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[inaudible] everybody. Welcome back to the magnus fitness and sound pulse of personal training podcast. You’re getting a lot of great responses from current clients and even people who’ve been turned onto the magnus fitness podcast. Personal Training South Tulsa, it was originally used primarily just to, uh, to create some, a website presence and didn’t think that people would actually listen to this, but apparently it’s picking up momentum. People are really enjoying the content. It’s informative, it’s helping them out. And a primarily, like I told you, it was originally used for a one stop shop as a place for our current clients to go online and listen to a frequently asked questions they may have about their program, nutrition, exercise, et Cetera. And uh, it’s actually gaining some traction. We really appreciate the people who have given us some feedback on our personal training podcast, let us know they really enjoy the content.

Like thanks again. Uh, so today on our personal training podcast, we give a huge shout out to, uh, Brianna and her mom, they started there two weeks free and purchased their spot within a week of training. They had a wild experience, Personal Training South Tulsa, with the whole program getting back into fitness. It’s extremely affordable. They said they were very proud of the prices and being a part of Magnus fitness, uh, and it’s also, magnus fitness has now reached the, uh, highest reviewed and a most highly rated personal training company in Tulsa. Thank you so much. A current past previous clients and clients to be. Thank you all so much for taking the time to go onto google and give us a rating for our personal training podcast. We were very thankful for all of your hard work and accomplishing your goals because that’s really why we’re becoming famous is because of you, because of your hard work, because of your diligence, because of your attainment of your personal goal.

It’s about you. You’re the winner here. And we just started paying for it. Thankful we get to be part of that story. So, uh, yeah, congratulations to those personal training clients. Brianna and her mom, uh, very, uh, very inspiring to see that mom, daughter, a relationship transform and grow and be nurtured through fitness. It’s really inspiring to me. So the topic for today and our personal training podcast is actually going to be one that may really help you stay if you’re just tuning in. Thank you for listening to our podcasts. We’re extremely thankful for the feedback and compliments and comments we’ve been getting about our podcast. Thank you for the Google reviews. We appreciate those objective google reviews, helping us set reached Tulsa and reach their fitness goals. Personal Training South Tulsa, today’s topic is going to be a very necessary topic more than a handful of times this week and last week. Have I spoken to clients particularly specifically on the subject

to have

accomplishing fitness goals fast.

Here’s the thing,

I can tell you personally on this personal training podcast and in person, the I, I for one had fought the battles you have. Hey, you have thought with obesity. I can’t believe I was one of the most active kids you had ever met here. Here, here’s me. Let me paint a mental, mental image for you of sky as a child on the playground at Elliot and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had just gotten out of gymnasium where we’re learning gymnastic skills, tumbling skills. Uh, I had mastered the back handspring and uh, who, uh, better than me was to go outside right after mastering this during lunch break and to spend their entire lunch break, arrest a recess time doing hacked scaling. The, uh, uh, the playground doing back handsprings. It was later than discover that I could do front flips off of the monkey bars and backflips off the monkey bars and area flips off the monkey bars into the sand. What a great time. It was in my elementary days, I was fit. I was active, I was really into fitness. I had a great physique, I had great genetics. I could, I knew that I was strong and even started gymnastics and done some rock climbing. And I love, I love fitness. I love living an active lifestyle. So fast forward to 20, let’s see, I would have been 27 when I got married. Over Twenty, Personal Training South Tulsa, 26 when I got married in 2015. I’m 20 now. You do the math. But uh, for the most part

I had a.

I had completely let go of myself. I don’t know what happened. It was like I had reached a,

Personal Training South Tulsa,

fascination with this woman named Alita and I had completely lost track of my goals and I had begun to, her goal was to master the American kitchen, just cooking in general, uh, and she did it and I ate and I enjoyed and I grew because of that and um, I, because of my lack of discipline, a needed help and so I had urgently going online and purchasing online programs. I had known how to do the exercises in themselves because I had personal training experience and education with the body, but uh, but I needed help and so I needed a resource to really help me out. And it was then I remembered the business model of our personal training company, just fitness South Tulsa. I had helped a friend of mine and get two of his locations off the ground during college. We had a blast doing.

It was a great, great, great, great time at grand time. A grand experience for me as a young college student, Personal Training South Tulsa, before marriage. And I had known then that it was my goal, if I could replicate that, like it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it again. I could just go back to that moment. I could help a lot of people because I myself needed it. I didn’t like the train and work out around people. I didn’t feel like I was honestly working out the way I needed to do in order to obtain my goal. In other words, I wasn’t consistent with my goal because of distractions around me. And that’s just me. I don’t know about you. That was just me, but I just couldn’t obtain my goal because I was too busy looking big feeling big, gaining muscle. But I was 34 percent body fat, just not good and needed to get my health in check guys.

And uh, it was then magnus fitness, I’ll tulsa was, was formed. Uh, we utilize the kinesthetic diet for weight loss participants if they’re able to. And private one on one training to focus on your goals and no distractions. We focus on helping you reach your personal fitness goals. Whatever it is, if it’s getting to the refrigerator off the couch and not losing breath, if it’s catching a having breadth to be able to bend over and tie your shoe or have energy for the kids. What am I doing here? What’s this have to do with hurting your fitness goals or getting to your fitness goals fast the same way that life had happened. Whenever you put the weight on or let’s say there was a fitness level you were at at one point in your life you were rock climbing or he were hiking or you doing bodyweight exercises or whatever it was for you personally as a listener on our podcasts or personal training podcast.

Maybe you got late, maybe you let go a little bit and uh, and uh, it’s time to gain it back. This is the thing, the same way life happened to you the same way. You’re going to have to live it, to stay away from it. You are going to have to be intentional. What am I saying? You’re going to have to be intentional every single day to maintain your fitness levels. Anything left unattended tends towards chaos. You were not just the victim of a unfortunate circumstance. You were not just the victim of a calamity. This was a unconscious decision that was made every single day. I’m sorry to tell you this, but the only way you’re going to get there any faster is by being able to consciously make an effort every single day, and that is why our personal training program is so effective. Do you realize that we get as low as $300 a month? That’s three sessions a week, 12 sessions a month, $25, session $300 a month for private personal professionals training to help obtain your goal. Some people can’t believe it. It works on a subscription basis. You come in, you pay $300 a month eft, no contract. If you miss a few sessions about telling us your time so that will be sold. That’s just because people want to get in and they want that time slot. We only have so many slots we can give away, but we believe in you guys. We really do, and we really hope we can help you to make fitness a lifestyle because the same way we got out of our fitness goals through a lifestyle.