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Welcome back to the magnet fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Today we’re gonna discuss nutritional ketosis. More and more clients are coming into our personal training, training, training studio, asking what in the world is Quito, what is the Keto Diet? It’s not a diet. What is a ketone supplements? It was never originally a supplement. What is and why am I supposed to take in healthy fats whether they’re healthy or not, I was told that was bad, so I eat fat and I lose fat. Seems contradictory, doesn’t it? Well, here at our personal training studio, we do implement good ptosis to, uh, with our exercise program because whether you believe it or not, any sort of nutritional plan that you follow to better your body composition or betty better, your overall general health is and should be recommended by your doctor any primary care physician with an exercise regiment. And that’s why personal training is such an essential part of our everyday living. This is a continuation for those of you just jumping on our previous podcast on nutritional ketosis or Ketosis, part one.

We’re going to continue a little bit into what new kits could ptosis is, but I have to start off by saying, Personal Training South Tulsa as I mentioned in my previous podcast, nutritional ketosis, before I go any further, you need to know nutritional ketosis needs to be combined, combined with some sort of fitness regiment. Specifically at our personal training studio, we exercise people a proper way while in nutritional ketosis, so I left off and many of my listeners that asked me to talk about the Keto flu a little bit. What is the Keto flu? You have to understand pretty much our whole life we’ve been living in America that we’ve been living off of high carb diets. Not necessarily just intentional because we enjoy pasta and bread and all of those high carb meals, but it’s also part of our everyday convenient living. It’s at every fast food restaurant.

We’ve got French fries, we’ve got buns. Okay. I know a whole lot of you who are listening to this and Tulsa commit a lot of your time to purchasing salads and I commend you. I. I applaud you for doing the best you can to make sure that you’re feeding your body exactly what it needs to live an optimal lifestyle. Uh, but uh, for the most part, the majority of the general public have been eating high carbohydrate meals. So nutritional ketosis is not just the deprivation of carbohydrates in our body, but it is the overload of healthy saturated poly, mono saturated fats. The keto flu is ignited whenever we deprive our body of carbohydrates. Personal Training South Tulsa The keto flu is an essence your body giving you a some feedback into what sort of like, it’s complaining and that’s why they call it the Keto flu. Um, it could feel like nausea.

It could feel, um, you, you could have a sense of dizziness, irritability, you lethargic. Sometimes people get the food, the fever, tiredness, feeling unmotivated, headaches. All of these are a result of your body. Um, it’s basically been running off glucose for so long and now it’s low on carbs and you’re our bodies yelling at us, given me all this fat. But what am I to do with it? I have no carbs. This is my normal gasoline. I’m on empty. What am I supposed to do? Once your body starts to use fat for fuel, you will crossover into what I like to call the inspiration stage. You feel your body kick into gear with a new jet fuel, if you will. A lot of people utilize nutritional ketosis for the cognition, the cognitive benefits, and in fact if you listen to my previous podcast, part one of ketosis that is enlarged with nutritional ketosis was originally used for to lower the glycolic consists of the brain and to free up oxygen, gets sugar out of there and all the bad things for our body and get some healthy.

Omega is in there. I get the healthy fats flowing through our blood into our brain and get a good response from a cognition standpoint. So is there anything that can help you with the key to a flute? Absolutely, and if you come into our personal training studio or you get my ebook for my thought furnace, Quito Protocol, and you commit to personal training services, whether you are with us, Personal Training South Tulsa we’ve got some things on a in here in house at a personal training studio for you. Um, feel free to come by and asked me to 101st and Sheridan in my personal training studio. And the first and foremost thing, the most popular is what’s called an exoneration is ketone exoticness. Ketones are Bhbs, Beta hydroxy butyrate. It’s a, they are manufacturers supplements that, a ketones that the body utilizes for fuel and get it to get the body recognizing ketones is this new source of energy instead of glycogen or being in a glycogenesis state.

