Personal Training South Tulsa | Discussing Toxicity

Welcome back to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal training show. For those of you who are just now tuning in to our madness, fitness out to us a personal training show. You’re wondering kind of who we are, what we talk about things we, uh, things we, um, discussed on our podcast. It is all things health and primarily personal training. You haven’t guests. A personal training, uh, is important to magnus fitness because not only is it a service we provide, we believe it is a means to many other great and successful ends in your life. A personal training to us as a very much so, a, an industry that has been damaged by people who definitely do enjoy helping, Personal Training South Tulsa, themselves and health and fitness. But, uh, but not all the time are they able or educated to help others. And so personal training is a very damaged industry for the most part.

When it comes to bodybuilding, personal training has always been sort of a turnoff because people just want to be able to be able to keep up with the kids and keep up with their daily lives, you know, manage all their tasks, complete them, and look and feel good. So that’s really the reality. But today on the magnus fitness south, also personal training podcast, we’re going to talk about toxicity and that not just the food we put in our bodies, but we’re going to talk about this more of a social aspect. It is the holidays and one of the, Personal Training South Tulsa, the biggest things you need to be aware of if you, if you do not deal with this at all, you need to be aware that there are people around you who do you, who do deal with depression during the holidays. Um, it’s really, really is key to know that during this season, alcoholism and a medication abuse are at an all time high.

Suicide rates are at an all time high for whatever reason. People are just not excited to see their families. If they don’t have any, then really it’s not exciting to not to get to see anybody at all. Um, soup kitchens that are all attendants are all time high. A homeless shelters like John Three 16. If you’re listening listening outside of Oklahoma, uh, we have, uh, programs here. Maybe you have them as well, salvation army and um, and John Three 16 and many others. I’m sure that out there exist nonprofit organizations to help people who are lonely and even people who aren’t necessarily homeless but to have homes. You, Personal Training South Tulsa, you’re, you’re in a situation where you have more than enough resources to help yourself and to get some help. But, uh, you’d rather go to a substance abuse or something along those lines. We would encourage you to come to our personal training company and meet some of our staff and hang out with us for two weeks.

It’s completely free of charge. No contract. Get to know us and have, have a fitness friend. How about that? Have a fitness here at magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company. We believe it’s really crucial to have friends in life that are nontoxic and they can help you and want to help you get better in every area of your life. It is that simple. We’d go and grow to the degree that are the people, the most five influential people in our lives and look at them and where they’re at in their life. So if you need someone to be around during this holiday or you know, someone who needs to be around someone this holiday, it’s crucial for them. Please make sure they get out of the holiday blues and get them a friend. Personal Training South Tulsa, we believe that fitness and a lot of ways helps cognition and the neurological benefits are really astronomical.

You really can’t measure them. The neurological benefits that come with exercise are extremely amazing. And that is primarily some of the biggest results that a lot of our clients here at Magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training company experience. Um, after about two weeks they feel that, um, for some reason after their workouts, they’re just not craving specific substances, whether it’s drink or food or whatever it is, toxic to our body, uh, they just don’t want it. And so, um, that’s just the cause of momentum and along with a lot of chemical, uh, benefits as well, dopamine and Serotonin, all of those are great chemicals that are released during exercise. Your focus ability, cognition, overall cognition, health is just amped up. It’s remarkable but a toxic toxicity. Have you ever met someone who is constantly talking about how bad things are going? Listen to me and our personal training company, we make sure that when any client is onboarded and we worked together for a six month period, they understand that, Personal Training South Tulsa, that one thing remains true.

Not nothing is more, nothing is worse than dealing with a client or a coach who’s negative and pessimistic and overly quiet and not a whole lot to say, you know, a little extra enthusiasm can go a really long way. So it would really help you and those around you if you would just smile. It does take more muscles. Here’s a little personal training fact for you. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, Personal Training South Tulsa so you’re working harder to frown than to smile. Do you realize that it takes more effort and more energy and more willpower and life to give into negative energy and negative mindsets and negative thinking then it does to aim towards give attention to or stimulate good thinking. I want you to think about that for a second. It takes more energy to give into negativity than it does positivity.

While it may feel like you’re escaping escaping, um, the, the effort it takes to be positive. I just don’t want to be like those people who walk around smiling all the time, ear to ear, they are just faking it till they make it. And I’m not interested in being fake. I’m a realist. That, that sort of attitude, while it may seem practical, is actually giving, um, not, not just your brain, what it was meant to do, which is to be creative and inspirational, inspired and, and, and, Personal Training South Tulsa, uh, innovative, but you’re also teaching yourself, I’m a learned behavior. And that is to constantly see, uh, the negative and every circumstance and that’s toxic. It’s toxic to your thinking patterns that’s toxic to a, in almost every area of your life. It is very, very unfortunate. So when it comes to fitness and health and the last thing you want to do is look at it around of all the people and say that everyone, you know, all these people who are into fitness are really just interested in getting big and being bodybuilders.

And I don’t want anything to do with that. You know, that that sort of attitude will rob you of your future. And if you have people in your life like that, I would highly encourage you to just get out into the fitness world, come here to magnus fitness self, also personal training company and get to know some of our trainers. We by no means none of my, my self desire to be a massive freak on a show at a show, on a stage in a bikini. That’s not something I’m interested in doing it myself in my personal training company with its resources last 61 pounds. And so I know what it takes to be a two to just want to be healthy and a little bit leaner and meaner and stronger, right? Be a little bit more firm in my life and I’ll be more confident.

That’s the only thing I wanted. And to see a little bit, maybe the top two portion of my abs. That’s about it. Okay. And here from my friend here on out, I reached my goal. It’s just a matter of maintenance. So our personal training and fitness and health and this whole industry, you need to understand that, um, while I’m talking about psychology and I’m mentioning a lot of emotions and mindsets, Personal Training South Tulsa, those are indirectly affecting your personal training or your fitness, uh, elevation, whether you’re progressing or regressing. Um, you know, mindset has everything to do with everything. So our personal training company wants you to be aware. We are heading towards some holidays that are very depressing. You need to be on extra guard, um, towards depression and a lot of other negative emotions that are associated with family, friends, a holiday events. Okay. And, uh, there are some practical steps coming here to magnus fitness, Dale’s Tulsa.

It’s a personal training company to Boutique Fitness Studio, which means you get to focus on your training session, your results at your pace, and we’re excited to announce that have six, two weeks of free personal training available, no contract coming here. Enjoy it. And, uh, we’ll get all the details ironed out. Time and timeframe pricing. We have scholarships available. One hundred percent of the people we meet can afford our services. We haven’t turned someone down yet. And quite literally, Personal Training South Tulsa, if, if really the only reason they don’t sign up to this, up to this point is because they’re just not there. There’s difference between willing and able to pay. And right now they’re just not willing. And that’s okay. Fitness is not a priority for a lot of people. They’ll come back to it though. And uh, we have had people who said they’d be back in a year later.