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welcome back to the magnets, fitness in South Tulsa, personal train show. Hope you guys had a great Labor Day. Quick shout out to Chad who graduated his 90 day transformation program. Thirty seven pounds. Remarkable testimony of his hard effort in our personal training studio, followed our personal training advice, all of our personal training resources. Remarkable, remarkable job. So today we’re going to talk a little bit about ketosis. Here at our personal training studio, we developed a Tito protocol. Why would you need a ketosis protocol? You might ask, how does Quito from all that I’ve heard a need a personal trainer for the most part. Nutritional ketosis needs a protocol because it’s not a diet. It’s important to know nutritional ketosis is not a diet and a sadly it is becoming more and more and more and more, uh, in my personal training career, uh, known as a fad diet Yoyo Diet because people are hardworking individuals.

Mind you are giving all their effort. I’m tour words, a type of understanding of nutritional Ketosis, Personal Training South Tulsa not fully understanding what it is, what it’s meant for, what his potential is. So today on this podcast and US fitness South Tulsa personal training show, we’re going to address what ketosis really is. So like I teach everyone in our personal training show and in a house that our personal training studio, we teach everyone this key concept, nutritional ketosis was originally used as an impatient. That’s right, inpatient meal plan primarily for mood disorders. Autoimmune such as a, let’s see, type two diabetes, type two diabetes. We can also mention a epilepsy bipolar disorder. The reason this very low carb diet was so effective in earlier research and implementation is because it lowered the glide chaotic index of the brain. They linked these, this, these disorders to excess glycogen and the brain possibly allegedly cutting off circulation like a prince far as oxygen to the brain, excess sugar intake. So these, these patients, imagine me with me. Imagine here with me. These patients would literally be sitting in a bed and they’d get on their tray, 75 percent fats, 25 percent protein, five percent carbohydrates, and the theory was that it would lower the glad Kardex does of the brain, which it did. It helps significantly. And so how do we find ourselves, even me sitting here and my personal training studio, helping my personal training clients apply this sort of diet or metabolic switch butter, yet into their day to day life

as it happened. How did we get here? How did the weight loss community get a hold of it? Well, earlier, later research found out that previous societies, specifically people gathering groups, allegedly lived largely off of animal fats and the enemy and the fats. And this is what allowed them to go long periods of time without food. Uh, in the end, if I can say this, that uh, the end result was longevity and lower mortality rates due to disease. The problem with our American culture, and specifically the issue I have is a personal trainer who’s experienced 60 pounds of weight loss with my personal training program is that a, we don’t have the lifestyles to outrun high carb diets. Personal Training South Tulsa It makes sense for athletes to take in 75 percent carbohydrates on a daily basis. Two hundred grams of carbs, a little less, a little more give or take. For the average person like myself, who’s a father, a business owner or a stay at home mom, he doesn’t have the ability to burn off 75 percent carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are everywhere. They’re on every corner. This is why my personal training studio exists is to not just teach one on one coaching, high performance coaching as a personal trainer, but also teach fitness as a lifestyle to get America moving. Again.

That’s why we exist here at this personal training studios. To get America moving again, to get some physical activity, Personal Training South Tulsa nothing can beat physical activity. That is the Real Fountain of youth here at Mag, just fitness Tulsa. South Tulsa is exercise, exercise, exercise, personal training, personal training, personal training, motivating, motivating, motivating, accountability, accountability. Can’t say it enough, but to your advantage, there is an option that can add jet fuel to your nutritional plan. Quit pumping that 89 high carb diet into your body and get up into that jet fuel where we can literally experience a furnace as a result of nutritional ketosis. So we heard, and we’ve done our research for many of you, if you come into my personal training studio and you become a client and you and our 90 day challenge Quito challenge, you will receive my ebook. It comes with a grocery list and meal plan along with Private Personal Training, coaching, and we see you, uh, to your goal and your ideal body fat furnace.

Though, let’s talk about this. Nutritional ketosis. Is there anyone who can’t do it? Yes. If you suffer from gallbladder disease, yeah, fat’s going to be hard to digest. If you found your bariatric surgeries of any sort, including gastric sleeve surgeries file, it’s going to be real hard to absorb if you deal with any sort of rare metabolic disorders prone to kidney stones. My personal training studio and all of, uh, my, uh, advice needs to be vetted by your doctor. You need to take it, you need to get a doctor, physician’s clearance, any adrenal compromises type one diabetes, type two diabetes, type one, no go. You will enter what’s called ketoacidosis. Very fatal. My personal training studio, we constantly addressed this, uh, and we’re more cautious with type two diabetics, although I have two stories, Kelly and Carol, who both type two diabetes, a lowered their, a one c counts through nutritional ketosis.