When you’re going into nutritional Ketosis, your liver will be producing what’s called endogenous ketones, which are coming from the liver, but these [inaudible], these Beta hydroxybutyrate can be basically used as a supplementation to get your body converted over a lot quicker. Maybe without symptoms. I have to go, I have, I do have to say this, that you can actually, a lot of my clients and previous clients who’ve done nutritional ketosis and my personal training studio do not know that you can actually prepare yourself instead of jumping off the cliff, if you will, with nutritional ketosis. You can actually prepare yourself and maybe a low modified Mediterranean diet. Okay, so come into my personal training student. I’d love to educate you on what that is. You can go modify. You can start intermittent fasting, which we will discuss, discuss in other podcasts as well. You can prepare your body for the switch over if you will.

You can prepare your body to begin to recognize a ketones that will be in your blood is this new source of energy. And so because you’ve got different levels of ketones, personal training clients, you are currently in my program and those who wished to be personal training clients or those who are just listeners, uh, you, you do need to know that. And we do have our clients test to see what, uh, what level of ketones are in their blood. You have to test to be optimal level specifically for weight loss. Um, and, and again, I have to go this, uh, this goes without saying, if you are a type two diabetic or prediabetic predisposed to type two diabetes, you need to bring your doctor into this process. And it’s in my ebook. We have to come consult a physician type one, diabetics steer clear of nutritional ketosis.

We talked about kidney compromise, adrenal compromise. Any of these conditions or any gastro surgeries you need, you need to consult a physician. Um, Personal Training South Tulsa I’m not going to give you an indefinite yes or no because I’m not a licensed physician, but, uh, I would definitely tell you to invite them into this journey. So the Bah bees, those replace for a temporary time help you transition into ketosis. A drink, plenty of water, drink about point seven, five fluid ounces. If your body weight in water, we need to flush everything out of the body. Toxins, you’re going to have a lot of inflammation that’s going to come down when actually just eating healthy or going into your nutritional nutritional ketosis because you’re giving your body a lot of the things that it’s actually been deprived over a long period of time, especially if we’ve been living and stress eating off of fast foods and a lot of the things that we know aren’t healthy for our body and add more sodium as well.

Nutritional Ketosis is also going to deplete a lot of the sodium in our body and so we need to overcompensate and a lot of people are afraid with the amount of sodium they’re taking in from the food selections that they’ll be choosing out of their grocery list and our personal training Ebook, but that’s actually compensating or making up for the sodium, uh, that you’re actually be losing. I really enjoy pink Himalayan salt. It is in our personal training ebook when it comes to nutritional ketosis. I know Celtic salt as a big one as well. Help absorb. Now there’s a lot of health benefits behind that. Um, you know, we also need to make sure we’re getting enough fats. Personal Training South Tulsa A lot of people quit and fail in nutritional ketosis because they don’t realize their new source of energy is not carbohydrates, just like when you were low on energy before, what did you to, for energy, and I hope it just wasn’t coffee and energy drinks.

Think about it. Our body crave carbohydrates. Okay? That’s our new source of energy. Fat. You have to get fat fast. I tell my personal training clients this all the time. Your new source of energy is healthy. Fats. Feel free to visit our, uh, affiliate websites, um, recipes, a perfect So that’s how you get over the Keto flu. I know pickle juice will help as well. Um, broth bone broth as well. Those things are good. So how much weight can you expect to lose while and get ptosis is a big question that I get. And one thing that I do dress in my personal training, a fat furnished ebook. So some clients after entering ketosis of last, anywhere between 10 pounds in the first two weeks or less. Students of our academy. Personal training, personal training studio or exercise programs have last anywhere between 20 to 25 pounds in eight weeks and 40 pounds in five months.

Right? So that’s just a general rule of thumb. You can expect a lot of initial water weight loss, but just remember when fat comes out of the body does not buy sweat triglycerides do leave the body through sweat, so you have to give yourself credit. A lot of my clients jump on the scale and they go, well, that was just water weight. We’ll celebrate that. That’s a huge amount of success. Personal Training South Tulsa Don’t discourage or discredit yourself for initial waterweight you’re, you’re on the right path. That’s great. So you can look up this study at 2004 study and the experimental and clinical cardiology journal, a measured weight loss and a number of others for $83. Beast, male and female patients over a 24 week period following a ketogenic diet over this period. Guys, both the weight and body mass index and these patients decreased significantly.

