those big project, clean out the attic. All those things can be postponed for one day a week and it can be done as a family as well as a unit, but for the most part, just stick to simple stuff like cleaning the dishes after cooking. Don’t put them in the sink and wait for the next day. Don’t do that. You might be saying, why is this personal trainer talking about everyday living?

Because we understand as a coach what it takes to win in everyday life and your fitness goals will be a directly affected by all of these elements of our everyday living. Let’s say you’ve scheduled an appointment and life is getting out of hand and you got to get home and clean. Now, you now your asking you to come home and clean and you can’t make your personal training appointment because your guys’s other houses and in disarray, you’ve got to get this stuff under control. Our personal training studio offers fitness, progress and success. But, uh, we want you to win in everyday life. We want you to get a grasp on, on, Personal Training South Tulsa, on having success and big wins in your life, your whole life. And we don’t want anything to come in between you and your fitness goals. So get your house in order. Start with small stuff.

Make your bed, put your toothbrush back where it goes, cleaned the kitchen together after dinner. Don’t wait for the next day. Don’t be a procrastinator. Get it done. Get stuff done. Be, be, Personal Training South Tulsa, be a person who gets stuff done. So that’s it. Good. Or our website, magnus fitness, We just want you to have a good life. We want you to enjoy it and when, and have some successes. We’re giving you small tips, clean your house, make your bed, brush your teeth, put your deodorant on, fold your clothes, do your laundry together. Don’t delegate and boss each other around. Do it all together as a family conversation. Talk to each other and go on one end of the house and hide from the other. Go into the house and and feel good about it. It’s your home and your domain is the one place that you enjoy being at. Anyways, this is sky magnus for the South Tulsa. We love watching