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Welcome back to the magnets fitness in South Tulsa personal training show today the subject at hand is essential. What is potential? How do you, how do you develop potential? Some people walk around with a massive name tag called potential potential is your best friend and at the same time your greatest enemy. How so? How is it that potential can be your best friend and also your worst enemy at the same exact time? Before we go any further, I must give a massive shout out, a magnificent standing short for magnus. If you didn’t catch that, it is. It is Monday. I understand a magnificent shout out to our great Maryann who took a advantage of our two week, no contract a offer, and she is now in our magnus fitness program specifically for a little bit of weight loss, but also more importantly for her strength training Personal Training South Tulsa.

Marianne is the sister of a few of our clients and is looking forward to transforming her strength that our personal training company company reaching her strength potential. Her biggest question, when she first started with sky, why is it that I need a personal trainer? She asked her sisters thought before coming into our personal training company, she said, why do I need personal training? Personal training is such a, you know, black. All personal trainers want me to become a bodybuilder. I don’t want to be a bodybuilder. Personal training isn’t for me. No. For personal training. Oh, she, she couldn’t imagine. She came in and she found out she had a mentor, not a personal trainer, a fitness mentor. Can you believe it? At our personal training company, she called US mentors. Why is mentorship a vastly much different, um, uh, a relationship than a coach. Personal Training South Tulsa I took some time to think and ponder that and personal training, specifically a mentor.

There’s a fitness exchange. Think about that for one second. Someone who goes to school to master a subject, they get their credentials, they go to study for a year, maybe more education to come out and solve the issues that most of us know already. We have enough knowledge to say we could, we could fix whatever it is, a mechanic, a, a doctor, whatever they do, we have a base knowledge of what we should do to prevent. Having to go to them, Personal Training South Tulsa but ultimately they’re the ones who can fix it for us and a in mentorship. There’s an exchange of knowledge and experience so that you can accomplish that. Notice that the doctor can explain to you things you already know all day long. They can coach you up on stuff they know and maybe even remind you of some things you know, but they’re not going to exchange their practice to you.

At Magnus fitness, I’ll tell sell personal training company. Our goal is to exchange or mentor you so that you can do this on your own. And that’s what Marianne had shined some light on in our personal training company. How we are polar opposite. So what polarizes us as a personal training company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is we mentor you. We exchange our knowledge for you to go from a experience, uh, uh, a hypothetical knowledge to experiential knowledge in your own life where you are reaching your potential. And that is our subject today. Potential whatever area of your life, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company wants you to know one thing. You should be pushing the envelope in some area of your life. Potential is the capacity to which something has to operate at its fullest, ability at its fullest ability, anything, any object that has its ability to, Personal Training South Tulsa, to, to operate it, its fullest capacity.

Okay? So if you think about anything in your life, if you’re wanting to grow spiritually, if you’re wanting to grow physically, if you’re wanting to grow financially, if you’re wanting to grow in any area of your life, the discipline that is required to grow in potential has to become more strict. So whatever principles it takes to grow anything in your life, the only way to grow its potential is to hone in on those principles for a stricter and maybe even longer period of time. So link is, is definitely subject. Personal Training South Tulsa um, length or period of time is definitely a, a subjective here. So for instance, in my personal training company, when I put someone’s muscles under a period of tension time under tension, that period is shorter, but the stress is much more intense than if someone were to lift weights for a longer duration or period of time.

So that’s the concept of potential. His potential is getting the most out of somethings capacity or even strengthening the capacity or widening the capacity or testing the capacity of anything. So if you are in sales and what is my personal training company have to offer you when it comes to sales training, here me out potential is not subjected to subjective just to strength or weight loss or fitness goals. If your goal is to bring in more sales, whatever disciplines it requires for you to have to focus on for a period of time, that is how you are going to bring in more sales. So let’s say for instance that sales volume comes from sales call outbound calls. What are you going to do? You’re going to take the necessary disciplines that are required for bringing in more volume through outbound sales calls, whether it be perfecting the script, Personal Training South Tulsa getting time off social media, quitting.

I quit conversations between coworkers, whatever disciplines that require overcoming objections, right? Whatever disciplines are required, you have to hone in on those disciplines and do them for a greater period of time and do them more often. That is the only way to reach your fullest potential and then potential will be your best friend. It’s just diligence and diligence is just hard. As my business coach says at our personal training company, we pushed the envelope. Personal Training South Tulsa Every so often you have to get out of the plane of the mundane, out of the plane of what everyone else is doing and push the envelope. You want to experience God greater in your life fast, a little longer, pray a little harder, read a little longer, invest in your spiritual potential, and when it comes to fitness, push every few, every so often the weight that you couldn’t push before, get it off the rack.

And our personal training company, we pushed the cardio or endurance a little harder. Peak training is extremely crucial for reaching your physical, personal, personal training goals. You have to push the envelope in every area of your life. You should be doing this to some degree. This isn’t for just some Alpha male experience you can have in your life while it is good to dominate the body and remind that you’re in control that is not in control of you. We want you to experience your fullest potential. Potential is your best friend, that it is also your greatest enemy. How so potential is your greatest enemy. Whenever all you do is wear the name tag. You’ve seen these people at, Personal Training South Tulsa, at gems, you’ve seen them at sales conventions, you’ve seen them at multilevel marketing companies, you’ve seen them. And in los every facet of life you see them walk into the gym with her, chest up high, and they rack up the whole weight, all the weight on the bench press and they lay down, they touch the bar bell and they get, they get off and they take the weight off, right?

You see them walk into a multilevel marketing company and they hit the same goal is every, every, every week. Well, they almost reached the goals. They look busy, but they’re not accomplishing exactly what it is. So if you’ve ever wondered how to get out of stagnation or you’ve wondered what makes the great apart, sets the great people apart from the good, and you have to understand this. Those are the people that push the envelope. Yes, Personal Training South Tulsa I do believe consistency is key and that if you can do anything consistently, you will be successful. Yes, I do believe that there was nothing wrong with those people who’ve made it to a certain level of success in their life by Greg each week hitting the numbers and hitting their weight and hitting their goals and hitting their time. But if you want to take it to the next level, what sets the great apart from the good because good is the enemy of great.

Then you must know that these people that hit these plateaus, that reached a new level of strength that reached their new levels of goals that accomplish a goal and reach. Another goal is they constantly push their potential, they stretch it, they take their law of capacity, and they make more room for more performance and more strength and more discipline and more consistency. They pushed the envelope each and every single week. They operate at a level of consistency, but then push the envelope. Our personal training company wants you to know you have what it takes to reach new levels of potential. Do not let your past successes bring you or keep you in shackles of pride. And, Personal Training South Tulsa, uh, we want you going from one success to the next and every area of your life. So that’s how potential works. That is our understanding as a personal training company, we’re pertains to fitness. How it is you’re going to reach your new levels, you new goals, be be better and every day in every way. We believe you’re worth it. We believe you’re great. You’re not good. We appreciate all of our heroes and our clients for a sending in as Google reviews, objective uber, Google reviews, sending us referrals. We’re, we’re very thankful for you trusting us with your health and Tulsa,

Oklahoma. Remember, our goal is to help you reach yours in your own world. When it pertains to fitness at our personal training company, Personal Training South Tulsa call us nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.