Personal Training South Tulsa | Episode 50 podcast

welcome back to the madness fitness and south Tulsa personal training show. It’s a wonderful day here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A personal training clients have all come in this morning and taking care of their fitness, their up and ready for the day to conquer it with confidence and assurance that they have yet again completed a fitness goal of theirs. A congratulations too. I’m a mom and daughter who have come in and taken advantage of their two weeks free. Personal Training South Tulsa It’s so funny. A lot of our clients that our personal training company or are beginning to after the first week of that two weeks free to one to claim their slot cars, they don’t want to lose it. It’s remarkable. We’re completely humbled at our personal training company here in Tulsa. I’m primarily by everyone’s desire to get fit before the new years resolutions. It’s really an amazing thing to watch people and Tulsa, Oklahoma seek personal training advice.

Um, I have had probably within the last two or three days, three people call my company, my personal training company a and ask, uh, about our services because frankly, they’re getting tired of going into the gym during the New Year’s resolution, um, and not knowing what they’re doing or sharing the equipment, if for whatever reason they’re just getting turned off by big box gyms. It’s interesting. I, for one do encourage big box gyms. I love the idea of there being a equipment accessible anytime it’s very convenient price, but most people are just looking for to get results are personal. Personal Training Company offers that M and a and 92 percent of people going into these gems are actually statistics prove that are not getting results as it pertains to their fitness goals. And 70 percent of these people going to these gems are not getting results, are not even using, Personal Training South Tulsa, the, uh, their memberships.

So think about this in a big box gym. They have these databases of people who are considered quote unquote members, uh, and they don’t even use, they don’t swipe their card each month. Seventy percent of these databases, so people are getting more and more eager to the reach, the results they’re reaching out to personal training companies like mine, magnus fitness to to get in and get fit. So yeah, congrats to Jennifer and her daughter Brianne. We’re excited to service you at our personal training company here in South Tulsa. Unimpressed and shared. If you don’t know where we’re at, we’re at one zero, zero. Three, two South Sheridan road, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74, one, three, three. Get in here. Free consultation, free two weeks. Nutrition console, all included in the price. And uh, this leads me to my topic today. People have been asking what makes us different than other personal training companies or fitness programs.

Personal Training South Tulsa, so, uh, I did my homework and asked and surveyed my current clients what it was about magnus fitness that drew them to, uh, to purchasing a fitness program at the price that it is a, which by the way, if you don’t know, we do have scholarships available. So that 100 percent of the people that we sit in front of can afford our services. It’s a transformation package that you purchase, uh, to, uh, to be able to brag on you new body and reach your fitness goals, strength, weight loss, whatever it is. But, uh, I surveyed this question with our current clients who had had personal trainers or been a part of programs in the past. You want to know what it was? It was actually really surprising. The answer was that, uh, the trainers showed up to the sessions. That’s right. It wasn’t the results.

It wasn’t the atmosphere. It was this simple. And I love this quote that is used, but no one ever really takes it seriously. I think. Um, and that is if you’re on time, if you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re fired. Okay. I’m personal training specifically in Tulsa. Oklahoma has a horrible reputation. Here is my concern with not showing up. Personal Training South Tulsa, this is an ethical, moral issue of mine that I have with personal trainers specifically in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and what our personal training as a business thrives on and what from our client’s perspective, what’s important to them because they are waking up every single day making hard earned money at their job and spending it on a service. Here is my complication with personal trainers not doing their job and showing up on time and treating each session like it’s their last.

Okay, here’s my problem with it. How is it that when someone comes to you for fitness goals or expertise or accountability and the accountability itself does not show up on time? What are you doing offering a service that it’s number one success rate is dependent upon showing up. The number one principle, I don’t understand this. It’s really hard for me to grasp that people think that, Personal Training South Tulsa, you can run a successful company primarily personal training when the number one element that creates success between someone who purchases the service is consistency, accountability, all the ingredients that make up one word, accountability. That’s consistency, that’s showing up. That’s being early, that’s following through. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand how a personal trainer can offer a service and be 20 minutes late. I don’t understand how a personal trainer can offer a service and not be eager to answer the phone.