Remarkable story, but with Dr Consents, we had them on board with us. Watch them. So let’s, uh, now that we know who can’t do it, who should do it, not only are the cognitive benefits behind this, as we heard earlier in the podcast, extremely beneficial for you, but the weight loss community understands this, that when you deprive your body of carbohydrates, the more we stay away from all these preservatives, genetically modified foods, and we talk, start taking in oils and almonds, healthy fats, saturated fat from the fish, saturated fat from the stake. When we start digesting all this as our primary macro, if you don’t know the macro is you’ve got three macros, you’ve got protein, got carbohydrates and fats. For the longest time, the majority of the personal training clients I talked to a taught that fat was bad. You didn’t understand and my personal training ship first personal training studio, we cover specifically the different types of fats.

We have a fat tool, if you will, in my personal training fat furnace guide here, we talked about saturated fats. These are safe. Personal Training South Tulsa They’re animal fats like the marble from the steak. I mentioned that fat on the Bacon, specifically nitrate free bacon fat, some chicken breast or even coconut oil. Mct Oil is what we want from the coconut oils. Coconut oil is largely made up of healthy natural saturated fats called mct. It’s a medium chain triglyceride. Doctors are typically concerned about, if I remember this correctly, long chain triglycerides, we didn’t turn the checklists or I just had to take in compared to longer chain triglycerides such as meats and dairy. These MCTs are easily digested into utilized by the body for energy, mono saturated fats. These are safe. These types of self help benefits example of these are all of oil and avocado and some nut oil, grapeseed oil, fantastic stuff.

Poly mono saturated fats. These are the kind of fast thing that we found in fatty fish like a salmon and tuna, and make sure when you go shop I specifically Tulsa and on personal training studio, we, we advise to go shop at all the. They have mercury free, free to enter their cheap. Very, very good stuff. The main benefit we went from this is a, the fats, the Omega threes. Um, there is a big debate about the Omega six Omega three ratio, both the classify as Paula, monounsaturated fats. The debate states that Omega six and Omega three ratio can be damaging to our wellbeing. Our goal is to get enough am I get three acids and dark. Personal Training South Tulsa A ketogenic diet here. Personal Training South Tulsa When we coach our clients that are personal training studio, Trans Fats, avoid these, these are processed fats that are chemically altered, had their hydro, a hydrogenated to improve shelf life. Now these are manmade fats. A great example of this is margarine. Again, at our personal training studio, and we have people into our tosas and I knew they quito challenge. We want the healthy amount of saturated fats we get from meets, as I mentioned earlier, this is what gave a lot of credit to our previous historical societies and our people gathering groups who had longer lifespans. It seemed and have a greater quality of life. The problem is that when we take in 75 percent carbohydrates and we don’t have the lifestyle to burn them off,

we have an ugly relationship that occurs. Carbohydrates meets glycogen or body stores it as fat, carbohydrates and sugars that are not used or burnt. They stole his fat.


so what can you expect and our nutritional ketosis plan one coming in here to magnus fitness. You’ll get our ebook,

get your meal plan.

We’ll customize it to your body weight. What five percent looks like to you, what? Seventy five percent fat looks like protein,


and uh, and we’ll get you rocking and rolling. You just don’t look at ptosis is a natural state which your body learns to burn fat for fuel, specifically adipose tissue in the body. The fat we don’t want on our body, gets rid of it, uses it for fuel that our personal training studio we teach through back research the idea that our body, when deprived of carbohydrates learns to live off of body fat for fuel, and it’s the most amazing lifestyle you will ever enter. There are some warnings and we’ll cover those in our next podcast about the Keto flu and what the how to avoid that. What to expect for the most part, Personal Training South Tulsa be well informed. Ketosis is safe. These would be properly done. You need a guide. You need a personal trainer, someone who’s well versed in this information. Who’s network doctors? Come see me, the sky. Magnus, your private personal trainers sitting here at Magnus fitness South Tulsa. Thanks for listening to magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training show where we are bringing you the tip of the nutritional personal training information in the to keep you living large for you and your life and helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Again, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, first one’s writing show. We’ll talk to you soon.