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welcome back guys. We hope you guys are having a great start to deed, but feels like winter. It is October and it’s 50 degrees outside. Incredible. Today’s podcast, we’re going to give a shout out real quick before we get started on our lovely sweet topic and we’ll go into that in just a moment, but a huge shout out to Michael and tiffany. They are getting ready for their wedding. They’re extremely excited to lose the weight that they, uh, they, they can’t wait to get the weight off and they’re going to it. Our personal training company, they’re going to utilize all our resources. Michael has a goal, a drum roll please of 45 pounds in six months and tiffany has a drum roll. Personal Training South Tulsa. Goal of 25 pounds in six months. We’re going to smash that. I’m looking forward to the transformation will keep you posted.

If you don’t know about a personal training companies, um, constant updates, go to our website. You’ll see everything that we’re doing on there, any of our information, illustrations, any of our services that we provide. Go to our website, magnus fitness, That’s magnus fitness, or personal training company wants to keep you well informed and healthy and on target for your fitness goals. Today we’re going to talk about the sweet topic of Pumpkin Spice Latte and sugar. During the holidays. How do we stay focused? Focus, focus, focus. What you focus on does become strongest. Okay? And in this season, if you constantly focus on what it is you don’t want, Personal Training South Tulsa you will obtain it. You have to get your mind and your brain fixated on something else other than sugar. I’m a great example of this is right now in this season we have pumpkin spice lattes, which are our seasonal flavors.

They’re on radio advertisements, pumpkin spice lattes, or um, there on illustrations on the curb, pumpkin spice lattes in your head. It’s in your blood. You feel it, you can taste it. It’s everywhere. You’re also going to be wanting pies, hot chocolate, anything to keep your body warm and uh, and satiated to keep you comfortable in the other part of this whole thing of seasonal foods is the emotional aspect as well. Our personal training company does not ignore the psychology behind fitness. This is extremely important for you to grasp. Listen to me carefully. Uh, one of the biggest reasons we fall into this sweet trap during this holiday is actually subconscious comfort eating. Personal Training South Tulsa We need sugar to keep us happy. Some of us may not be looking forward to going to see our family come into our personal training company and build a relationship with one of our trainers or, and enjoy yourself during the season and build a friend.

A depression is the one of the all time highest during the Christmas and New Year’s season, thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year season. I’m so emotional. Eating is an all time high. Depression. Medications go up. All sorts of unfortunate decision makings happening during the season. So Personal Training South Tulsa we want you to make sure you make the right decisions for your health and for your mind. Um, so what are some strategies that we can utilize? Our personal training company wants to give you a few actionable items that you can begin to use to get your mind off of sweet, the sweet tooth and comfort eating. Because remember your mind, your life does go in the general direction of your most dominant thinking. What you think about does b come strongest, so get your mind off that stuff. What are we going to place in front of our eyes instead of the constant bombardment of the a sweet tooth satisfaction we’re going to place before photos of ourselves.

If you are a client, magnus fitness, personal training client, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to take your photo that you were most unhappy with or a weight and I want you to place that as your screensaver. I want you to place that on your phone, make that year back, your lock home, your home screen, and your lock screen picture, and I want you to make a edit. That photo if you can or have one of your children do it or have one of your friends who knows, know how to do it right? No on there. That is not what you were going to do during the season. You’re not going to revert back to the old weight that you had. If you don’t know how to do that, Personal Training South Tulsa come into our personal training studio and we’ll show you how to put that on your phone.

Um, the other thing is we want you to. If you can’t do that, you won’t be motivated by pain than you need to create pleasure. We have pain or pleasure as our two responses in life. Those are our ultimate deciding factor is pain or pleasure or pain or pleasure. You need to go up. If anything, creative pleasurable photo for yourself. And that is a, um, an ideal image of yourself you’d like to have and what will, what will happen then? Your brain and your subconscious mind then goes to work on how to help protect that goal of yours. Isn’t that remarkable? At our personal training company, we are huge on the psychology of fitness. Personal training for us is not just about the physical, it is about the mental. Personal Training South Tulsa we know you can do it because you can see it. If you can’t see it, you can’t possess it.

