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welcome back to the madness fitness 10. So also personal training show. Today we’re gonna. Talk about why we need coaches in our life. Why do we need coaches? Why do we need personal trainers? Why do we need psychologists, therapists, business coaches? Why do we need these in our life? Quick shout out to another one of our scholarship winners. Unique is her name, incredible, remarkable, extraordinary woman who’s into aeronautics. We believe one day she will be behind a plain way up in the air, guiding us safely from our to our destinations. Again, this is sky with magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training podcast. Today we’re gonna talk about why we need coaches in our life specifically as it pertains to personal training. It’s gaining more and more and more a popularity each day. That’s because personal training, it actually works. Now. That goes without saying. A lot of Personal Training South Tulsa has a horrible reputation.

The reputation for personal training has been extremely damaged by drug abuse. Uh, in the industry. Personal Training has been overused because personal trainers typically given the facade that they want other clients to look one specific way. That’s not the case for magnus fitness, South Tulsa. Our goal is to maximize your life through health and fitness. Our goal is to help you meet yours. For me and my personal training, a journey because I have coaches, I have coaches in my life. I have an incredible business coach, a Clay Clark who helps me with my business strategies and helping me as a business owner to my clients so I can stay in business as a personal trainer, but also be a better husband, better father, a better all coach, better overall coach and personal trainer to my clients. Uh, we need that elevation. So I’m going to pull us to a higher level of performance, Personal Training South Tulsa human performance every single day.

A personal training for me includes just having a really good look and physique and energy. I, for one, don’t want to have to bend over and be gasping for breath when leaning over the bathtub to help my daughter, uh, or just play with her in the bathtub. Rubber ducky time. It’s a. That was my main goal, to really just lose weight. I, for 1:00 AM down 61 pounds. That did come by my personal training program, my nutritional ketosis protocol, along with, uh, my personal training regiments I specifically wrote for myself, which I do do for my personal training clients, but for the most part, I do have coaches in my life who have a finger on my pulse, if you will, on how well I’m doing. Um, so that’s personal training

for me. Um, we, Personal Training South Tulsa we have personal attorney has been damaged. Many of my listeners have commented that, uh, that it’s a breath of fresh air to find a personal trainer, coach who’s in the industry to provide over all health from the inside out. That it’s not just making your body look better, but, uh, from a psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual standpoint, we want you living inside out the best life you can imagine possible. So a lot of people think, I don’t need any sort of coaching. I got this. But if you didn’t read the fine print of life,

uh, Personal Training South Tulsa there are some hard knocks ahead of you, a lot of which can be avoided. Okay? So I do get it. I don’t blame you there. There are a lot of don’ts and for the most part, if you’re like me, I grew up knowing not what to do because of what I had to live through, but there’s not much success in just sort of meandering your way about life. Um, specifically in fitness. If you don’t have a personal training coach in your life, you can help you get to your fitness goals safely. You can do a lot of damage to your body. You need to understand that you can do more harm than you can a, you know, health you can do more harm to your body, then you can do that’s healthy. So, you know, it’s Kinda good to just admit we need help. We do. We may ask the question, uh, maybe with a life coach or a therapist or psychologist, or do I really need fixing?

Um, Personal Training South Tulsa what, what is, what is it about psychologists or therapists that I want? I, I don’t, I don’t want what they have there. They’re always just psychoanalyzing knowing things about myself that I really don’t want to know. I just want to keep my head down and, and, uh, do the grind. Well for the most part. A lot of times our life can be fueled. I see this a lot in personal training by resentment, anger, fear, greed, guilt, shame, self loathing, self hatred, a sort of a, I want to retaliation or I want revenge for what was done to me as a child. And so I am going to express that through grit and a ear. How would you say that, uh, a fierce focus on a retaining a specific goal when really all we’re doing is we’re running away from our past. There’s nothing more powerful than being able to embrace what your past has created you to be. There’s nothing more powerful than having that. A lot of times in my personal training studio, I deal with weight loss clients were primarily for those of our listeners who want to know who we are. We help weight loss individuals

obtain their ideal body. Do you know where we started as a personal training company? We try to start with conversation. Personal Training South Tulsa Conversation with a coach is the most extremely powerful thing you can ever do because in that conversation you can express your vision, your hopes, your dreams and desires for yourself, and as a coach, my goal isn’t to get you to mellow in your past or to somehow swim far, far, far away from it. It’s a balance of being able to accept what was done to you, maybe things you’ve done to yourself begin to appreciate the things you survived and what didn’t kill you, did make you stronger, but when it comes to weight loss and personal training with my clients, it’s been really, really vital and a very big success to my clients. When they can accept who they are and be motivated by self appreciation and self awareness.

