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Welcome back to the magnus fitness in south Tulsa personal training show. Yes, I am still overcoming and end the winning race of strep throat. Big Shout out today to Steve Currington, who’s coming in for his two weeks of free Personal Training South Tulsa. It was important for Steve and it’s important for you to know he was part of a fitness class and he so desired to have that one on one attention where he gets the uh, the one on one environment close to his home. It was location, location, location for Steve, but uh, he was not ashamed to immediately call his current program and cancel. He was so excited he just needed to know about us. So if you all in any of our listeners to our podcast, please leave us a goo and objective google review. And if your current client, if you have not been in our studio, do not leave us and objective Google review because you do not know who we are or what service we offer.

But it’s not simple. It’s not simple for us. Once people know who we are in the service we provide, people love it. It’s an incredible thing. We’re just so thankful for our current clients, family, friends who have been promoting us, and we just want you to know over this podcast that people are appreciative of your response. Everything you’ve done for us. If you are a friend or family, a current client or existing client, please go to google, Google a magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training or magnus fitness. Click reviews and do your stars and objective comment would be appreciated just to let people know who we are, what we provide, but Steve is coming in this evening to claim his personal training, a two weeks of personal training for free. No contract. Today. We’re going to talk about a little bit more about who we are as a Personal Training South Tulsa company.

A lot of people are, uh, their, their ears are perked, their eyebrows are raised, their hearts are inclined. They’re there. Her feet are marching. Yeah, passionately, but hesitantly towards our company wanting to know who it is, what we do and why we exist, because they’re hearing more and more about magnus in this South Tulsa and our Personal Training South Tulsa company. The first thing you should know about our personal training studio is this, we are not just a another workout. We are a transformation program. We commit to you. You commit to us, we guarantee you services, you guarantee as effort and a willingness to reach your goal. We provide you the resources, uh, presence of one on one personal training and the action plan because it’s all hot air if we don’t act on the things that we have, resources or conversations we have, um, an actionable items each day.

We are a transformation program. We are not just another workout. You cannot expect to walk into our personal training studio and hear me loud and clearly and trade a dollar for a session or a set amount of dollars for one session. We do not play that game. We are not in the Personal Training South Tulsa industry, the fitness or health care industry as personal trainers to, um, hopefully Mosey our way about committing to our fitness levels. We are committed in business as a personal training company to commit to you full time as coaches and our personal training studio and you commit to us as a willing, and I’m a client who wants to obtain a specific fitness goal. Whatever it is, does it have to be specific? Primarily weight loss is what we deal with, but the whatever it is, we are looking for committed people. As we commit to you full time, what can you expect to get an a transformation kit?

Is it a box? Does it come to your door? Does our magnus fitness sell Tulsa personal training studio show up at your house? It could. We do do home calls, but for the most part, it’s important for you to understand that we provide to presence. High performance coaching is not as effective. It’s all hypothetical knowledge. If we don’t have someone present to be accountable to Chi Accountability and personal training has no consequence without accountability. Accountability is step one. Numero Uno. When it comes to effective Personal Training South Tulsa we talked about in our previous podcast, a lot of capacity association is the number one way to expand the law of capacity, associating yourself with people who have obtained the goal. Second thing is conversation. We want to hear your dreams, aspirations, desires, goals, and conversation with you or guarding those goals and hear about them so we can believe in you and invest in that vision for your fitness goals at our personal training studio.

Then we provide you resources. These are the things that will help you along your fitness goals, resources, resources, resources. These are things that consist of emails and recipes. These are custom workouts, um, based on your fitness levels. These are also touch, so we give you a, whether it’s our fitness gps, where we check in on you six every six weeks and celebrate your results or reevaluate your goal. These are resources that consists of our ebook or meal plan, and these are our handouts and you sort of literature, illustrations. You get to take home with you too as friendly reminders. I, we don’t get to come over and sleep at your house and be full time coaches with you. We do give you resources that hey, come and there’s more and more and more and more on the list goes on of resources we provide. Uh, and then lastly, it’s all hot air as I say, over and over and over again.

If we don’t have action. And that’s specifically what sets magnus fitness, I’ll Tulsa personal training studio apart is we’re continually providing action. Anyone who’s ever been successful at anything in life understands one inevitable truth or law, and that is the law of consistency. The only thing that has anybody, apart from everybody is consistently doing something over and over and over again. That’s all we need to do on a daily basis. Kids consistently do things over and over and over again until it becomes annoying. And then you do it again and again and again. Our Personal Training South Tulsa studio is polarized in its in its absolute brilliance and beauty and magnus in Tulsa because our committedness to you, but then the action that we motivate and inspire our clients to do to achieve their goal, action, action, action, action. It’s, it’s remarkable the amount of people who come back and renew and work with us continually because they’re inspired. And then really the biggest thing is that the fitness, as I say, often is a means to a larger end in your life.

Fitness begins to inspire their time management skills, their family, their priorities, their profession, and their career. Everything spiritually, faith, it all becomes effective. It all becomes effected because of the continual action that we hold you to when we have a good presence with each other. We have good conversation about stimulating your vision for your life and how fitness can help in this specifically a life in the physical matter of your body weight, which, which is, is one of the most important, um, financial and social and emotional. All those are really good, but the physical has a big part to play in all of that. Then we have our resources and the resources we give to you as a personal training company to be able to succeed and then we make sure we have action. That is what polarizes us. That’s what makes us so different as a Personal Training South Tulsa company, as we commit to you, we are not just another workout.

We are a transformation kit. We supply to you all of the resources you need in order to succeed and you may say, well, what if people get become unmotivated? He motivated, we reevaluate their goals and see if there’s any resource we can provide it to them and if they’re willing to continue to act on those resources because there are a thousand roads to success, there’s not just one, but then again, if it’s still not working out and their desires fading and their dreams are elusive and they’re losing focus, then we talk about each other, our commitment to, with each other. It’s that simple. And we leave still high fiving, we separate and we part ways. Still knowing that you can always return when you’re ready. But we are here and magnus fitness, health, Tulsa. Uh, as a Personal Training South Tulsa studio to offer you everything you need to succeed, a transformation, a total life transformation, we believe in you, feel free to reach out to me personally. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. If you’re struggling and you’re a listener on this podcast, you’re listening to my throat. Uh, and, and, uh, but you’re hearing what I’m saying to you and this applies to you. Call me. We have two weeks free. Come test it out. Come here from our clients. Go to a website, madness, fitness, Listen to our testimonials and, uh, tell us what you think. Give us a call. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.