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Welcome back to the magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training show today. Ever get talking about what to look for on your weight loss journey. This week has been loaded with results flooding in from new clients, uh, people in their two weeks of free personal training. People are getting results off the charge after charge. The average client is losing at least 20 pounds. Twenty five. Excuse me, in 12 weeks or more. Slightly more. What a remarkable. I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe it at our personal training studio. Uh, if you haven’t heard it, you needed to hear it again. I just fit in the south. Also, personal training company is not just another workout is a transformation program. So what are some of those stories? Tara? Tara, her husband, her husband’s name is Sean there. Why? Uh, they came to our Personal Training South Tulsa studio looking for the real deal and they stumbled upon it.

They actually found us through one of our handouts and I ended up getting the community came and knocked on our door. Magnus fitness South Tulsa walked right in, grabbed their two weeks for free and uh, before the two weeks free was, even if they haven’t purchased the slot ahead of time, they were like, we love this. We love the amount of things going on here at Magnus fitness out. Tell us that we love what we see on the website. We’re excited to venture into our personal training adventure with you or get, you know, getting our fitness goals back. So a terror within her first week she lost that. You heard in our previous podcast, she lost a pant size and we can have sean is down 15 pounds in two weeks. Is said this man has quite a bit to go. Uh, if you’ve ever lived in or been in Hawaii for an extended period of time, you know, they love to eat.

It is a celebration every single day. He initially brought his wife in here to the magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company. And uh, she took her meal plan home. He jumped on board the meal plan that she received from a Personal Training South Tulsa company and jumped on the scale. He’s down 15. Wow. What a remarkable story. I don’t ever want to hear from our clients again, that our program is an effective look. It’s changing people’s lives. Okay. And this leads me to my very topic for discussion today and that is that sometimes you need to take the focus off what everyone else considers healthy fitness levels and gaining new perspective. So if you’re exercising or coming to our personal training studio, we’re looking for a specific number on the scale. That’s fine, but, uh, if you’re not the kind of person that can handle the numbers, you know, when I lost my 61 pounds on my, on my fitness journey, uh, I got more aggressive the more that I saw the numbers and working against me, I don’t typically get psyched out when it comes to a little bit of adversity, but for every ounce of adversity we need a pound of affirmation or, um, equal and opposite force to help us keep going.

So encouragement or some success, right? So I, I would, I would rather our listeners and our clients to maybe take on a different perspective. So like, Tara, if your goal is that our Personal Training South Tulsa company reaching your fitness levels is to get down to a specific pant size, belt size, whatever happy have you, um, you need to know that that’s a healthy way of tracking fitness levels. The scale does not always have to be the case. This scale can be the difference between and digested food in the stomach and you weigh a little extra day versus a yesterday. It could be the difference between lean muscle mass growing and body fat, a average the body fat percentage dropping and lean mass growing. Although it does take a pretty big if you are 30 percent body fat and the scale is not moving, it’s very unlikely that you are building.

And especially if you’re doing cardio five to six days a week, years, you’re going to be losing some muscle tissue. That’s why our program is so effective and designed around making sure you don’t lose a whole lot of muscle tissue, uh, in, in the process of losing muscle fat or muscle tissue. So in our personal training company, we always like to make sure your goal is understood. And that we make sure you’re on track for that goal with a six week fitness gps system where we help you make sure you’re on target for that. If it’s a pull up, we do everything we can to make your body lighter in your arms and back stronger to pull you and assist you in making sure you feel, um, you can reach that goal safely. Um, but for the most part, you need to know that scale is not always the way to do that.

I’m considering it like how many people you know, in your sphere of influence or in life in general who have wanted to reach a goal. Um, so we’ve probably all put it down in our journal. We’ve told our wives, we told our kids, we told our spouse, we told our friends our family that we’re going to do this and we’re going to reach a specific, specific number. Right? In my clients, I hear it all the time. I want to get down to it. If you’ve had a consultation phone call with magnus fitness, you know that we asked you how much weight you want to lose. In the first 30 days, what’s your goal?