Self actualization is one of the most difficult things. Coaches are necessary, one, to be able to sympathize with you and empathize with your circumstance, but also carry the hope that you need in order to obtain the goal that you desire to obtain. You may not find me as a personal trainer, always over sympathetic about emotions. A lot of people ask me all the time, aren’t you concerned about your competitors? Personal training is a growing popular service in Tulsa. That’s not my competition. They are contributing to the overall health of Tulsa and our local area and nationwide. My competition is doing it. Depression, self hatred, self-loathing, regret, remorse, shame, guilt. Those are the enemies that stand between me, my clients, and their success and I will. I will fail as a coach if I, if I don’t help my clients understand. As a personal trainer, fear is false evidence appearing real.

That is what a coach is for, Personal Training South Tulsa is to help pull you across the river. As Zig ziglar once said, you cannot help someone unless you crossed the river yourself. You can’t help someone across the river if you haven’t crossed it yourself. So that’s one thing I would think that would be really vital and finding a coach is someone who’s done it themselves. I really appreciate my business coach who’s helping my personal training company now, not afraid to admit publicly on a podcast that I have hope. That is the second key I think in success is humility and transparency. There is nothing more than a breath of fresh air I get from my clients knowing that their own personal trainer and they’re alive, a fitness coach as a high performer as he may be, he has a coach in his own life. Humility is the key to unlocking great resources and opportunity in your life. Admitting that we need help, transparency, not running from the past and not trying to not repeat it, but ultimately accepting who we are and that we are flawed and that we need help. Most ironic thing about finding coaches is just like a. The Great Nelson Mandela said, there are fears, greatest fears, not where we are in capable of doing or achieving, but more so we are afraid of what were most capable of becoming or doing. Say that again. We tend to avoid what we fear,

what were most capable of doing, who we are, the potential of our life lies at the other end, Personal Training South Tulsa if our delusion of what may or may not happen, fear is false evidence appearing real.

The same power that you have to let those thoughts of fear and intimidation of circumstances dominant, use the same power and the same choice power you have on the inside of you to think positive thoughts, to set your mind on things above things that are pure, things that are knowable, things that are of good report, things that are trustworthy. You have that same power. Why spend all of your time occupying your mind with what could happen at the other end to success and the inevitability of potential failure will happen. The only thing is it needs to change is just your perspective, which is another reason why I have a coach to help encourage you. A coach is not supposed to keep you from failure, but they teach you how to thrive in it,

but at the other end of that fear, what’s the worst that could happen? You make it because you’re better off trying. The never trying it. All. A coach is someone who can help you specifically reach your individualized goal. If that’s a life coach, if that’s a therapist, as a business coach, Personal Training South Tulsa if it’s a psychologist, if it’s a personal trainer like myself, we spend our time educating ourselves in these industries and in these ways, some study the mind, some study economics and business and marketing and advertisement and and uh, in life and life strategies and like myself, the human anatomy, sports science, human performance coaches are there to help you bridge the gap between things desired to things possessed and we know exactly what stands in between you and that manifestation of the things that you want to come alive in your life. Coaches are there as a resource, as a friend, as an accountability partner to help you bridge that gap between things desired to things possessed here, magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio. We make best of our time by time with our clients and making sure and ensuring them that they obtain that goal.

Feel free to visit our website if you don’t believe what I’m saying to you and the clients that we interact with on a daily basis, three months, six months, or for a year. Go to our website, www dot magnus fitness, Check out the testimonials under our testimonials tab. Would you go to Google? Look at our reviews were real, and we are here to help. We are here as a resource. Come have a conversation with a coach. If you need a coach, another your life, I can network you and connect you to someone who can help you, but we need a coach. Have humility and admit we need help. We’re flawed. Quit running from your past and trying to do it all on your own. Submit to processes and systems that others have gone before you to succeed. Quit trying to make the wheel. Reinvent the wheel. Meet someone who can make you make it. Spin it faster for you. Give me a call, shoot me a text. Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three, nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Well, need a coach. That’s what helps us Personal Training South Tulsa become a bigger, better, badder. You help me. I think it was either training show. We do that through physical, personal training.