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Welcome that to the magnus fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Hope you guys had a great Columbus Day. We were in here train working towards our client’s fitness goals. We’re extremely excited for Ashley and t who started. They’re on their second week of their free trial. No contract. That’s right. Nine one, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three. Call us. We’ll book you for your first two weeks free. We had two or three people come in and a book there two weeks for free. Come in here guys. Let’s talk about your goals, why you’re not getting them, what you want to do, how long you, how long you wanted to take, and we’ll get you there. Go to our website, magnus fitness, Again, this is the madness fitness in south. Also personal training podcast. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about, uh, our feet and what we should be doing to make sure that we are Personal Training South Tulsa.

We have a firm, foundation nation, uh, time and time again in my personal training company. I am seeing that people are super pronated or supinated with their feet and they’ve never had anyone address the fact that if you’re lifting with no support on those feet, Personal Training South Tulsa you are susceptible to some longterm damage to your knees, hips and spine. Okay? You need to be aware of that. If you’re doing any sort of axial loading exercises, big compound movements, squats, deadlifts, clean impress, clean and jerk, push, press, all of those movements with heavyweight and you have a and you have super needed opponent, even lunges for that matter or sprinting. If you have an unstable foundation, think about what has to compensate for that. Okay? If your feet are super needed, um, the outside, right? Or if your feet overly or let’s use pronation is more popular.

Pro Nation. If your feet go on the, if they fall towards the insider favor, the inside of the foot, then Personal Training South Tulsa, when you’re, when you’re putting major stress loads on your back or over your body or in your hands on your hips and your knees have to tilt in such a way to support, um, along with the muscle, your muscle in your body, uh, to support that weight. Okay? And so if you’re an avid hiker or jogger or sprinter or a runner or you do any of those movements where it’s high impact on the body, um, you are damaging your doing more damage on your, your body, then you are a health. And so we want to make sure that you go in and get your feet supported with some good orthotics. He go see Dr Chad Craig here locally at elite Chiropractic. He has the best system.

You do have to realize you’re going to get what you pay for and he has an extremely well priced orthotic that is custom made for your foot. It is not your Dr Scholl’s machine where you step on it at Walmart and they print out for you or tell you which number you should get off of the shelf. Dr Chad is very personable and it’s customized and you’re going to get a lot of instruction, a personal instruction, and even communication as a personal trainer to the chiropractor. How we’re going to put a game plan together to make sure you and your fitness levels and your overall health are not compromised by just sheer grit and hard work. We want to make sure that you, your ligates, ligaments, tendons, organs, joints, all of those that work together to sum up your overall health are functioning correctly. Okay? So foundationally you need to understand from a foundation standpoint, orthotics are extremely, extremely important. And again, as Dr Chad Craig with elite Chiropractic, Personal Training South Tulsa

Dick, um, you know, and the other thing we need to talk about issues, okay? Shoes are extremely important and I also understand it’s very, very, very, very overwhelming. You can go to tulsa or runner, you can go to new balance, you can go to Dick’s or you can go all these companies and not know what to choose. What’s the best. Okay. Now there are hundreds of styles and brands to choose from for each activity. You’ve got football, you’ve got cross training, you’ve got jogging, running, walking, shoes. They’re there, they’re out there. Um, as you, as you go through the aisles, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest. I understand that. Okay. Or a certain brand or particularly may go for the looks. Personal Training South Tulsa I did that as a kid a lot. I always went for the looks. Don’t always go for the looks and style.

Um, while you may be wanting to save some money or look really good, uh, you’re, like we said a minute ago, your entire anatomy could suffer primarily your back, your knees, and your hips. As I said before, um, she, she, manufacturers know that everyone has a different shaped foot and that pronation. Okay? Uh, this is, this is crucial. Feel free to understand that every, every shoe has its purpose. A width. Okay? Arch. All of those are really important when it comes to you as an individual and what’s most important and so plan on going shopping over the weekend so you can take some time to really browse and ask some questions. Personal Training South Tulsa, I really liked going down here onto riverside if you’re from Tulsa for Tulsa, listen or go to Tulsa runner’s world a guys I know it may be on a little bit of the pricing in, but new balance is a great place for you to go get educated.

Their sales staff is extremely educated. All my personal training clients as either send the new balance runners world or Dr Chad Craig to look for their specific shoe needs and frankly, new balance is coming out with some trendy looks so you can never go wrong. But, uh, our personal training company makes sure you understand that, Personal Training South Tulsa, that you need to go shoe shopping. You need to make sure you have the time and time again. My personal training company, we have consultations with people coming in here and they’ve got worn out shoes. And I’m just, I cringe because I, I can see on the inside of their body what is going on and the stress that is, that is happening underneath the surface. So please make sure you do your best to go shoe shopping and ask some questions. Um, when you shoe shop planets around shoes wearing the socks and orthotics will be wearing when you exercise orthotics, especially if you go to talk to Chad Craig, and then you go shopping for shoes.

