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welcome back to the Magnus fitness and personal training company. Congratulations to Marianne for getting into ketosis. I’m one step closer to her weight loss goals. She’s also utilizing ketosis for strength training as well and extremely dedicated client. We’re very proud of her at a personal training company and what she’s doing. She is among many hardworking clients who looked to improve their overall general health and reaching their fitness goals, whatever that looks like. Personal Training South Tulsa You have so much going in your life. Tulsa, so much going on. Business friends, family stresses, work, learning so much. You’re learning constantly. You’re constantly learning new things. You’re learning how to start your new position with jobs, learning new, new advancements in careers, learning new friendships, learning new new things at church, learning new parenting skills. We’re always learning and this is an attitude we believe at our personal training company offers or lens to you a greatness.

Having a constant attitude as, as a, as from the perspective of a student is how you win in life is one major key component is not the key ingredient to success in life, but it is a major one. And especially with personal training, um, we, we constantly reiterating our personal training company that many of you are extreme successes in your very own life when it comes to parenting. There is no level in your life that you are insignificant in. You need to recognize that everything, uh, in your life has potential where you’re at and all it takes is for you to recognize that you’re already a success. Operate from a place of success and begin to invest. And, Personal Training South Tulsa, in those areas of parenting, financial, whatever it is you have, if you have a little, you have enough and you can turn it into a type of success.

And so that’s a great place to start, is knowing that what you currently have is enough. Now, our personal training company, we’re constantly telling our clients that you have the body. That’s a great starting point. You have your health. Let’s start there. Let’s take control. Let’s start there. You have your, you have your shoes, you have your pants, you have your gloves. We’re ready to get going. So, um, with, without going any further, I need you to understand that I need you to understand, take a minute, our personal training podcast, if you’re just tuning in, our personal training podcast is addressing a, you have everything you’ll ever need right now. Personal Training South Tulsa You do have it now that does that go without saying that if you know you were wanting to start a business, you may have to go get a bank loan, but a, you’re starting with ideas.

Every great success has always started with something great idea. You have, you’re in possession of that, aren’t ya? So when it comes to fitness, you have a membership, you have your workout gloves, you have your shoes, you have a personal trainer, but you spend a lot of time, uh, as we tell our clients succeeding in every other year of life. But when it comes to fitness, why do you hire professional? Because we want to help you get there a lot quicker and a lot safely without while avoiding all the risk that is involved in reaching your fitness goals. Okay, so you have everything you need come into magnus fitness out Tulsa personal training company and learn how to get to your goal safely and quickly. We have two weeks free, no contract. You drive the bus and all the areas of your life and your great success at it Personal Training South Tulsa.

Coming here to our personal training company and let us drive the bus for fitness there. Thirty minutes. We completely eliminate all of the guests work for you. You know what it’s like going into a, into a gym and the new years and constantly having to share equipment and going during certain hours when it’s not peak hours. And you, you know what it’s like having to deal with comparison and looking at other people. Come into our personal training company, experience our culture here. Give us a chance to show you what it’s like to reach your individual fitness goals. We absolutely believe in you. We absolutely believe you can reach your fitness goals. Personal Training South Tulsa, and did you know that 92 percent of people who are in the gym or not reaching their fitness goals as it pertains to their fitness levels, did you know that 70 percent of the people who have a gym membership or not even using that membership?

What’s the dilemma here? What’s the problem? I, I am a big believer in paralysis by analysis. You hear constantly dealing with information overload. And part of it is our industry, the personal training industry, the fitness industry is, um, for the most part, largely responsible for not providing you a very easy to understand information. But, uh, just as I think I had a very good conversation this morning was one of my clients llc. She’s a new client here. She jumped right into ketosis. She’s utilizing our protocol, extremely great beginning success of a very, very good success story and our personal training company. But, uh, she, uh, she will tell you that, Personal Training South Tulsa she, she’s been, she’s been completely per a prayer realized by the amount of information in the industry. And so for her to come to a personal trainer who, who’s just here to help her stay active and stay committed and stay consistent in her goals throughout the week is, is a big thing for her.