Right? So

if you come into my personal training studio, 100 Percent Sheridan, and we talk about nutritional ketosis. And you become a client, you will receive my ebook in this specific chart from this experimental and clinical cardiology. Cardiology journal will be in there at. Let’s talk about a little about how much weight these patients lost over over time.

So Personal Training South Tulsa to start, let’s say there were around 223 pounds, okay?

Over eight week period they were down to two. Oh one that’s 22 pounds lost in eight weeks. Takes over. Okay. Over 16 weeks they were at one 97. That’s 26 pounds. Okay. Twenty four weeks they were one 91. Okay. That’s a total of 32. So you can see with this there’s going to be in a lot of initial weight loss and that’s going to be primarily water. And that’s why a lot of nutritional programs out there that are geared towards helping you make a lifestyle change can promise a guaranteed amount of weight loss if you follow the program with a money back guarantee. And that’s it. That’s it. That’s an authentic statement. If you follow it, you will lose this much weight. And that’s. And that’s not just a fallacy, you know, from a company standpoint, that’s, that’s if you follow the program, there will be some benefits and that’s incredible. It’s remarkable benefits, but it needs to be stuck with that goes without saying. You need to be aware that after initial weight loss and water loss, there will be plateaus and there will need to be persistence and patience.

This is what makes everything out there become a fad. Diet is we throw in the towel so quickly without understanding the, the realization of research and numbers and body composition, the body conscious on. I mentioned in one of my previous pod personal training podcast earlier that your body, if you, a lot of people telling me, I don’t need personal training because I live an active lifestyle, well you have over 600 muscles in your body and they all need attention and they have all adapted to everyday lifestyle, everyday thing, routines you do. We have to mix it up. We have to add more stress and more tension. We have to train for hypertrophy. We had to put them under new loads of stress to strengthen them. Okay, so um, the, the, the, the, that’s the key. You have to understand there will be initial weight loss, but you have to stay persistent.

It’s like anything in life, you have to continue in it, you have to continue in it. You can’t just try it and troubleshoot it. That is specifically the problem with my generation is we had, we have, we have become so innovative and creating quick solutions to everything. It’s even failing the elder generation in front of me, the baby boomer generation and older is they’re seeing us create such optimal and efficient resources for people that it’s creating a sort of add in society and I have even clients who were raised under patients the concept of patience and perseverance, who, who give up quickly specifically in the realm of fitness and personal training and nutrition, you need to get away from troubleshooting everything in a matter of four weeks, five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks, eight weeks. That’s not how success comes. Success comes from those who who persist and stay in it.

Okay? So as we heard about that chart, the initial period of weight loss is the greatest following this dramatic increase in weight loss. Personal Training South Tulsa It slows, however, over the or what equates to less than half of a year. Participants on a low carb ketogenic diet, high fat lost 32 pounds. That’s remarkable. So you might be asking how does nutritional ketosis compared to other diets? Okay, you can check out the Journal of American Medical Association is a 2007 study a compared for common diets, one of which was a low carb ketogenic diet participants included 311, a premenopausal and non diabetic overweight or obese women over a 12 month ramp, randomized trial over this period of time. The group that lost the most weight where those in a low carb ketogenic diet plan, they lost an average of 10 pounds over the year compared to an average of three point five to five point seven, five pounds last year on other plans.

Okay. So nutritional ketosis can offer you something that other nutritional plans cannot offer you. I’ll continue in another podcast in the later time, but for now I think that’s enough. You guys have heard a couple of answer questions and answers you you’ve had lingering out there. Feel free to email me at Info at magnus fitness, That’s Info at Magnus fitness, Have any questions from our, Personal Training South Tulsa from our podcasts, any things you’re interested in hearing, if not, come down partaking or two weeks of free personal training. Come get and get, get firmer. Start losing that weight. Utilize our resources and transform your life and every single area. We are very happy to be alive and existing our business here in South Tulsa at 101st and Sheridan. Until next time guys, chew on what we gave you. It’s good for the soul and good for the body.