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Welcome back to personal training show today we want to shout out to one of our clients who ate breakfast and they either really good breakfast. I don’t want to say the name just because, you know, we keep the privacy here at our um, south also his personal training, location bad. Um, I was talking to one of our clients and she lives alone and she was telling me that, you know, she doesn’t really know what to eat in the morning so um, she just kind of been keeping the low carb eating but she doesn’t know what to eat. She doesn’t eat it all and then just drinks a lot of coffee in the morning with a bunch of like oils and uh, all these good stuff. So I was able to share with her that, you know, you can keep the low carb throughout the day, but you do need to eat breakfast and you can eat a really easy breakfast, which is two eggs, Personal Training South Tulsa one piece of toast with butter and some fruit if not fruit, then that’s it, you know, and then have a cup of coffee and throughout the day since you like to drink the hot drinks, just have some team.

And then 30 minutes after our conversation she sent me a picture that she was eating eggs with him and that really blessed my heart to see that one of our clients actually did something proactive even though when she was kind of lost, not knowing what to eat. So I am so proud of her and I’m so glad that she is back to eating and she that she’s going to continue because that’s what she said she’s going to continue to eat what I suggested for breakfast. So today I’m going to talk about food and you’ve probably noticed that I like to talk a lot about food and while we’re eating and no here and magnus fitness, South Tulsa personal training studio at 101st and Sheridan, Personal Training South Tulsa we do focus on not only exercise but nutrition as well. And so part of what I like to talk about this because I like to cook a lot and I like to look at what we’re eating is obviously the food part of our business.

So when you come to our personal training facility here in South Tulsa, we focus a lot on um, your personal needs, not just your personal training needs, but also your, um, can we customize each meal plan and it’s not a one fit all kind of plan, but everybody is different. Personal Training South Tulsa the main focus is that we want people to eat and I’ll start at that starve themselves. So, um, when you come to magnus fitness, not only your own, finding a personal trainer that you’re finding somebody that cares about your health, you’re finding a trainer that cares about your, um, your wellbeing and also doesn’t want to disturb you. We want you to eat and eat well. So for breakfast for example, we want you to eat a good breakfast and yes, drink your coffee. We all want to drink coffee. So here at magnets, fitness, personal training in South Tulsa, we do focus on your nutrition a lot.

So I do want to talk to about a lot of people are kind of stuck with not knowing what to eat or how to eat or even, you know, what do I do when I’m tired or what do I do when I’m all by myself. I don’t really want to cook for one person. I don’t really want to eat out either because it’s expensive and it’s hard to cook for a person because of like how much you’re making our little you making. So I do want to give you a few tips on how to get through this stage where you’re eating and not starving yourself even though you’re either tired or not know what to eat. So I myself went for a few days, not a few days, a couple of months without eating chicken. Personal Training South Tulsa Now eating chicken was one of the hardest things because chicken is just so common and you can make so many different recipes with chicken.

And so even myself when I wasn’t eating chicken, I’ve found it so hard to, to eat because they just didn’t know what to what to eat, a meal prep, you know? And then kind of that that went into I’m being super, not lazy but like Kinda lost until like, okay, well what do I eat? I don’t know. Even though there’s salads and there’s different like beans and different like means other means. So I do want to share with you some guidelines about what to eat and how to eat and where to find the foods. So Personal Training South Tulsa I’m, like you said, nutrition is a very big part of your plan and we care for our clients or for anybody honestly, that listens to this show. And I do want to say that it is very important to cook your own food and I know that if you’re living alone or living with a roommate, but you only cook for yourself and you want to do clean eating.

And a lot of us think that, oh, I’m eating clean by having a salad from somewhere or by having, I don’t know, like a, a different burger or something. What looks like is healthy. Well, that’s great, but when you look at like what all goes into those foods, even if it is like a little healthier, Personal Training South Tulsa, chain food chain, um, you don’t know all the nutrition and the processing of the food that goes in. So the best thing best is to just cook your own food. And if you’re living alone and you’re looking at like a cooking small batches, you can definitely do that. And um, if you need to just send me an email and, or just reach out at nine slash eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three by a text or just by phone call and I would love to sit down with you and not talk about just getting you to do the personal training, but talk about the nutrition and how to help you figure out how to cook your own food and what to eat too.

It is very important. That was number one. This is two. Um, it is very important to read your nutrition, the nutrition labels. Where are we reading the nutrition label? Just because we want to see what’s going in our food. A lot of people have lots of allergies such as wheat or dairy or all those things. So you want to read the nutritions and I know a lot of you already do, but when you’re looking at that, you’re not just looking at wheat and dairy. You’re also looking at like, okay, let’s see the sodium on this food. Like on this label, like how much sodium does it have? Does it have any added sugars? Read? Also, all of them, not just the, a table of all the different foods, Personal Training South Tulsa but read also in the little description of the ingredients. Those sugars are hidden, very hidden. So you want to do that, um, you want to eat whole foods and I know that everyone knows that you want to eat whole foods, but people think of like, oh, whole foods and not the store, but like actual whole foods.

People want to say that, oh, it’s expensive. Well, let me give you a little tip. If you go to sprouts and you go on a Wednesday, they have lots of things on sale, especially their produce, their produce is on sale all the time and that I personally, and that’s where I do all my shopping and I go on a Wednesday because it’s the double sale. And why is the double sales so important? It’s because there’s a lot of articles that are on sale. So Personal Training South Tulsa there’s one less excuse for you to eat whole foods and to get the nutrition that you need. It is important to not drink your calories. That’s a, a number three. Actually. Number four, don’t drink your calories. A lot of people will say that, oh, I’m drinking all this, like one of our clients, this coffee with tons of oils, tons of this, tons of bad which had a really high calorie, but it wasn’t necessarily what exactly your body needs.

So yes, you can get those drinks with all the different vitamins and oils and things, but that is not what your body needs. Your body needs whole food into your body needs the protein that you get from me or from beans and from all these different things versus getting the calories from a drink. You can get all the calories like that, you for breakfast, which are not getting the food that your body actually needs. So that’s that. Um, eat a well balanced meal. That’s number five. I’m a well balanced meal is where you’re getting enough protein, you’re getting enough fruits and veggies and you’re getting obviously enough like of all the fats and stuff you, you do want to get the healthy fats and that is with all the different nuts and all the different either coconut oil or like Irish butter and not necessarily like random random, Personal Training South Tulsa, Kaiso and cheese and all that.

She’s as good as a specific kind of cheese obviously. So feel free to reach out to magnus fitness, go to our website, Magnuson. Does Tulsa dog come and no. If you don’t need personal training, you don’t have to just reach out to us to give the personal training, but you can just reach out to us to talk about your nutrition and we would love to help you. So remember, you can eat clean food even if you’re on a budget, you can eat well even if you are living by yourself. You can cook your own food. Even if you are a beginner beginner, you can buy your own healthy food. And you know why? I know that because I had to start somewhere and I’m not some guru, but I had to start somewhere and I read and I read and I met with people and I figured it out. So now I am going to stop here because I’ll probably do another show and other time for eating, Personal Training South Tulsa but for right now, I do want to let you know that you do can eat well. Okay? And you two need to eat and you too can make it with the food. Even if you’re, like I said alone, if you’re on a budget, if you are a eating clean for dummies kind of firsthand, you can do it. So thank you so much for listening to our show

to hearing from you and we’re excited to share with you all know, we know about nutrition and Personal Training South Tulsa.