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Welcome back to magnets fitness South Tulsa personal training show. Today we are going to talk about how to get things done here. Magnus fitness. We are so um, we are so all about getting things done, getting goals achieved and yeah, just setting things done. Agendas, everything needs it. Check, check, check around it. So today that’s what we’re going to talk about here in South Sheridan, 100, 101st and South Sheridan. But first I do want to give a shout out to our friend, our client and Aaron. He just signed up and the guy is on fire to start working out and to get the body his body where he wants it to be. Look at that. What a great desire. Personal Training South Tulsa He has such a great desire to get moving and get going and get things done and turn his body into the Internet and the invisible into the visible body that he wanted to be.

So go Aaron. I’m also some of the facts that I was looking at just recently. It’s gotten me thinking a lot about my daughter. I mean, she’s only two, but she’s so active and I love it, I love it. And she gets to come here to our studio, personal studio here at Salud Tulsa. She gets to come with us and see us, what we do and how we workout. And um, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about, you know, her age and pre k and all the physical activity that they do. Physical Education in America. Did you know that only six states in America require physical education in every grade? That’s K to twelfth grade. Can you believe that? Only six states out of 52. Only six states. Personal Training South Tulsa Oh my God. That is such an unbelievable. That distinct. But it’s true.

So that needs to change. That needs to change. And in South Tulsa, personal training facility here, magnus fitness, we are all about educating the whole family about educating the whole family about workouts, nutrition, exercise, have to get the body moving. How’d you do every day? Twenty to 30 minutes of exercise. This is what we do here. Magnus, Tulsa, magnus fitness, South Tulsa. Um, and then so like I said, we’re going to talk about how to get things done. So I found something very interesting that Albert Einstein said. He said, if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal not to people or things. How awesome as the APP go. Personal Training South Tulsa That’s why he’s Einstein. And to this day everybody knows him because what he said is smart. So, um, in our, in our show today we’re going to talk, I said about how to get things done, how to read your goals.

Goals are such a scary thing for people. I don’t know why. I love goals, I love checklists. I love putting check checklist marks next to my to do’s and it’s amazing. And here at Magnus fitness, personal training, we believe in goals and this is what we do. We sit with the client and we make them. We make a goal. What is your goal? How many pounds do you want to lose? Why do you want to lose? But I’m the why is more so just for motivating, which we’ll get there in a little bit, but make a goal. How many pounds do you want to lose in the next three months? 30, 50 12. I don’t know, whatever your goal is, but that is what we do and so there are five things that I want to discuss here and our studio today, Personal Training South Tulsa that we need to make a step by step plan, so it’s not just the big thing that you as a client need to do is to put that big number that you want and then we need to make a step by step plan on how we want to reach while we want to rage.

Say it’s 30 pounds in 30 days. I mean that is a crazy, crazy number, but my husband did it. Sky Lost 30 pounds in 30 days. So that’s. This is why we believe what we do here in Magnus fitness, personal training, south Tulsa because sky himself did it. So we need to make a step by step by step plan on how to do it. Lot of people don’t know how to do step by step little goals each day to get to that big goal. Most people will say, I wish I could, I wish I could lose 30 pounds in 30 days, but they don’t know that it is possible. And how is that huge scary goal possible to achieve by making litter goals step by step? So we can do that here at Personal Training South Tulsa Uhm, the other thing is that we need to talk about other people about your goals.

So this is why having a personal trainer specific, usually if you’re local here in solid Tulsa, it’s important to have a trainer because we will keep you accountable to your goals. So share with other people about what are you wanting to do these days. What is your goal with personal training? What is your goal with wave laws? When you put your people, when you talk to people about it is that not only you know that these people know that you are interested in weight loss, interested and you’re actually going to work towards it, but then it will motivate you because failure, would it be public and everybody would know that you failed. And then family and friends, Personal Training South Tulsa especially your personal trainer, would be there to offer you encouragement and support. And this is what Magnuson fitness does, like we daily encourage our clients, we daily, uh, talk to them about what other clients are doing because that is how encouragement works.

And then one of the other things that we need to do is to focus on all the good things. When we reach a goal. Say you come in and you’ve only lost two pounds. Oh my gosh. So many people would be so discouraged about only two pounds. But think about it. Not only have you been losing two pounds here at Magnus fitness, sell Tulsa, but your diabetes has gone extremely down. Your diabetes numbers levels have gone down. This is literally a reoccurring testimony here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa. Personal Training South Tulsa Our clients have not only been dropping weight literally with their body, but also their sugar levels have been going so down to the point that their doctors are encouraging our clients to continue with the lifestyle that they have chosen in the last three or six months. So South Tulsa, we believe, and we do help you not only lose the way that you want, but also get your health, your inner health, your sugar levels, your whatever sickness is there are out there can be prevented 90 percent of the time with the food that you eat and with the exercise that you do or the exercise that you do not do cell that is that.

One of the other things that we believe here in magnets, fitness South Tulsa personal training is to reward yourself. Reward yourself with the little things that is, don’t go. I need a fast food as a part of rewarding yourself. But I don’t know if you’re a woman, go do your hair, go do your nails and that shows that it gives you a good feeling that you just lost whatever many pounds. Even if it’s a good small goal, like a small daily goal. You achieved it. You did it. You get to put a checkmark next day. Could fear if you’re a man, I dunno what men do. Go fishing, go for. Um, I dunno, go buy yourself a little piece of whatever equipment you guys are into or video games or whatever you men do so, but the point is reward yourself. That’s what you always want to do.

You want to reward the small progresses that you have made day by day because little by little we achieve that big, huge beastie goal that you have. And then your other thing that we do here at Magnus fitness personal training studio is that we always, always, always record our clients progress. You may think that it’s smudged, such a small thing to record every day, Personal Training South Tulsa what you’re eating to record every day. If you lost half a pound, that’s what you mean thing. But that is so important. Not only because, um, it’s so important because you get to see it, but it’s important because you get to put it down and in three months you get to look back to where you were when you started and when you’ve gotten. And that also gives you to see the progress that you’ve gone that you’ve gone through. And so we encourage always to keep a journal.

We actually have our journals here. I magnums fitness South Tulsa. Our building is located 101st and South Sheridan. So we have our journals for our clients to either record what you’re eating or we also do biweekly. I’m recording of measurements on where they’re at and just because we know the importance of how, how good it is for everyone to record their progress. So these are my five points of um, what you gotta do to get things done, get things done in a, our personal training studio in South Tulsa, magnus fitness. We are all about weight loss. We are all about educating the whole family about weight loss, educated in those kids, Personal Training South Tulsa not about weight loss because kids, some kids need it, but kids educating them about exercise and health and nutrition. I mean, stop giving your kids sugar, please stop giving your kids fast food. I mean teach your children how to eat those vegetables and how to go for a walk or fire for a bike or run.

Just run around the house, running around the neighborhood and not just like run around as a play, but literally a designated little routine where they get to run around in the yard or in the neighborhood that you get to do this with us here as South Tulsa or personal training studio. We’d love for you to come in and sit and just help us help you on how to get things done on making a checklist of how to get things done. Again, thank you again for listening to magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training show and we are excited to help you. We’re excited to work with you and we’re excited to help you get things done.