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Back to the magnus fitness in South Tulsa personal training show where today we’re going to talk a little bit about why our program works and why most personal training relationships don’t get you the results that you’re looking to get, but before we go any further, Personal Training South Tulsa we have to give a massive shout out to our two of our two week free, no contract participants who just purchased their slot for the next six months so that’s time slot is gone and our personal training studio a to two very lucky individuals who are putting their best foot forward towards their fitness goals and our personal training company and their names are t and Ashley and their first two weeks they are down 10 pounds each. That’s 20 pounds of weight loss and their first two weeks, no contract. The reason we do that at our personal training company is free to come in and enjoy what is like to get a customized workout, a specific meal plan for you.

That’s very simple and easy to follow. A 30 minute sessions, not too much time out of your day and you can expect transformation because our coach coaching relationship here is vastly different. It’s two weeks completely free to a personal training company, no contract. You come in and we get to work and you get to experience that, and most of our participants actually very shocked that the two weeks are absolutely free of charge. You could walk away at the end of two weeks, but I’m not quite certain why anybody would walk after 10 pounds of weight. Loss of our highly effective personal training routines are nutrition protocol, which is easy to follow, Personal Training South Tulsa very simple and customizable to you. So before we go any further, I want to make you aware that our personal training company is results driven, which means this. We do not take on just anybody as a client, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company takes on individuals who are ready to make a fitness change in their life.

Now, does that mean it has to be an extreme weight loss goal? No. We do understand that weight loss is the. Is the epidemic that we’re confronted with. On a daily basis in our country and our nation, weight loss is the growing conflict when it comes to our country. Obesity is at an all time high. Personal Training South Tulsa. Now, fitness levels can range in it. Our personal training company with our clients here are a personal training company in South Tulsa, uh, anywhere between five pounds, 10 pounds, so short term goals, midterm or a mid range goals, long term goals or long range goals. And then overall transfer, uh, a desired transformation. You have to understand that to get to those longterm goals, you have to learn to reach a small term goals they in and day out. Our personal training company is fashioned, are formed in such a way to where you can accomplish those goals, those short term goals, which lead to mid range goals, which then in turn leads to longterm goals.

Many times we have found out that people that want to make longterm goals, immediate short term goals typically do that at high risk, uh, and, and a very, or maybe even take shortcuts. This can result to a drug abuse under eating starvation. Many other desperate formulas people put together in order to reach those longterm goals. Um, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal trading company company is polarized in that we understand fitness as different for every single person. We are different and magnus fitness, south coastal personal trading company because we want to make a, your fitness levels. I’m a reality as it pertains to your world. Some individuals come in here and just want to be able to lift their body out of the pool. Some people come into our personal training company wanting to be able to tread water. Personal Training South Tulsa Some people will come into our personal training company just wanting energy to keep up with the kids.

Some other people come into our personal training company literally just to learn to eat correctly and provide a get into the habit of exercising. Again, some people come under our personal training company to lose lots of weight. Okay, so you get the picture. Each goal is different. We don’t set the goal for you. We help you reach your goal by, by obtaining short term, mid range, and then ultimately leading to your overall longterm or transformation goal. So Personal Training South Tulsa one of our most recent examples of this is David and our personal training company, David came in the new year, is looking to lose weight, get down to an optimal body fat percentage, David, uh, six months later, lost 45 pounds a and a significant amount of body fat percentage. And to this day, if you go onto our website, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal magnus fitness [inaudible] dot com, and go into our testimonials page.

You’ll see David down there at the bottom on his video, the video of David down there at the bottom. You’ll see him talk about and even performed for you his, a longterm goal, which for him, because he utilized our resources at our personal training, came a lot sooner than he originally thought that our personal training company, it’s important for you to know that you are the, uh, you made the decision to reach your goal. That’s much different than what people are used to when it comes to their personal training relationships. Typically the personal trainer wants credit for what it is, uh, they help you to do. Or if you don’t reach your goal, they somehow take it personal. We don’t communicate that to you here. Okay? Personal Training South Tulsa, if you look at that video, you’ll notice that David, uh, we made sure he understands he did this, he did this for himself.

He’s the one who complex that short term goal to the mid range goal, and ultimately reached his longterm goal of lifting his body weight. That was his goal, to reach a specific weight loss goal and to be able to lift his body weight. Now we’re moving into a new goal which he never thought he’d reached, which is a transformation goal. And that is to reveal his six pack, uh, and, and ultimately sculpt a better looking for Zeke for himself. Uh, but, but this is what we want to communicate it of personal sending company. We want to help you reach your goal. I dare you to walk down here to 101st. And Sheridan has one, zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road coming here. Let us hear your goal. Talk to some of our clients. Go onto our website, magnus fitness, Listen to the testimonials of people who have accomplished their goal, who reached their goal at can come in here, let us hear it, Personal Training South Tulsa and we’ll give you the proven path.

It’s a proven path to success. It’s a proven path that if you follow, you will reach your goals. That’s all I need you to do is come in here. Let me know your goal, and if we can’t help you, we will refer you out. I do not believe we can solve all fitness problems. There are resources and there’s people out there that we can definitely send you to or we can research for you on how to make you fitness goals become a reality, but most people do not experience these relationships with their personal training relationships. The results that they experienced here were much different, much different and, and how we help, uh, build a coach client relationship, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company is much different and, and how we help you stay motivated. Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company is very different in how we help you accomplish your goals.

So call us, please call us. Come in for two weeks free, come into our personal training company or a on 101st and Sheridan coming here. Get a feel for it. It’s a private fitness boutique studio and a reveal to us your goal. Let us know what your fitness goal is. For some people, it’s just getting out of, uh, the couch and get over to the refrigerator without gasping for air. If that’s your goal, please come. Let us know where we want to listen to you. We want to hear your goal. We want to hear what you want to have the vision for your life. We want to hear what you, what it is you want to do physically. Personal Training South Tulsa Go to our website, magnus fitness, Tulsa, that common, and look at our testimonials. Would you please? A lot of people don’t know who we are and it’s important for us to clarify for that.

That for you how we operate, how we’re different, what it is we want to see happen in our personal training company. We believe in Utah, so we believe that you can take your life back. We believe that fitness is a vehicle to help you in many other areas of your life. It is one area that is a means to many other ends in your life that can help you and by you reaching fitness goals can help you reach almost any goal in your life. We believe you. It’s a great place to start. Call me nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Send me a text message. Email me, go to our website, magnus fitness, You’ll find a contact form down there, fill it out. We will make sure we get a hold of you, contact you, and reach out to you and make sure we get you in for your two weeks free. No contract here. Your goal, and hopefully it could just started Personal Training South Tulsa.