Personal Training South Tulsa | When is the right time to start?

There is never a good time to go to the gym. You wake up in the morning, make breakfast, let the dogs out, and then start the process of getting ready for your day. You make it to work, bust through your eight hour shift, get off work and have to make dinner. After that you have whatever free time you can manage before getting to bed, right? But then, looking back you realize that you have not gotten any closer to your goal of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to break out of this rut, and get started on your journey to become the healthiest you that you can! This is where Magness Fitness comes in. If you are looking for the best customized personal training South Tulsa has to offer, look no further! From one-on-one training to couples training, all of the way to on-site nutrition advice and seminars, Magness Fitness is where it’s at!

A lot of the general population has a fear of working out around others. We are all worried about being judged, or made fun of, or just feeling uncomfortable in an environment that is stressful enough. This is why Magness Fitness offers one-on-one training. Because they get it! They know you’re already uncomfortable, with working out and starting a new path. You shouldn’t have to worry about onlookers at the same time. Magness fitness is here for you, and they understand that nobody’s journey towards health and fitness is going to be the same. This is why this is the highest rated studio for personal training South Tulsa boasts, for their understanding and commitment to helping you become the best you!

Couples training – daunting to some of the general population, but a date night to those looking to become healthy and move forward in their fitness journeys together! Everybody knows, the best things come in pairs. This includes (but is not limited to) a workout session with your significant other. If just going to the gym together and doing your own individual workouts isn’t good enough for the both of you, Magness Fitness’ couples training is the solution! Their mantra is that “the couple that trains together, stays together,” which means that they love to customize their training program to fit you and your partners workout goals. This is why they remain the highest reviewed studio for personal training South Tulsa has.

The best version of you is going to start in the kitchen, and not the gym. That is where most people mess up, with the mentality that they can eat what they want and justify it with “well I’m going to the gym later!” Most people don’t know where to get started when needing to make a major lifestyle change in their diet. This is why Magness fitness offers on-site nutrition advice and seminars. They want to give you the best chance to achieve your goals, both in and out of the gym.

Maintaining a five-star rating in today’s market is not easily done! Magness fitness is the best for a reason. Give them a call at (918) 814-2213 and asked for yourself. Or go to and read their client testimonials if you are needing a more personal review of this studio. They look forward to hearing from you!

Personal Training South Tulsa | How do you get started?

Magness Fitness is the best! This is evident with their continued five-star rating and highest reviewed studio for personal training South Tulsa has to offer you. Why, do you ask? Because of their dedication and drive to help each and every one of their clients succeed in their fitness journeys. They want you to be the best you that you can be! They want you to be proud of who you are, at every step of the way. This is why they offer customizable services, as well as the ability to try them out with no commitment.

As a society, we have all come to terms with the fact that nobody is perfect. Every single one of us has issues with ourselves that we want or need to fix, but not everybody has the motivation and discipline that it takes to go on this journey. With that being said, usually the hardest step is reaching out and signing up for a membership. How do you know this was the right gym for you? Well Magness Fitness offers the first two weeks free with no contract (as well as a thirty day money back guarantee), to give you plenty of time to figure out if their fun and upbeat environment is going to be the best fit for you! No other studio for personal training South Tulsa offers has the same option for you. This is further proof that Magness Fitness wants you to be 100% comfortable with them while going along on your fitness journey.

We get it, it’s 2019! Why can’t you have your workout delivered, along with your food and online purchases? In 2019, we are all about delivering services. This is why Magness Fitness offers home calls, so that you aren’t burdened with the hassle of driving to and from the gym, or having to leave the comforts of your own home. Plus, if you’ve spent so much money on creating your own perfect personal gym, why should you have to work out in a public place? Magness Fitness gets it! The other studios for personal training South Tulsa boasts are not going to compare to this community centered one stop shop for your fitness journey needs.

A society that drowns in social media and instant gratification, sometimes it’s discouraging to see other people that only post after they have reached their goals. Why are you there yet? Well the answer is because everybody is different, and Magness Fitness understands this. They understand that your journey is not the same as anybody else’s, and they want to help you achieve that anyway that they can. This is why they offer exclusive online support, unlike anything else that other personal training studios have to offer. This platform is for Magness Fitness clients only, and is specifically targeted to ensure that nobody feels alone on this journey. This online forum offers such a wide variety of helpful information. From encouragement from other clients, meal plan ideas, to progress posts to help you stay motivated and to help boost other along their own individual journeys.

So if you have decided to start your journey with Magness Fitness, or if you have any more concerns, give them a call! Remember is (918) 814-2213, or visit their website at They can’t wait to hear from you!