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Welcome back to magnets, fitness South Tulsa show today. It is Friday and it’s eight. 10 Am and I want to talk to about something that I actually just heard that I think it’s so sad. It’s about our kids and their sugar intake. Why am I so. I’m adamant about talking about the kids and their sugar intake. It’s because I have a kid who’s two year old and I watch what she eats it. It’s not necessarily that I never let her eat sugar, but I don’t like not focus on what she’s eating. Like I don’t. I’m not pay attention. I pay attention to what she’s eating, how much she’s eating all the time and so I just heard a mom at my daughter’s daycare and it was in passing and she said, yeah, probably have diabetes someday. Personal Training South Tulsa I looked down and there’s her kid and he was eating some sugary treat something and I felt so sad because that is the reality that one day he may have diabetes, but why would you think that?

Why would you accept that at such a young age? That kid is no, no more than three year old probably, and his mom is already okay with him having diabetes at some point in life instead of preventing and not even having the thought that your child or even yourself will have diabetes at some day. You know, that is insane. So I want to talk here at our magnets. Fitness. I’ll toss a show about not personal training this morning, but about our sugar intake. You know, we don’t necessarily pay attention to how much sugar we’re taking during the day. Even the juices at some point. Um, when you look at all the sugar that the Jews has and how many cubs you would take in or a day, it comes down to a lot of sugar. Personal Training South Tulsa so I actually did the math for my husband and I did the math for one of those kids boxes, kids juice boxes and those things have like 20 plus sugar grams.

And so if you do the math, it comes down to like half a cup or one cup a day. If they drink three to four a juice boxes which can happen so easily for kids to do because they love Jews, so as parents in this morning as parents, I want to encourage you all to watch what your kids are eating. Watch what your kids are drinking and no, you know what? Even watch yourself. It’s not necessarily just like the fat intake that people worry so much about her having heart attacks or clogged arteries or anything like that, but Personal Training South Tulsa please Tulsa and everybody else that is listening throughout America. Listen to me, but listen to the stats. Listen to the health industry that sugar is not good. Sugar is just as bad as fat, clogged arteries because sugar will give you diabetes and who wants to live with diabetes?

Ask the people that have diabetes and how great sarcastically how great their life is. You know, so the other thing that I want to address is the mentality that we have our mentality. You should not be that. Oh yeah. At some point in life we are going to be overweight at some brandon live. We are going to have diabetes at some point in live, we are going to have a heart attack or anything like that. While those are the highest statistics in America, that is not something that we need to be okay with. That is not something that we need to be fine with it. We need to look at the statistics, the statistics and wake up, you know, not just by looking at what we’re eating, but finding out what kind of mentality do we have. Do we want to be those people that are um, being okay, that’s sometime in life we may have all these terrible things or do we want to be the people that look in our future and say, I am not going to be that person Personal Training South Tulsa.

I am not going to be a part of that statistic. You know, why? Because I deserve a better life because I deserve a healthy life. And how does that start? That’s chores in the mind and our facility here, magnus fitness, South Tulsa, Personal Training South Tulsa I’m personal training facility. We focus so much in the mentality of the people just like we focus in the nutrition and the exercise of the of the people, so we focus on the the mentality because no matter how many plans you may have to work out, no matter how many nutrition plans you have, if it’s not in your mind, it is not going to happen. You may be thousands of dollar to change your body to get that workout exercise and a month later you will quit because it’s not in your mind. You have not made that decision to change your lifestyle. You have not made that decision in your mind to not be a part of the statistic of obesity, of heart attack rates or I’m diabetic intake like you are not going to be that person, so it starts in the mind is stars in the will of the person to make a decision to be different, to make a decision, to go for a walk, to make a decision to not eat so much sugar.

I’m not saying never eat sugar. I’m saying not so much. I’m saying take fruits instead of candy. I read this article and the Tulsa world and I wish that I had taken a picture of it, but I read this article, the Tulsa world, about how the bosses were reducing the sugar, um, snags or on the office. I thought, what a great idea because if you go to almost every office you will see doughnuts laying around. You will see pop laying around, you will see employees coming up with a Venti starbucks of all Carmel Stuff. And do you know how much sugar is in that? Do you know from like your coffee with creamer or your coffee, like a starbucks drink that it has four different shots of Carmel or whatever, Personal Training South Tulsa plus a whip cream and then one or two donuts or muffins or whatever. Do you know how much sugar is in that?

And that is just for breakfast so that if you just think about that and you think about how much sugar that comes down to, if you literally take a cup of sugar and you’re eating all that, you would think that’s insane, right? Because it has. Because it is. So start, hey, by waking up and making that decision here, magnets, fitness, South Tulsa, personal training studio, we believe that it is so important to wake up and make a decision, you know, wake up and making the decision. What is your day going to look like? What are you going to do for your, for yourself today to make things better, to make life better, not just for today, but to make the decisions today that will lead for your fruit future because everything you do today cause it has an effect in near future. So that’s what we’re talking about here Personal Training South Tulsa.

That’s what we’re thinking about here. That’s where we’re making decisions here. Magnets in the South Tulsa is ready to help you change your life, not only by exercise b, that is what we focus on the most obviously, but if there’s three arenas, exercise, nutrition and mentality, we want to help you change your mentality. And I’m not some pros saying that this is what I’ve always been. No, I have to wake up every day making the same decision for myself. Personal Training South Tulsa It’s not necessarily for sugar, but it is for other areas and it’s the same for my husband, sky, the I’m the founder of Magnus fitness. He has to wake up everyday at 4:00 AM and make that same decision. Was he going to eat? Was he going to do for his day that is productive for the business for himself or our family. We wake up making these decisions now.

There was a part in my life where I was just waking up just to get through the day and the ones a really low part of my life that I will talk about in some other show, but I would just wake up and not think about what my day would look like and you know, and a couple months went by and I realized that that’s what I was living leg just to get through the day, get through the day, you know, and I had to make that decision of it’s not just a day my life. So what am I going to do to wake up and just make a decision to change my life for the future. To have that effect in my future, so Tulsa, America, whoever is listening, I urge you to make those decisions in your mind and follow through and if you need some accountability person, message us, go to our facebook, go to our website and just touch base with us and say, I need an accountability person that will help me change my mindset Personal Training South Tulsa.

We would love to. You don’t have to pay anything for us to be your accountability person on what you’re eating and what decisions you’re making. Okay. It’s nine one, eight, eight, one, four, three, two, one, three or magnets, fitness, Or just walk in if you’re in Tulsa, come to $100 versus South Sheridan and walk in Magnus fitness and we will be there to help you because it’s not just about how profit, how much profit we can make, but it is about getting Tulsa to be the healthiest cities in America. Personal Training South Tulsa Getting Oklahoma to be in the top 10 of the healthiest cities. And that starts with you. That starts with your decisions. No matter how hard we work, that’s charged with you. Make a decision. So thank you Tulsa, so for listening, so much. Magnets fitness. I’ll Tulsa personal training facility here at 101st and Sheridan, and this is our daily show. Thanks.