You need to make sure that they pull out the inserts of those shoes and you can fit the orthotics in there. You may have to cut them a lace up the shoes all the way completely tried on a. and you may have some comfortable winging route rubber room for your toe. Leave about half an inch of space between the big toe and the end of the shoe. And then get moving. Try Him on your heels. Should not slip out of that shoe. Guys, I see people come in here wearing shoes that they think are the top of the line and their and their heel is slipping. Ride out of that a shoe, so it should be comfortable. Um, again, this goes back to your grandma and GRANDPA statement. Personal Training South Tulsa You know, you’re, you know, if you, if you, if you purchase something that’s cheap, then it’s, your experience is going to be cheap.

Okay? Make sure you’re willing to spend a little money because they will last longer. Personal Training South Tulsa, they will, they really will. They’ll ask tons of more miles and you can put a lot more wear and tear on them. Uh, but those orthotics, again, when you’re going to shop for shoes, don’t choose child. Don’t choose a more and more brands that are coming out with more attractive looking shoes. I remember always staying away from people who advise these towards this sort of information because I knew that I did not want to go get some new balances that velcroed over and looked like bricks on my shoe box of Kleenex box on my feet. That’s not what I wanted. So there are companies coming out with a lot more attractive shoe and apparel. But please make sure you understand that whatever you purchase is designed with you in mind. Go Get your orthotics from Dr Chad Craig, our personal training companies, more concerned about your longevity in life, a livelihood, and then just coming in here and losing a bunch of weight and, and compromising your overall general health.

Personal Training South Tulsa, but, uh, make sure you go get that. Get your a pinpointed orthotic and shoe so you can lift safely and trained correctly and make sure you know that that shoe asks your person you buy your shoe from how long that she was supposed to last, when, what am I supposed to replace this? Some of them I know the new balances that I own as a personal trainer. I work out a lot and with my clients I instruct the alongside them and so, um, it’s really important to know that my shoes have about a 500 mile, um, expiration date and so all after I have to run 500 miles. And you say, well, what do you. I mean, do you have a, a, a mile tracker on your shoe? No, I just understand for the most part that, uh, that I know how much I do run after about 300 hours.

Okay, aerobics exercise, I have to run about 300 to 500 miles is typically. Okay, so divide 500 by the average number of miles you run per week. This is the number of weeks you have until you need to buy a new pair. Write down the date on the side of the bottom of your shoes. Your reminder if you need to. Okay, you need to pop, you need to buy new shoes. Like I said earlier, my shoes are a little harder to judge, but if you buy new running shoes and you strictly use them for running, then you need to. You need to make sure you have an exploration day on there and understand that they do wear out after about 300 to 500 miles. So, um, my, like I said, my, my shoes are extremely. Personal Training South Tulsa I had mine all custom feet. I went in to Dr Chad Craig, here’s a little bit about the process that he noticed and he is a client or a personal training company. He saw my lunge, a demonstration and uh, he immediately called me in. We got my feet, we discovered a sq, feet scanned, we discussed it a little bit in depth. We, he had a report that was printed out and he showed me the longterm effects of if I were to continue without orthotics, um, the, uh, the harshness on my knee,

knees and joints and back and many of which I had already actually began to feel. I just did not communicate that to anybody, nor did I think it was possible to fix it, but I needed a good orthotic. And so I got the orthotic and then I went shoe shopping and I went down to Tulsa runner world and I got a shoe that was best for the width of my fit foot and so my foot could breathe and uh, the proper support on the arch with specific numbers that they gave me and they gave me the shoe and it looks really good. I wish you’d come in here and see it. It’s a really good new balance and it’s a, it’s a beautiful shoe and it works. It’s great support from my body. But, Personal Training South Tulsa, the, you will save money, I’ll tell you that much right now.

Most of you are thinking of these orthotics are gonna cost you a thousand bucks. We did have a client who did that and she was extremely disappointed that the orthotic that we received from her resource and we combined it with our resource or our network with Dr Chad Craig’s orthotics and they were significantly different. I’ll just say that and nor did they work. So you need to be careful coming here to magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company would glad to hook you up with some resources on choosing the right shoe for you and making sure you’ve got the right foundation. Because Foundation is everything and how you build is not as impressive as the foundation you have. So come in here, build your fitness future with us and we’ll make sure we take care of the foundation with a safety communication, motivation, education, and the correct amount of professionalism. Personal Training South Tulsa We love you. Tulsa. We care about your health. We hope you’re enjoying your week. Call us nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. That’s nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. I go to a website at magazines, fitness, Come experience. Our personal training company, our goal is to help you reach yours.