I had one client come in after purchasing her program here at Magnus, South Tulsa personal training company. Tell me she had reached out to a, a, a personal training company in Tulsa and they didn’t get back to her til a week later, a week. I don’t care how busy. That’s where her friend had remarked with, well, maybe the personal training a business is actually busy. I don’t care. You should have people ready on the phones. If you’re that busy, you should be able to afford someone to answer the phone calls when people are reaching out for help, they’re choosing to trust somebody with their fitness goals and you’re not aware that you’re not there to answer the phone. Now, I don’t know about you, but personal training for me as a calling and I’m here to help people reach their potential in life through fitness. Okay, and so I have to make sure people are there to answer the phone call, our response time, if I get an email, I make sure if I’m not there that my phone call is scripted and it can be literally tossed off to someone who can answer that cry for help, Personal Training South Tulsa but it’s interesting to me how my clients all have surveyed and surveyed them and they said that the number one thing they loved about magnus fitness, personal training service was that we were dependable, dependable, personal training.

We’re dependable there for accountability. We’re dependable upon, Personal Training South Tulsa, the other. The second thing for our golf and too many tantrums. The second thing I have to say before ending this podcast today is a lot of our clients were very happy to see that we followed through with six week evaluations. So many programs they purchased. It seemed like the personal trainers weren’t serious about their job, which means they, they, they sold you, but then six weeks later you, you, you almost, I forgot why you signed up. You’re, you’re doing great workouts. You’re, you’re, you’re enjoying your conversations with your trainers, but subconsciously if you look back at why you began, you sort of look back into a fog, you got sold and you’ve been serviced, but there’s no tracking results and there’s no. There’s no. There’s no reason for you. I mean, not weird. I, I can’t imagine being a purchasing a, a vacation where the destination was what you purchased, jumping on board, you’re enjoying the nightlife, you’re enjoying the cruise, you’re enjoying everything about it, but then you over time you go, Whoa, whoa.

Where are we headed again? The reason I paid this much money, it was because I had a destination. I wanted to go to that destination and feel like I never want to go back to where I came from. Right. That’s, that’s the whole idea here is to, is to track results and take our job seriously. That’s what’s making magnus fitness, personal training company really stand apart. If you’re looking to get your new body, you’re looking to reach your fitness goals. Come to magnus fitness or personal training company. I’m in charge of running Tulsa’s best trainers and making sure that help you reach results. You’re not tossed off everyday, but you a new trainer. You’re not. You know, our goal is committed nus sticktuitiveness. Our goal is to make sure that we, alongside you, help you reach your goal. That’s what polarizes magnus fitness, personal training service is, uh, is really, they’re there for you and they commit as coaches to see you through to your results.

We wake up every day hoping and wishing we could help you and be there ready for you for your phone call. Be there at your consultation. You know our consultations are very easy. You come in non threatening, non non, non non sales. There’s no sales pressure. Literally, you tell us your goal. We offer you what we can offer you in a timeframe from our personal training company and you decide if you want it two weeks free at our personal training company, you can walk or you can sign up, no contract month to month. Okay? We, we, we, we love Utah. Also, we believe in you. We support you. We believe you can live your best life. It is right in front of you. You’re operating from a place of success. You’re not trying to get 60 size. You’re already a success. Act like it be like it. And, uh, we appreciate you. If you’re a listener and you reached out to us, we appreciate you trusting us with your health and applying what we’ve been talking about. If you’re a skeptic or you’re not quite sure yet, thank you for tuning in and listening and staying on this long reached out to us. Nine one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. We really do believe in you and you believe you have what it takes and we believe your best days are right in front of you.