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looking back to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal train show, quick shout out to Tara who’s hardworking, implemented all of our resources during our onboarding process. She communicated she wanted to get fit in the next six months and really hit the ground running because she’s headed back to Hawaii. Personal Training South Tulsa, this December for the holidays and wanting to look a little different for her friends and family. She’s right on track. After her first week here, she’s already fitting into jeans. Look out her for testimonial video on our website under magnus fitness, Go over to our testimonials page. Click it, scroll down. Look for Tara. She’s the bright, cheery, a Hawaiian there you’ll see with tattoos on her arm. She’s a extreme blast to be around, but she saw me in the parking lot the other day and uh, couldn’t wait to tell me that she had dropped weight already and she was fitting pants.

She had her kids there. They’re there to testify that the share enough. She hadn’t been wearing jeans, she’d been wearing dresses and she actually pulled on that gene, a band around the waist. And it actually was a little bit loose. So we’re excited to see your progress here at our south. Also, Personal Training South Tulsa. Extremely excited. Today. We’re going to talk a little bit of a cover different, different subjects particularly. We’re going to get into the, to a mind of a, of a winter here. We’re going to talk about the habit of habits, making a habit of habits. Um, our personal training studio. Um, make sure that our clients succeed, not just initial weight loss and our personal training studio. You’re going to find a lot of people who have that initial weight loss and have extraordinary amounts of success. But we’re going to dive right into a little bit.

Uh, you’ve read the book, Seven Habits of highly successful people. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. A very good book, Seven Habits of highly successful people and they actually, I believe they even have one for, uh, children as well in teens. A Stephen Covey is the author of that book. I highly recommend you go get that. If you’ve read it, then you’re going to understand a little bit about where I’m coming from. A, again, this is Scott, for those of you just tuning in and listening to our marketers fitness South Tulsa personal training show, we’re going to talk about what’s called us, the seven habits of highly successful clients. Okay. Um, it takes a specific person, um, who’s willing to do what it takes to obtain their goal. You might be thinking, do you just take anyone, you get all these results and people are people are people are human.

How is it that your personal training studio gets so much results? Personal Training South Tulsa, primarily because we, we build a relationship, getting to know the person that’s going to consultations for a to get to know us as coaches and that also for us to get to know you as a potential client. We want to make sure you’re the type of person who’s ready to tackle this weight loss goal and not just waste our time and us to waste yours because that’s ultimately what we don’t want this fitness journey or is weight loss goal you may have in mind is actually pretty tough. And so we need to make sure that you’re in a season in your life where you can focus, you can take advantage of this. I’m not waste our time and we not waste years because, uh, if you’re not ready for it, whenever we push you and push your body, you’re pushing your mind to do things you’ve never done before, that ultimately you’re just not going to like us or appreciate us.

And so, uh, especially if you’re real smart, uh, something I really, really appreciate my business coach teaching me, uh, if you’re real smart, your justification is get real good. And so you’ll always find a way to justify a way not to, uh, not to work hard, especially if you’re more intelligent and the excuses get smarter and smarter and more brilliant and brilliant and more deceptive and more easy to believe. So we don’t want that. We want you to make sure you reach your goal, uh, that, Personal Training South Tulsa, you know, we love you so much to tell you the truth and who help you push through self limiting belief systems and our personal training studio. Push through weak points and your potential. But that, let’s talk a little bit about the seven habits of highly successful clients here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa. If you’re currently in our program and you’re dealing with some of these, uh, make the adjustment.

If you’re thinking about contacting magnets, fit in the South Tulsa personal training studio, then know that these are what we’re looking for and a hardworking individuals who want to partake in our fitness program, weight loss program. Um, so the first one is, uh, people who are committed make the habit of a not putting bad food into their body. That’s the first thing. You cannot outrun a bad diet. You can train six days, seven days, eight, eight days a week. Personal Training South Tulsa I’m frankly, if you have a bad diet, you’re, you’re, you’re a likelihood of success. Just dropped, uh, significantly. So, you know, one of the first things that we do here, magnus fitness South Tulsa, is talk about food you can expect when you come in here. Our personal training studio for us to discuss a nutritional plan. We utilize nutritional ketosis. The keto diet. Personal Training South Tulsa, we talk about the meat, vegetables, and water. You can just stick with meat, vegetables, water. If you’re not a meat person, then you could make sure that you get some protein, a plant based protein in your body, but protein, veggies, which has carbs and water,

meat, veggies, water, protein, veggies, water. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be able to? You couldn’t. You couldn’t stick to that because if you’re the type of person who thinks that you can get to success while having a little bit of compromise and you’re wrong, you’re always find a reason to compromise and you’ll always find a reason to cheat. That goes without saying that we do have celebratory meals where we do after a certain period of time. We do treat our bodies so we can feel sane. We eat like a normal person every once in awhile, but that’s what the first thing, the highly, highly successful individual who’s ready to reach their weight loss does is they don’t eat cheats constantly. Okay, so go home, read your cabinets. If you’re listening to this and you’re ready to get started, look at all the things you know that aren’t supposed to be a kitchen.

