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Welcome back to the madness fitness in south Tulsa personal training show a huge shout out to Mr Shieber who is down 47 pounds and six and a half months. Mr [inaudible] been a client of ours since the beginning of the year. Came in with a new year’s resolution and his smashed it. Incredible, incredible effort here at our South Tulsa personal training studio where Mr. Dev is rocking and rolling. Personal Training South Tulsa Yesterday he did pushups with his weight loss, poundage on his back. He did pushups with 50 pounds on his back. Incredible. It’s interesting, whenever you lose that amount of weight and then you wear it on a weight vest or you placed it on your lap or your back while performing exercises, what a 45, 50, 55, 60 pounds actually looks like. For those of you who don’t know, I the owner, Mag sky madness fit into South Tulsa personal training show lost 60 pounds on my weight loss journey and so I know what it’s like.

I know what it’s like to live with unwanted unnecessary body fat on our bodies, living a life that is full of Oh, insecurity and uncertainty. And fear, that’s not the life that we like to live today. I’m excited to talk about personal training, specifically a magnus fitness South Tulsa, how we view personal training, personal training to madness fitness. South Tulsa is not your typical personal training studio. Here’s a few key concepts I think our listeners should definitely grasped when, when getting to know magnus fitness South Tulsa. Who are we? Why do we exist? Why are we hearing so much on Google? About about magnus fitness South Tulsa. Why are you popping up on my ads? Why are you on my candy crush game? What are you doing? Mind your own business. Why are you walking into my all my business and handing out two weeks free coupons for my employees?

Why are you? Why are you popping up so often? Magnus fitness, South Tulsa, personal training company. What are you doing? It’s simple. Our goal is to help you reach yours. That’s why we exist. I had this moment of absolute epiphany when I was training my 8:00 AM one morning and it thrilled me, but also inspired me to communicate more clearly who we are as a personal training company. It was so exciting to think that I wake up every single day as a personal trainer and that I get to be at a one zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sitting in the corner, the North West corner of the intersection and our thousand square foot boutique fitness studio to think that my clients walk in there, take time out of their day to reach their physical fitness goals with a personal trainer. To me, this has more to do than just personal training or taking a squat assessment or teaching a client about their muscles and their movements and their flexibility and helping them with that. To me, this is a larger scale as to why Magnus fitness South Tulsa exists. We come, we’re. We’re small, Personal Training South Tulsa but we hit it hard. We we have tons of results in magnus fitness, south Tulsa on average, on a monthly basis. Our clients, when they follow our personal training systems, they lose approximately 25 pounds.

This isn’t by chance. This is a collaboration of resources and client commitment to our processes and our company, our commitment from a coaching standpoint and a client standpoint. This is remarkable. Magnus fitness views Tulsa as a sort of potential. We have major potential and one of the greatest things are personal training studio has noticed about tall says growth. Is it too? A lot of people seems impossible. Some will say that Tulsa has a lot of old oil money that a lot of people who come and get education here leave. They don’t stay. I beg to differ. I think this is a monumental time for Tulsa. Tulsa and many ways will be put on the radar. I think Tulsa in many ways will grow and has been growing. I think there is hope for small business. Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio exists to help contribute to the health community.

Personal trainers are not my competition. Personal trainers and fitness programs are not my competition. My competition is emotional. Eating. My competition for my clients is lethargic in laziness. Excuses, depression, overeating anxiety, these are my enemies. These are the enemies of my personal training studio. The the other personal trainers and box gyms and large commercial companies that provide fitness solutions are not my competition, my competition. I go to warf everyday for my clients in the sense that they need help with time management. They need help with a goal, getting goal attainment, going from things, desire to things possessed. My competition is depression. My competition is a low self esteem. My contribution through magnus fitness, South Tulsa and personal training company, Tulsa’s growth is physical and emotional. Personal Training South Tulsa I think that if we can hit a lot of these areas specifically the ones I’ve addressed a moment ago, I think we can see growth.

Growth happens individually. Growth happens when we get rid of scarcity. At our personal training studio, we address the mind that is the magnus way. We believe that if you change your thoughts, you will change your body and our personal training studio, we believe if we create community, will create lasting results at our personal training studio. If we believe, if you have a one on one relationship with your your coach, that you’re more likely likely to succeed because you can focus on yourself. You’re not having to deal with comparison. A lot of people have asked about a personal training studio. They say, well, that’s just not a boot camp style training session. I want more community. You’ve got to be kidding me. We have community. We have community. I promise you, you will make new friends and our community, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, does provide the one on one just because a lot of weight loss clients, including myself, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, was birth to provide you that boutique studio feel so that you can focus on you.

