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At Magness Fitness we believe that finding the right physical trainer and without a doubt transform your health and fitness however, you and I both know you can get anywhere without working as a team. Our first step would to be to make sure that we can both focus on clear specific goals. Joining us here and hiring a South Tulsa personal trainer begins with starting with a clean slate. We want to make sure that you are open to learning everything we have to extend to you.

We do know that eventually all personal training will come to an end. But for us, that’s a win. Our main goal is to give you the education, training, and tips that you need to be able to take these and run with them. We want you to be able to end up working on your own. Here at Magness Fitness we strongly believe that working towards something spur specific reason. Take a few minutes out of your day to see if this be what’s best for you by finding your why. Other than that, just come in with a positive yet aggressive attitude and let us handle the rest.

We want you to be able to receive all of the possible benefits that come with personal fitness a few these include improving quality of sleep, as well as gaining the ability to fall asleep quicker. It will promote healthier, longer life. One of the more serious like quality but is going to be the fact that it improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs by putting yourself into the environment of health and fitness literally comes with strengthening your heart muscles which gives you a better heart.

Skye Magness, the CEO of Magness fitness promises to be the best South Tulsa personal trainer that you can work with. He wants to give you more than just his word. This is why he wants to extend the offer to offering a free consultation as well as body composition test. This helps him master a workout tailored just for you. He would also give you a 30 minute training session to get you familiar with how he does things. This is an incredible service because after that apartment together you should know if you’re a good fit for each other. Finding a personal trainer that you can feel comfortable with his most important part of the search.

Give us a call today at 918-814-2213 to schedule your free consultation with your own South Tulsa personal trainer. We would love to answer any questions that you have about our services, products, routines. Remember there are no stupid questions. Check out our website for personal testimonials, reviews, before-and-after pictures to get an idea of the outcome that you could possibly have once you dedicate your time to creating a better healthier future. We look forward to helping you bettering your life all the way around. We feel that you would be a great member of the team and everyone would love to meet you.

South Tulsa Personal Trainer |Hire a Personal Trainer; A No Brainer

This content was written for Magness Fitness

Your shock trying to make the decision on whether or not I should hire a personal trainer the answer is you definitely should. There are multiple different reasons on why a personal trainer is a positive addition to your daily routine. Even if you’re comfortable going to the gym and working out on your own areas for snow if your form is correct. Having a personal trainer will guarantee their doing everything correct in your maximizing all of your abilities with the approval of a professional. We have so much offer your here Magness Fitness including the best South Tulsa personal trainer, Skye Magness.

Skye Magness is the CEO of Magness fitness in Tulsa Oklahoma. Skye is a regular person just like you. He has personally experienced struggles that have stemmed from his weight. As a father, husband, business owner it’s easy to not put as much care and time is yourself as you do it everyone else. Skye challenges self every day and after putting his programs to the test he lost 30 pounds in 30 days. He knows that there is a method to his madness and he hopes to share with the world. He is built dedication and passion and looks to be in the past these incredible attributes onto each and everyone clients.

Skye has built his program with a list of services that you typically won’t find offered by another South Tulsa personal trainer. He guarantees that you will have the absolutely best service and training at your time with Magness fitness. The most popular over-the-top service that is offered to all of our clients is home calls. The convenience of having your personal trainer come straight to you whenever wherever is probably the most convenient service that any personal trainer can offer. Sky is aware of how crazy and busy life can get with kids and jobs etc. so he likes to be able to extend an extra incentive to allow people who can’t get out go to the gym to be able to get a great workout in.

Aside from home calls other services Magness Fitnes South Tulsa personal trainer include one-on-one training, better body fitness app, couples training, as well as our boutique studio and boot camp. Each and every one of these can be tweaked specifically for each individual person. We are as flexible as you need us to be. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you want and you join our team.

Please take the time to check out our to view first-hand a list of our reviews, testimonials, and before-and-after photos of current clients. If you are interested in more information feel free to call us at 918-814-2213 to ask any and every question. At this time we would also like to schedule you for your free consultation, body, position test and a 30 minute pre-training session to help give you an idea on what your training would consist of. We hope that hiring a personal trainer is a no-brainer. Contact us today to be a part of an incredible team that wants nothing but excellence for you and your future.