Get rid of them. Start now. Yesterday. We’ll be at tomorrow. Personal Training South Tulsa. If you’re wanting to get started today and you wish that things could change, how about you start with just making sure you get rid of junk food. Take it out, throw in the trash, get rid of it right now while you’re listening to this podcast. Pick up the phone going and kitchen. Throw away all that excess sugar, all that alcohol. Get rid of it. Get yourself a support system like your family members. Now you’re doing this. Tell them it’s time to start making the adjustments. Start with the kitchen as the first place we’d say is highly successful. Habit number one that a successful client has here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa personal drinks show is they take control of their eating. Number two, our clients make sure they understand priorities. Priorities are essential and they make sure that they have fitness inside of their priorities.

You have to put this stuff in your agenda or your calendar or you don’t or you won’t make it. That’s why one on one training is so essential is because someone is there for the accountability. There is no consequences outside of accountability. Do you realize that? So if you put it into your calendar and you have a scheduled time to be somewhere with a specific person or a partner to train, then those consequences, right? You’re left feeling lazy, judge, compared to we don’t want that for you. We want to make sure that you know that, uh, you are surrounded by a team of support who wants you to succeed, who are giving you the, um, the resources to be successful. And if you utilize those and you use them and use them, you make your plan and then, um, uh, you plan to work that plan, you’re going to be successful.

But if, uh, you don’t have priorities and you don’t have them written down, then the likelihood of you accomplishing those is the same as last year’s goal. And that’s unlikely. Okay? So make sure you schedule it in there. Here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa, Personal Training South Tulsa we prescribe at least three days a week just to get your momentum going. In the first 90 days, get everything going and then we help you win a longterm by making fitness a priority in your schedule. The number third, uh, the third habit that a highly successful client and magnus fit in the South Tulsa personal training studio does, is they stop and they stopped eating. Um, when, Personal Training South Tulsa, they feel satiated. That’s key. We learned about emotional eating here we give you a food journal. Food journals are extremely helpful and that they look at your eating patterns. It’s always good to look at things from a 30,000 foot perspective that you like jumping in an airplane and flying above the city, kind of getting out of your element and a, it puts things into perspective.

You kind of think outside the box, right? Personal Training South Tulsa you get to kind of take them some things into consideration, but a food journal helps you do that. A Food Journal helps you write down when you’re eating and you can kind of target with a professional, like a personal trainer like ourselves and see where it is exactly. You are sabotaging. So we want you to stop that, right? Well, you don’t want you to sabotage our fourth habit that a highly successful client here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio studio does, is they allow their partner or their trainer to push their potential. We pushed their potential, right? So it’s not enough just to show up, but also be willing to push your body and uh, and your results to the Max. You have to be willing to push and compete with yourself constantly. Personal Training South Tulsa so if we’re not growing, then where are we going?

We have to be continually working on our potential and stretching it and pushing it to failure. Um, you know, a lot of people take control in here during our fitness programs and we let them know that, you know, you get, you get to drive the bus and your area of business and you get to drive the area, busting your family and your kids. But when it comes to fitness, you came in here and you needed help. We get to drive the bus. And so when we feel like it’s time to push your potential a little bit further, trust us to utilize our culture value number one, which is safety, but uh, uh, to communicate, motivate you with you, to push it, to push it a little harder, Personal Training South Tulsa, because that’s the, that’s the amazing thing about fitness is a, if you’re not winning and all the other areas of your life, personal training can help you have that one when in your life that you didn’t have one when and the day that you didn’t have and all the others.

Okay? So like making your bed. A lot of people want to change the world, but they don’t change. They don’t make their bed and want to make a difference in the world, but they don’t know how to make their bed. That’s one when, if you made your bed this morning, that’s one thing you did do successfully. So in a workout, it’s really good to always push yourself because you can have one element of success under your belt. The fifth one is, uh, we don’t make a habit of lounging too much. Uh, we learn in our fitness program how to get up and walk around specifically like when brushing teeth, you could be doing walking and brushing teeth of you’re making sales calls. You could stand up and walk outside and do sales calls. Another thing, as well as when you’re watching TV, you don’t eat during TV, you have family time.

