Personal Training South Tulsa | Importace of Health and Fitness

This content was written for Magness Fitness

Magness Fitness offers the most intense personal training South Tulsa can provide for its people. There may come with finding a personal trainer that is right for you this includes faster and more precise results, healthy fat loss and healthy muscle gain. It also diminishes your chance of having a workout related injury. Injuries at the gym are actually very common. Having a personal trainer will create and establish an exercise habit that lasts your life. It can provide support and help you create ways to make the gym and a healthy lifestyle a priority in your life. The most incredible thing that a personal trainer can do for you is to help you overcome the obstacles that come your way that make you feel you can’t move forward.

Magness fitness values its clients in a way that you probably never been valued before. We have a very intense passion that drives us every day into helping you achieve your goals. We believe that in today’s time we are all struggling with creating a healthy fit lifestyle that we can enjoy. Society today has created such easy unhealthy habits that it’s hard to steer away from. We know the days get long and everyone is busy by the time you’re on her way home it’s almost 10 at night and would be so much easier to stop at McDonald’s and gave a 10 piece chicken nugget. However use you would be surprised that little bit of preparation you can do to help entertain a healthy lifestyle dryer whole week.

We help you implement this type of lifestyle by offering you a multitude of services that you probably never heard being offered by a personal training South Tulsa. This includes but is not limited to our boutique studio to help give you that one on one attention they need, one-on-one training which helps diminish distractions as well as make you feel like you are the absolute focus of your session, which you are.

Through Magness Fitness we offer a better body tracker application that gives you the opportunity to track your progress whenever you want. Our personal favorite service we offer is the fact that we will do home calls. It’s normal for people to feel more comfortable working out in the privacy of their own home. We will happily come to you for your convenience and teach you how to use the resources you have on hand to turn this healthy, fit lifestyle into reality.

Give us a call today at 918-814-2213 and let us teach you all about the importance of health and fitness. I can guarantee you it’ll be the best thing you will do today we can get you started on the pathway to your dreams. We would love to answer any questions that you have about us at personal training south Tulsa, as well as explain to you what this program entails. Also check out our website to see firsthand experience by watching testimonials and reading reviews as well as before and after photos. Check us out today!

Personal Training South Tulsa | Push Yourself to the Limit

This content was written for Magness Fitness

Ghandi once said “it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” This is a perfect example that helps you dig a little deeper in your mind and figure out what is most important to you. Here at Magness Fitness personal training South Tulsa provide you the tips and knowledge that you need to have a successful session at the gym. We are dedicated and focused on you and you only. It’s time to push yourself to the limit with us fireside.

On our website you can find all different types of information including our daily digest, programs, trainers, services, testimonials as well as different ways to contact us for further information or questions. Feel free to call us anytime at 918-814-2213, or send us an email All we ask is that you remember there are no stupid questions. All of your concerns are very important to us. We are located in the beautiful scenery of South Tulsa on the corner of 101st and Sheridan. It’s a very convenient location for anyone in the Tulsa area or surrounding towns. Our business hours are 5 AM to 10 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday by appointment only, and closed on Sunday.

However, aside from our hours one of our most important services that we offer our home calls. Everyone absolutely loves the convenience of the service because why wouldn’t you want your personal trainer to come to you? We know that weekdays get long and tiring and the last thing you want to do is have to go home and then leave again and go to the gym. A few of the other services we offer include our boutique studio to help give you the privacy that you couldn’t get anywhere else. One-on-one sessions which focuses on depleting distractions the focus of your time with your personal trainer. A few other services include couples training, better body tracker, exclusive support which includes online and in the studio. We also offer a boot camp that we have every Saturday that will help you push yourself a little bit more each and every week to guarantee reach her goals.

Magness Fitness personal training South Tulsa starts creating trust with our clients by offering a free training session. This includes a consultation, body composition test as well as a 30 minute workout with Skye Magness, the CEO of Magness fitness. Just by offering you this consultation we will get access to all of the important information we need to tailor a workout specifically for you and your body. The results of this test are for you and your eyes only. We will be able to track this test six weeks into the program to see your progress.

You will be definitely making a great decision by choosing to join us here at Magness Fitness personal training South Tulsa. We have a promise to make to all of our clients we will not let you down it comes to helping you achieve your goals. Whether it be physical or mental challenges that hinder you from being exactly where you want to be.