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welcome back to the personal training show. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about coaching a client relationship.

Do you expect from a coach, specifically personal training coach and Magnus fitness South Tulsa, what our coaches like? How do we talk to our clients? How do we motivate you? How do we, how do we help you get to your goal? What’s the relationship like in personal training? Quick shout out to Tara who has gotten tickets, Personal Training South Tulsa. She finished her two weeks of free personal training. That’s right. Two weeks of free personal training at Magnus fitness. Also no contract. You come in, we hear your goal and we get you going and then at the end of the two weeks you get to decide if you want to walk away or commit to one of our transformation kits. So coaching and specifically in personal training is really, really interesting. It’s kind of a a love hate relationship, isn’t it? You think your personal training in the sense that you share your goal with someone and I’m held to the hot fire of accountability.

All I’m ever going to get is a bunch of yelling and maybe maybe screaming, maybe do more, less of that, do more, less of that, do more or less of that. Let me give you a little bit of insight into my coaching technique when it comes to personal training and my clients. So what you can expect with personal training and magnus fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa, we do hold, um, our personal training service at a very high standard and the sense that our coaches are very intentional on helping you reach your goal. Now that goes without saying, uh, we have spent a lot of time understanding the psychology of gold getting here at Magnus fitness, health, Tulsa. We spend a lot of time making sure we understand the psychology behind what it takes to obtain a specific personal training goal for a client. What, what, what can I expect coming to magnus fitness?

Well, if you call us or Texas, you can expect a personal trainer, uh, to respond to you quickly and hopefully get you to come in and take advantage of our two weeks of free personal training. Your first consultation is going to be simple. You’re going to get to hear about all of our testimonials, which by the way, if you haven’t gone to our website, magnus fitness, sell and our personal training page. Go to our testimonies in here from our real life clients who are getting results. Would you take a second to do that? I encourage our listeners to definitely check us out and kind of hear what we’re all about from other people, but you’re going to come in and you’re going to get to see hope. Hope is what magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio thrives off of. We understand and I specifically understand what the weight gain challenge is all about on a day to day basis in my own personal life, whenever I was 252 pounds whenever I didn’t have the energy nor their self esteem or self image that I had wanted and desired, uh, on a day to day basis, how the struggle mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, that was seeing myself in photos, watching my pants size go up close.

I could no longer fit in. I as a personal trainer, completely understand the struggle, so we want you to know there is hope and our personal training studio. You’re also going to get to see a lot of our on our wall, our hall of fame or our wall of fame have graduates of our program, our personal training studio, who have put our resources to the test and have graduated their programs and are still to this day, enjoying their new life, their new lifestyle, their new body, their new social lives, their new careers, the new levels of confidence they didn’t think they could have before. We’re walking into magnus fitness. I’ll Tulsa. A lot of our clients previously had tried fad diets and different programs, but it just didn’t seem to work. So when they landed at Magnus fit in the South Tulsa, they apply to our resources and graduated.

What are you mean by graduated? Our program and our personal training studio is geared towards helping you make it a lifestyle. So yes, you may thinking that’s a blaring indicator that there is an extreme amount of accountability. So let’s talk about that. So we have hope. We, we believe that accountability is built through conversation. Our personal training studio is built on four different complex keys. One is presence. That’s why we provide that one on one personal training. Presence Creates Accountability, right? Presence as a personal trainer creates safety, creates education. Opportunity for education. Presence also creates comfortability and understanding between a client and a coach. Magnus fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa company also thrives off conversation. This is where the accountability really gets going, but it’s not accountability in the sense that I have a goal for you in the sense that how many reps you can do or how much weight you can push.

I may understand the science behind what it takes, a client and our personal training studio to get there, but conversation and accountability is built on you expressing the vision for your life. This is where our magnus fitness, South Tulsa’s personal training program has become so highly effective with people in their own particular goals. Conversation has to exist of vision casting and then understanding the what if factor. What if this happens? What if this happens? What if I have a lot of people who are dedicated to doing their homework and our program outside of us meeting together, we have to discuss the what if it’s raining, it’s 6:00 AM. What are you going to do to get up and run? Well, obviously we put on and we’d go out and run. What if anything happens? What’s gonna? What’s gonna? Stop you from completing your goal. Okay. This is where the accountability really starts catching fire.

Um, but first we always make sure you understand there’s hope and there’s, we will be present there with you. We’ll walk you through this process. Conversation is also the other key we understand really helps fuel your fire and completing your vision for your life when it pertains to fitness. Um, and then we have resources. Magnus fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa has plenty of resources for you to be successful at your fitness levels or obtaining your specific weight loss goal. Resources are extraordinary, um, tool and making sure you have actionable items. Which leads me to my last one. Action. It’s all really hot air. Personal Training South Tulsa If we don’t have action, that’s where the accountability is built. We’ve gone from presence to conversation and our personal training studio to giving you resources and then action. The action items are literally the accountability. You can expect that our magnus fitness, I’ll Tulsa personal training studio, are literally reminders of what you said you wanted to accomplish.

We are here simply to remind you of your goal. Resources can consist of our Ebook, our grocery lists are meal plans, our weekly phone calls, our recipes, our personal training regimen, um, homework that we give to you on your days off. Personal Training South Tulsa Our resources also consist of motor, a Monday morning motivational emails to keep your brain engaged in the process. These are a few to just name a few of the actionable resource, the resources we give you to make Personal Training South Tulsa, personal training experience come alive. And then our action steps. As I said previously, it’s all sort of a myth or hypothetical knowledge if we don’t have action. Action is where you actually begin to take steps towards making your dream come true. This is accountability and magnus fitness South Tulsa.

Our programs are not built around you just showing up to a large group setting and people are showing up with someone who’s intimidating and hoping that you can somehow make it through another fitness program we grab, we grab you with a hope, grab your attention with a understanding, professionalism, education. We grabbed your hand and we walk with you through this journey so you can expect a form of accountability that comes through encouragement and, and understanding. Uh, there are times we are honest with you and uh, and we do a friend, a very good friend is a very honest friend and are lovingly care enough to tell you the truth. Personal Training South Tulsa so yes, the accountability that you will receive it. Magnus fitness is professional, but also understanding we’re not asking you to do anything that we haven’t necessarily done ourselves. I have lost 61 pounds. I did it alone.

And I know what battles you deal with psychologically. I know what battles you deal with financially. I know what battles you deal with on a day to day basis with family, friends, social environment. I under. I understand all of the external motivators that we deal with on a daily basis on wishing and hoping and dreaming we could change our bodies. That’s why magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio exists, is to be here, present in the community for you, someone you can have a conversation with an express your dreams and desires and hopes for yourself in the area of physical fitness because we do believe that our personal training studio, physical fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa is one of the number one areas that will affect everything, emotional, financial, social areas of our lives. Then magnus fitness south, also personal training studio exists to provide you resources and then we also give you the action items to make that come true.

So if you haven’t already, please take advantage of our two weeks free. It’s a no brainer. Come in, there’s no contract. You get to go through the process I just mentioned. Share your goals. Have someone here. You have someone have a conversation with you, actually dream with you for a second on what life could be like when you take control of your health, the one area of your life you know you can control. So come on in. Call me, text me nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. That’s nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Visit our website, magnus fitness,

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