If you don’t desire it, uh, you won’t pursue it. So you have to want this. You have to want it if you’re going to go ahead and give into depression, overeating or giving into that sweet tooth. And by means, by all means, go ahead, but, uh, our, our listeners, we believe you are strong enough, our clients and our personal training company, we believe you are strong enough. All of our personal training clients here, Personal Training South Tulsa magnus fit in the South Tulsa. I’ve given resources. Here’s your actionable item, create a pain or pleasure for yourself. Put your on your lock screen, an old photo of yourself. I’m actually going to do that right now as I’m talking. I’m going to go onto my phone and I’m going to place on my back screen, an old photo of myself or before and after photo. Again, if you a client listening to this podcast and magnus fitness South Tulsa, do this right now.

Take an old photo and place it right on the screen or a before and after. If you have advanced in our program and we lost some weight. Personal Training South Tulsa? Or come in here and take a photo of the numbers. Take a photo of your body composition. The progress you’ve made this far, are you listening to me, all of you who are not clients, you need to do this because the, the, the new year’s resolution is going to come around. You’re going to be coming into gyms and personal training companies asking for help and asking for a empathy and sympathy on why it is that you gained weight that you had previously lost as a client here or you’ve gained back. You’ve gone back to a number of you never said you would before. The other one as well is to go ahead and a steer clear of convenience eating.

You need to go ahead and continue to a meal prep, meal prep, meal prep, meal prep, meal prep throughout the week. Our personal training clients have been texting me all week, making sure I know their goal because they are aware of the holiday season. Depression is at an all time high. Medication is an all time high. Comfort food is at an all time high. You know another one as well is to write on a white board, put it in your closet, Personal Training South Tulsa put it in your home, put it on your apartment door, your front door near there where you could walk out and you can write. I’m going to go see my family with a fitter version than myself than I going to see my family at a better and healthier version that I currently am. Guard that again our life and fitness psychology and our personal training psychology magnus fit in the South Tulsa.

We know this law. Decisions in life are made off of two triggers, pain or pleasure. Create a sense of pain for yourself. Put an old photo on the lock screen or the home screen of your phone right now. Secondly, be do, do a Bu, a pleasurable item which is a, an ideal weight if you’re a current client and you’ve gotten to some level as a result created before and after collage. Put It on there and look at the progress you’ve made or get an inspirational photo. Personal Training South Tulsa, the, the, the third auction item, as well as to stay away from convenient eating’s, continue to be diligent at prepping your meals and stay away from convenient eating. The other alternative is to create a pumpkin spice latte on your own. Make, make a healthier version of these suites. We don’t believe in absolutely eliminating all food options or enjoyment foods.

You can have alternatives. You can have those just great substitutes for yourself. There are plenty of recipes. Ask Me, call me at nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, or go to my email you can buy that can be found on our website, magnus fitness, You can find that email on there and then send to me your request on a healthy recipes and we’ll get you in the loop. We’ll get you to subscribe to our newsletter, all of our personal training clients here, Personal Training South Tulsa magnus fit in the South Tulsa. Receive a newsletter every Saturday morning with free recipes, a gift from us so that you no longer have to guess what’s healthy. We give that to you as a free gift because we are occurred as a courteous personal training company. We want you to make it through the season and not regret it. The New Year’s resolutions coming around and you’re going to be shouting from the rooftops.

New Year, new me. You’re going to be buying new Nike Dri fit shirts. You’re going to be buying new nike shoes. You’re going to be buying workout gloves and wasting another 500 to a thousand dollars on gym memberships again, and wasting another conversation with a personal trainer wishing and hoping this would have been your year. Wait. Personal Training South Tulsa Don’t wait for the new year. Do it now. Come into our magnet fitness South Tulsa personal training company. Talk to our personal trainers and find out what it is you can begin to do to obtain the ideal body right now. Again, this is sky with magnus fit in the South Tulsa coming to you with the sweet topic of Pumpkin spice lattes and their incredible curse on humanity. Call me nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Come into our personal training company and enjoy a conversation where someone wants to hear your goals and they want to provide you empathy, sympathy of, but not just stay there with you,

provide you resources and conversation as soon as you can, Personal Training South Tulsa make actionable steps towards making your dreams come true because you’re worth it and you deserve it. Our goal is to help you accomplish yours.