And that’s just enough just to stay consistent because if all you do is just think about, Personal Training South Tulsa, what you could be doing to better your health. It’d be best for you to just go ahead and walk while doing that walk by thinking, walk, walk while thinking so you could be taken care of something. Okay. If, if all you’re going to do is sit around and think about what you need to be doing in order to get it done, you’re never going to get it done. So make a decision to just do something. Walk a walk at your kid’s baseball games, walk around the fence instead of sitting on the bleachers. Just stay active. Would you please just stay active, do something for yourself. But, um, again, the goal is to get results and to advance your fitness goals into experience, success in your life as it pertains to fitness goals.

Like I said, you’re experiencing, maybe he’s experiencing success and a lot of other of your life, but our personal training company exists to make sure you have success in your fitness goals. We want you to reach a new level of success, uh, in, in your weight loss goals and your strength goals and your injury prevention goals and your corrective exercise goals. Whatever it is that you have, we want to make sure you reach it and it is sustainable. It is sustainable. Success is not success. If it is just initial success. We want our clients to have consistent success. Ninety two percent. For those of you who are just tuning into our personal training podcast, the statistics are 92 percent of people in the world who have memberships, who are involved in a gym or not reaching their fitness goals. Seventy percent of people who are in the gym or not reaching their goals Personal Training South Tulsa.

Okay? Again, while you may be having success in many areas of your life, if you are not having success in your personal training goals or fitness goals, excuse me. You need to come into our company and we’d love to show you how we love to show you and give you the resources so you can be responsible for obtaining your goal. And, uh, and we just eliminate the guesswork. We just point and you go, but it is you who went. So nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one. Three is how you get ahold of us if you’re just tuning in nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. But initial success is what most people experience. And we are here as magnus fitness mentors to, Personal Training South Tulsa, create a, an exchange, an absolute exchange of information that is hypothetical and create it, make it transformational knowledge, which will be experiential knowledge.

We want you to experience what it means to be fit so you can have fun in your life. Um, but initial success is something we need to get away from. Almost the vast majority of people have initial success when it comes to weight loss. And this statistic is that 95 percent of people will put that weight right back on our personal training company and does not exist to give you initial success or to bring you in to make a sale and then leave you alone and, Personal Training South Tulsa make you wonder why you started on your fitness journey. Okay. We do six week evaluations on our personal training company. We do a body fat percentage test on our personal training company. We do a nutrition consultations and our personal training company. We do measurements. All of things are. All of those things are vital. They’re important. But uh, they are.

They are keys and helping create consistency and focus long longterm focus, sustainable focus that’s important. And reaching longterm success. Just doing the same thing over and over and over again. I know it sounds mundane, it sounds unrealistic, but if you can just show up at our personal training company, follower meal plan, listening to our personal training advice, implement what we’re saying to you. Stay active on the days off, do your homework, follow our meal plan. You will experience longterm success typically takes about 90 days to just gain momentum. You don’t have to be perfect before walking into our personal training company. You need to know that nobody is perfect. You may be willing to make a decision, uh, in, but you may not be able to live up to the expectations or standards that you have or that we may have, Personal Training South Tulsa but just know that it takes time to make adjustments, to take time to get your work schedule down.

It takes time to get your eating. All of those things take time, but we also make it affordable so you’re not wasting money. Again, this is sky with magnus fitness south, also personal training company. We care about helping you get results in the area of fitness while you are taking care of your success and everyday life. We understand the statistics out there that people are not getting results. We want you to have it, but we don’t want you to just to get results. We want you to have longterm success, Personal Training South Tulsa not just initial success. If you’re having trouble finding out how to get ahold of us, you can call me directly. Nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Shoot us a text message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Nine, one, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three. Again, this is sky on the magnus fitness in South Tulsa personal training podcast show. Go to our website, magnus fitness, Fill out a contact form. We’ll get to you. Get Ahold of you asap. Go to our testimonials page and see what it’s like from our, what the experience is like from a real life clients.