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Dave, we’re going to talk about why you are not seeing results from your work account. So there are a lot of reasons why people think that they’re not seeing results from their account. And most common explanations are that, um, the workout or, and the Diet was not good and full of nonsense or the other one is that your body sucks and the genetics genetics are awful and that everyone can lose weight, but you falls and falls, but sometimes can be true. So the thing that can be true, I am going to explain to you here in Magnus fitness studio, I am sitting here right now as sky is training one of our clients. I’m sitting in the office and watching them celebrate out there. Personal Training South Tulsa I do want to talk about that, about the fact that while yes genetics play a role in Wade laws, uh, that it’s not necessarily the whole truth.

You can definitely achieve your goals even if your genetics are awful. But the law, the reason why some of the programs don’t work is that there are two key ingredients or two essential elements that are the reason why you don’t see any results. One is because you as a person did not follow the program, you constantly made adjustments and you weren’t compliant. And then the second is that the program was delivered to you in a way that gives you no option but fail. Well here in Magnus fitness, we have been doing this for so long that even if by any chance we’re not communicating correctly, we will make sure to talk and talk until the person gets it, until our client understands we don’t want to sit here and be a robot and talk like I’m constantly to the point that we get the client out of the door.

No, we will sit with you for a full hour understanding, um, what you want out of the program and also explaining the program in a way or in 10 ways until you get it. This is why it’s so important to listen to the client to ask what they want. And that’s what we do here. Magnus fitness, we don’t just talk ourselves, we’ve listened and we ask questions to see if the client is understanding of what the program is and how we’re going to achieve your goals. This is also why here and Magnus fitness when we are, Personal Training South Tulsa when you are using our personal training, we do six week evaluations so that we see that you’re actually following the program. You’re actually doing what we you to do and you’re actually being compliant and following it to the team. We have so many clients that you can see results from.

I mean clients that I’ve seen results in there two weeks free, so that’s amazing because these clients are following the program. These clients are being compliant and these clients are not making their own adjustments to our program. So that is one of the key ingredients or one of the key and essential elements of why you are not seeing results from your workouts. It’s not that your genetic suck and it’s not that the program or the workout or the Diet was nonsense is because you’re not being compliant and you are going on your own and making your own adjustments. So let’s not do that, okay. Personal Training South Tulsa Or go to our website magnets, fitness, Tulsa slash testimonials, magnets, fitness, and you’ll see all the, all the testimonials of our clients that have lost weight within a certain amount of time because they followed the program to the t and the ones that didn’t while they’re not on our testimonials, because we did not.

They’re actually not even in our facility anymore. So that’s the one of the things that we do here at madness fitness later. Like I said, it’s all about listening to the client. We focus on listening to the clients because we care about the people. We care about your health. We care about your wellbeing, we care about you, and we do that in such a way that we will sit with you every time you need clarification about the program and we will deliver it in such a way that give you no other option, but to succeed, Personal Training South Tulsa we will explain it and deliver our program to you in such a way that gives you no other option, but reach your goals. So today, as I’m sharing here with you, it is not that your genetics are awful and it is not that you cannot reach your goals, but it is for you to follow the program.

It is for you to listen to what your trainer is going through. The other thing that we do here at a magnus fitness is that we are all about communication with our clients. So if you know that you cannot make it to the gym in a consistent basis, but you do want to lose weight or you do one to get to a point with your health that you’ve never been before, which hopefully is healthier. You need to hire a trainer and who better than Tulsa’s most reviewed personal trainer facility, magnus fitness. Go to Google right now and check out personal training Tulsa and you’ll see magnets, fitness. They are the most reviewed and Tulsa. So hire a trainer. Make a special request that your trainer, Personal Training South Tulsa US magnus fitness. Send you a text an hour before your session and you know what we’re going to do.

We’re going to do that because we want you here. We want you in our facility training, we want you here for 30 minutes. That’s why our workouts are for 30 minutes so that we don’t take your whole day doing training, but we take 30 minutes out of your day and you get to train and you get to reach your goals three times a week. That is the magnus way. That is what we do here, magnus fitness three times a week, 30 minutes a day. You can do it. So instead of just sitting on the couch, you can get to the gym and if you need a reminder, let us know. That’s what we do here at Magnus fitness. So we do want to help you with your, um, achieving your goals. The program doesn’t suck. I mean, some programs do. But here in magnets, fitness, Personal Training South Tulsa we have created such a program that everybody that follows it to the t sees results.

So don’t be that client who is all about making adjustments, adjustments. Don’t be that client that is all about blaming it on the genetics. Don’t be that client that blames it on the workout or on the Diet. Don’t be that client that is talking all the time about it’s the trainer’s fault. I mean, I’m sure you have had those trainers that are all about looking themselves in the mirror, but that’s why we have our two week free so you can come check out magnets, fitness for free, and to see why we do what we do, how we do what we do, and to check us out. I mean that that’s just a no brainer. Why would you not go have a personal trainer for two weeks for free? Why wouldn’t you do that? So Personal Training South Tulsa I’m going to tell you right now, if you are a person that needs personal training, if you are a person that needs to lose weight, if you are a person that needs to get into better shape, if you’re a person that needs a better health and change in the lifestyle, call nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three.

Get off the couch, get your phone, which you already probably have it out and call magnets, fitness. Go to Google and search magnus fitness Tulsa, or just go direct magnets, fitness, And Book your two week free right now because people are seeing results and you would get it for free two weeks for free to check us out. See what we do. I am so sorry if you’ve had bad personal training examples in the past, but that is not what we do here. Personal Training South Tulsa You get to see us for real for two weeks, for free, no money out of your pocket just to see what we do and during those two weeks for free, you get to get some results, probably resolves that you’ve never seen before with your exercise and with your nutrition that we provide for you. So it is not your genes. It is not the workout with magnets. Fitness.

It is not your fault. You just got to be that client the follows the program. You just got to be that person that calls a 900, eight, eight, one, four, two, two on, three shows up on time. Does the 30 minute workout, eat what he tells you to do to eat and that’s it. You will see the results that you need to see magnus fitness promises, results or money back guarantee, 30 days. If you don’t see any, any results, so feel free to reach out. Feel free to come in, walk by 101st and Sheridan and see the results that we have and see what we do, why we do, and see how we do things and see the trainer that we have and see the culture that we have here at Magnus fitness. Salt is a persona training. You do not want to miss it. You’ve got nothing to lose. Two weeks for free. Come on and see what we do, how we do. You’ve got nothing to lose, so Tulsa, your body doesn’t sucks. Your genetics are not awful. You can lose weight. The WHO’s not involved, you just need. You just need to call back in this business right now. Follow the program, Personal Training South Tulsa show up and see the results that you want happen all the time.