We do do buddies. We do partner training. Bring your spouse and bring a friend in for free. Bring them in during your session. Whatever helps you to accomplish your fitness goals. We were willing to do it, but specifically the one on one fitness boutique studio has provided extremes. Extreme amount of success for people who, uh, who are not comfortable sharing equipment and always having to dip and dive and dodge a different figures or different individuals who are accomplishing different fitness levels. Personal training at Magnus fitness South Tulsa’s customized. It’s individualized and it is community driven. We believe Tulsa has potential. I’m going to read one of my favorite quotes of all time to you. It’s from the Great Nelson Mandela. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Think about that. Personal Training South Tulsa Our greatest fear is not what we are incapable of doing, but rather who who we are capable of becoming. Think about that for just one minute. The majority of the time we spend all of time in fear, false evidence appearing real. Why is it that we don’t pursue our fitness goals and our personal training studio? We do realize how we can push the body is one area of our life that we know we can control. There are a lot of things in our life that are distracting and intimidating. There are a lot of things in our life that are seem possible we worry about yesterday and we worry about tomorrow, but in this current moment, the only thing I can control is myself.

We believe that our personal training studio, that if we can just commit to fitness goals, that over time we learn to take control over things that we can have control over, but if we’re not in control of our eating, if we’re not in control of our fitness, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been inspired by individuals who started with fitness and personal training relationships at Magnus fitness South Tulsa, how many times when they committed to just fitness, all of a sudden they have changes in their budgeting. They have changes in their marriage. They have changes in so many of their spiritual life, their spiritual disciplines, their self image begins to change. Their confidence begins to grow. Their depression begins to slowly leave their life because they realized they’re more in control of their circumstances. More Times than not, do you realize that is where depression comes from?

We feel inferior to our circumstances. Magnus fitness, South Tulsa. Personal training studio isn’t just about biometrics and kinesiology and all of these great elements of of the human anatomy and how it functions human performance wise, but more so magnus fitness South Tulsa exists to prove that you have what it takes to dominate your life, to take it by the horns, to live everyday like it’s your last two live proudly to live confidently. We magnus fitness, I’ll Tulsa exists to show you that in small glimpses to some, it’s huge being not being able to do one pull up, being able to do 10, not being able to do one push up to being able to go to do 50 pushups over a period of time. Personal Training South Tulsa Progressively growing in confidence, progressively growing in self esteem, self image, how you see yourself on a daily basis. A lot of individuals in our personal training studio go from hating themselves and self-loathing to enjoying themselves passionately.

Every single day their relationships change. They find that over time they’ve subjected themselves to sabotaging relationships and they learn how to make adjustments for themselves because in the physical world they’re able to do things they weren’t able to do so then they begin to make better choices of career, friendships, money. They make better decisions for themselves. That’s what magnus fitness, South Tulsa exists to do. Our coaches are committed to helping you prove in the smallest ways that you are worth it. Tulsa, you are worth it. We can do this. No more scarcity mindset, no more having to go other way, other places for jobs, no more having to go other places for businesses, no more having to go anywhere else. We can do this here. Tulsa has potential, but our greatest fear is not what we are incapable of doing. That is false evidence appearing real.

Nelson Mandela said, it is who we are, who we have the potential. We have to become who we really are. More Times than often, Personal Training South Tulsa we are running from who we are. We’re filling the void of our real potential with things that are fake. They pale in comparison to who you really are and what you’re capable of doing. One of the biggest things we emphasize that our personal training studio is habits. Most of the time we are submitting ourselves and creating poor habits because we don’t really believe we can develop the habits we need in order to become who we truly are. It’s easy to watch TV five hours out of the day. It’s easy to hang out with friends who have poor habits and poor decisions. It’s easy to make poor decisions for ourselves, but it’s a lot harder to live with that

magnus fit in south Tulsa. Personal Training Studio exists to reveal your true potential as an individual, as I said previously at the beginning of this podcast, that excites me. To think that we sit there and we come in, we got to lock those doors. We blast on the music that you prefer to listen to. You grab your towel, you grab your free water, and we rock and roll for a 30 minute session. That 30 minutes that we spend together has the potential to change your entire life. We are offering you two weeks of free personal training for you to come in, test my theory of what it’s like to push your body and to push your mind in ways you’ve never thought possible. Personal Training South Tulsa Our clients will tell you, go to our website, www dot magnus fitness, Click our testimonials page and listen to these people. Now, I do have a savior. His name is Jesus, but fitness for me and a lot of ways has become a savior as well. It is one element in my life that has been extremely effective at creating me a new self image and new self esteem and an excitement and expectation of positive things to come because when I push through pain and I push through adversity and I realized strength is in the struggle. A lot of other areas of my life expects a especially spiritual.


Begin to be effective, uh, effected positively as well. Personal training at Magnus fitness South Tulsa is not your ordinary experience. I dare you to come in, do two weeks for free. Follow our systems, take our advice and see what happens within the first two weeks. This is sky with magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training show. Thanks for listening again. Visit our website, www dot magnus fitness, Visit us on our facebook. It can be found under the same name, magnus fitness, Tulsa, our instagram. Give me a call, shoot me a text. Nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. We’ll talk to you soon. Personal Training South Tulsa Thanks for listening.