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Welcome back to the magnus fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. If you don’t like my voice because I’m overcoming the flu, a little bit of strep throat, then shut it off and wait for my next one to come back up. Today we’re going to talk about something that is fresh on my mind. Something I’m very excited to talk to you about today and again, if my voice is intolerable and too difficult to listen to and by all means, stay tuned for our next podcast, but I have to do it because consistency is key despite how you feel. There’s some things you have to press through and just get done and that is why we are committed as a Personal Training South Tulsa company to make sure that in south Tulsa we meet your needs within reason. If I thought something was seriously wrong with me, I definitely would not be talking to you or meeting with you in person.

People are coming to magnus fitness south Tulsa like crazy. We’re doing so all of you who are listeners and are on the outside looking in. We encourage you to come claim your two weeks of free personal training. We’d love for you to come in, take advantage of that. It’s something we offer. There’s no contract and our personal training studio. You get to test drive our services, meet our coaches, meet our coaches, test our coaching cfr. Workouts are really that effective cfr meal plans are really going to work for you two weeks free. Come on in Tulsa today. Well, before I get started, I definitely want to give a shout out out of our Personal Training South Tulsa studio to our attorney, Keith. I mentioned him previously on our podcasts. Keith is now 27 pounds lighter only 10 weeks in to our personal training company program. Our transformation program isn’t that remarkable.

Key, this smashing it and I’m so excited. Keith is in his lane. He’s found it. You’ll hear in his testimonial video on our Personal Training South Tulsa website, a magnus fitness Go to testimonials and listened to his video. His name is Keith. He’s tall. He’s a local attorney for Tulsa. Uh, he, it took him awhile to find his lane. And what do I mean by that? Finding something that works for him, he was tough for him to submit to our process. It was very tough for Keith to submit to our process. It was very tough for him to trust where we were providing him as a resource that he would meet his goal and he admits in a video that he just decided to go ahead and submit to the process and choose to and choose to go for it. He did it. He’s a success.

Twenty seven pounds in 10 and a half weeks. Remarkable story. Today we’re gonna. Discuss the law of capacity you will only obtain in your life your goals to the degree that you can imagine yourself achieving. Think with me for just one minute. Specifically in weight loss. There are journals after journals, after journals in the research and clinical society that prove if he heard my previous podcast. Side note real quick, if you heard my previous podcast, you heard me mention I’m a Personal Training South Tulsa podcast, that 95 percent of the people who lose the weight are guaranteed to put it right back on. Let’s go into the psychology of that for just one moment, because you can be motivated by fear, self hatred, or spite it and obtain a specific goal and because that emotional reason or trigger that you had it originally accomplish that goal, once that goes away, uh, your, your subconscious mind has not really made it change. Your belief is still set at hate, anger, or sabotage. We have to learn how to address personal training and transformation in our lives at a deeper level. Many of these research and clinical studies and these journals have revealed that in order to keep the weight off for on a longterm basis, it’s important to understand that you have to begin to think, act and move in the general direction of someone who has already obtained that goal.

Let’s take this a little further. It New Year’s resolutions begin. You have financial goals. You have social goals, you have health goals, fitness level goals, whatever your fitness level. Maybe you have a goal, you have business goals. All of these have deadlines and you have to create yourself deadlines in order to meet these goals. Correct. If you don’t have it in your agenda, these will literally become ideas, ideas of yours, they won’t be coming reality, and if you’re involved in magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio and you’re involved in our transformation program, which by the way our workouts are not just another workout, it’s a transformation kit. We are giving you resources that you need and should apply if you want to accomplish your fitness goals, not. It’s not. It’s not just workout. It’s important to understand that South Tulsa personal training, studio magnets, fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa studio is not just another workout as a transformation kid.

If it’s not in your agenda and you can don’t write these things down, it’s just another idea. If you don’t schedule in your week when you’re going to work out and meet with your trainer, you’ll find another reason to not show up. It’s guaranteed. You will find another reason not to show up. There’s no. It’s hectic. Reaching your fitness goals is hectic and there’s no consequences outside of accountability, so you have all of these goals that the new year in the law of capacity proves to us that you can only obtain the goals you have in mind to the degree that you can see yourself. Obtaining those clinical and research journals had proved it. The only way you can keep the weight off in your life and what are magnus fitness health postal personal trainings to a studio preaches is the. In order to expand your love capacity, you need to begin to associate yourself on a daily basis with those whose capacity is much larger than yours.

You have to begin to associate yourself with people who see themselves and who acted concurrency with their beliefs on a daily basis. What’s this look like? It means that in order to reach a new finance or goal in your life, you must begin to associate yourself with those with a much larger net worth in order to reach a Personal Training South Tulsa goal or a fitness goal. You must associate with those who have reached or are reaching their fitness goals. In order to reach a new find a business goal, you have to associate yourself with those who are or have reached and have a larger capacity for success and a higher demand for results. This is all the result of a great ingredient called it diligence and humility. We need to understand that in order to grow our capacity, we have to be transparent and be cognizant of our current capacity level. If you put a a fly, I’m sorry, a knot or more specifically a flea inside of a jar and it’s gets accustomed to it’s environment and the more it jumps in jumps and jumps in that lid, did you know that if you take that lid off, that flee will only jump to the height of where that lid was. Although it’s, it’s height is unlimited, the possibilities are endless. It has no idea that the lead has been removed. Our capacity is the exact same

law that has in effect when it comes to reaching or stretching our abilities. We need to associate ourselves. This is the biggest key. When it comes to weight loss with those who see act daily, who see themselves and act daily and congruency with their desires and associate ourselves with people who have accomplished those weight loss goals, that is the biggest action item and the biggest win when it comes to you knowing that you’re ready to transform your life and your fitness goals. Personal Training South Tulsa at Magnus fitness, tell Tulsa is about making sure fitness and personal training has a means to an overall end, which is a great life

that your associations that are magnets, fitness, yes, it is private, one on one personal training, but you have the community of those around you who are accomplishing those goals and that you have not just a coach, but a friend, someone who loves you and cares enough about you to him, graft you into a life long transformation family. I community of people around you who believe in you and your Personal Training South Tulsa goals or your fitness level goals and yeah and assure you through friendship and commitment and Accountability and association that you reach your goal. Contact us. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine. One, eight, eight. One, four, two, two, one, three. Good. Our website, magnus fitness, Magnus fitness, Get in here. You got two weeks for free. We love to train you and teach you what we know and to help each other out as we advance and transform ourselves. Ultimately the world around us. Our goal is to help you accomplish yours.