Typical response in 30 days as everyone always says, what’s realistic, right? I’m going to say around 10, 15 pounds. And we tell people right off the bat at our Personal Training South Tulsa company, if you follow the meal plan, so upon time, uh, to your sessions, you’re going to get results 15 pounds, his average on a 30 day basis. But how long does that number typically lasts? That golden number, it turtle, it kind of fades over time, doesn’t it? And you took it off, uh, your refrigerator, you had a sticky note up there, you had it in your journal, mentors. There’s not at the top of your conversation anymore. And your brain tricks you into thinking that it’s okay to go ahead and just, you know, we’ll get back to that goal, but get back to, to reaching that weight loss goal some of the time. Right now it’s just, you know, it’s okay.

Comfort food is okay. Emotional eating, it’s okay at personal trainer, you know what? They’re just a person who doesn’t enjoy life. They don’t know what it’s like. There are a robot, they they really don’t understand false. All of that is false. Tulsa. All of that is so wrong. To think all of that is so wrong at our Personal Training South Tulsa company. We want you to know you need to gain a new perspective that will help help you when it comes to fitness out last and achieving any goal for that matter. It’s not about reaching a specific. Wait. No. I have a lot of clients that come into my Personal Training South Tulsa company who just want to be able to jump rope again and not hurt. Do you realize that jump roping for some clients, it makes them feel like a kid. I have some clients who are getting ready for the navy officer candidate school and they need to be able to, you know, they want to aim for perfect on their fitness levels.

You know, I for one have to probably chime in on this subject on myself when I was. When I lost my 61 pounds, I just wanted to keep hammering out a specific body fat percentage because that’s what the average person would want to look like or what they would need in order to be effective on stage when they, when they bought your build, but when you really want a real bullet really, really, really boils down to when I first wanted to lose the way it was for my daughter, it was for my wife, my romantic life. It was for energy levels. It was for everything else other than just body fat percentage. I currently stand around 14 percent body fat. I started off at 34 and a 61. Now I can do more than 12 wide grip pull ups, more than 10 chin ups. I can jump rope for 10 minutes straight.

Right? Those were things they may not be huge to a lot of my listeners, but to me that’s huge. That’s big. It’s actually about living in the momentum of fitness success. That’s what it’s about. If we can just get you motivated and get you some momentum, you’re going to experience a great amount of success in your fitness journey because you’re not obtaining success. You’re operating from a place of success. If you have the will, the desire, and the want to succeed in your fitness goals, you are already a success. So getting down to all those specific numbers on scales and all that sort of stuff. It’s okay to have, but for the most part, I’m a tell you right now from a coaching standpoint, it is craziest psychological journey. It is the most up and down rollercoaster on the planet and it is what’s. It’s literally like I’m, I don’t know how to, what to compare it to, but in our Personal Training South Tulsa company, it’s, it’s, we do evaluations, but for the most part, w, w, W, we realized and watch a lot of clients really hit their head against the wall.

It’s painful and a lot of ways it’s very painful for our clients, um, to constantly just be looking at the scale. So enjoy yourself, put your best foot forward. Don’t compare yourself with everyone else comparing yourself with everyone else isn’t writing your own story. It’s just trying to live everybody else’s. Live your own. You’ve got one life. Do the most of it with your body. You can reach your goals. Don’t measure those based on numbers all the time. There are some realistic. There are some numbers that indicate health and unhealthiness, but, uh, just to remember if you’re on the journey, it’s about the momentum. Keep momentum staying encouraged. Keep going. It takes him before and afters. Look at your clothing. Look at your. Look at the energy levels, your focus, your cognition. If you need help and not wanting to start, call me nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Again, this is sky with the magnus fitness in south Tulsa personal training podcast.