We really want to enforce family time and magnus fitness South Tulsa because we do care about the whole health of your family and that is including, Personal Training South Tulsa, the wealth and health of your family unit. Eat with the family and get everyone together and have a conversation for once we present with each other. Look at each other eye to eye. He have some conversations and laugh. Don’t go to the TV and enjoy each other. The six things. Personal Training South Tulsa The sixth thing is I said earlier, meat, veggies and what water? One hundred percent. Usda approved organic meats and veggies and 100 percent organic water. Okay? Make sure you drink water. Lots of water, consumed it, consume, consume, consume. Um, you, you need to, to, to, to make sure that you’re hydrated. A, your body will be less likely to allow you to change it if it is dehydrated. Um, you need to make sure your hydrations on point.

Add some lemon in there as well. We teach our clients that to boost that kidney and liver function, uh, extremely beneficial and the alkalinity as it hits the bottom. Last and final habit of our, of our successful clients here at magnet fit in the South Tulsa is they are a willing to be held accountable. Okay? Personal Training South Tulsa, this is something that a lot of people run from in those who are wanting to be successful, clean to learn from mentors, not mistakes specifically hit magnus fitness South Tulsa, we mentor you on how to avoid mistakes if that’s injury, if it’s form, if it’s hitting a plateau. And then I had not had any fitness in your priorities. These, these are a key essential ingredients for making sure that, yeah, you reach your goal. We give you resources here at Magnus fitness south. Also, you can come into our studio two weeks free, no contract.

We give you a sense of presence and one on one personal training. We have some conversation to hear your goal and vision for your life, what it is you’re wanting to accomplish, and then as it pertains to fitness and we give you all our resources and we make sure that you have your action items each each week and each day to succeed and to get that stuff compost. We’re not going to be able to do this for. Personal Training South Tulsa. Can’t send your wife over here and expect her to get fit and uh, and you win from that. You’re gonna come to me and say, my gut isn’t changing because your wife’s over here training. You’re not doing it well. Your husband’s over here and you’re at home. We need both of you in here. You can’t see. You can’t send someone over here, your employees as the business owner to train for you.

You’ve got to come do this. I don’t know who you think you are by sending people over here to do it for you or blaming us because on the days you’re not here, you’re not getting results. That’s a real. That’s a real quick way to get your money back. And that’s not the surface you here. We will literally give your money back and, and, and, and refer you out because we want people who are here who want to change their life, who were ready to do this. That’s exactly why magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio exists. There’s to be a resource for people to take and we’re not going to sit here and be blamed for people’s unhappiness or inability or excuses or justification as to why there, why it’s not working. We’re not the issue. We’re not going to sit back idly and just be a, a, a patient with you in the sense that you’re just making excuses and justifying everything in your life and putting the blame on us.

That’s not how this is gonna work. We want people who want to take action. We want people who are willing to, uh, to, to face the facts and who will keep their word with themself or at least be willing to do that because that’s ultimately what we want you to do. It’s different between a willingness and unwillingness. We know the difference between someone who’s willing, but if we’re just going to get the heat for, for you not succeeding in life and you’re not getting, you’re reaching your fitness levels. Um, that’s not how this works. So we will sign an agreement that binds us together as a coach client relationship. But, Personal Training South Tulsa, there is terms and conditions on your part and there is a guaranteed service on mine, but we got to make sure we get to your goal. And so we will always have our six week evaluations where we were discussing the successes and wins and losses.

But, Personal Training South Tulsa, but as far as I’m concerned, the accountability and the action items, that’s all hot air. If we’re not taking action, we could have all the presence and hang out together and have some good conversations and stimulating vision and a. and talk about all the resources magnus fitness South Tulsa gives to you and all the email support, all the food lists and drug, all the meal plans and all the workouts and all the customized workouts to avoid plateaus and changing your body. And the 30 minute sessions. How awesome it is for your day and and, uh, all these cool different benefits and perks and the free bootcamp and all this cool stuff that are attached to making sure you reach your goal, but if we don’t act on it and we stay accountable to it, it’s all hot air and I’m not willing to do that. I’m not in business to blow a bunch of hot air. This is for people who are willing to change their life and are ready to make a, make a habit out of fitness. Those are your seven habits of highly successful personal training clients here, magnus fitness, South Tulsa. Give us a rating. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, eight, one, four,

two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one to go to our website. If you’re not convinced, work systems work, go to our website, magnus fitness, Tulsa Dot com as magnus fitness, re. Okay, go to our contact us form. Shoot me a text or call one of us are good to us asap. Stay healthy. Again, our goal is to help you reach yours.