South Tulsa Personal Trainer| Why should you join?

We’ve all seen them – those gym junkies that only talk about their latest crossfit work out, or how many backwards deadlifts they can do in 30 seconds. Nobody can stand them, right? And you think that you have to turn into that stereotype to get into working out and starting your fitness journey. Well we have some good new for you! Magness Fitness doesn’t ask you to change who you are or expect you to become a crossfit king or queen. They understand that everyone is different, and that not every workout can be applied to every individual person. This is why they offer such a varied selection of different training tactics, to see to every client’s individual needs! As the top rated South Tulsa personal trainer studio, they offer everything from one-on-one training, to couples training, all of the way to their complementary boot camp. All that they ask is that you give them a chance to help you see just how much potential you have to become the best possible version of yourself!

Group workouts are terrifying, we get it. Is it not enough that your dedicated enough to work out, but now you have to work out in a group of 15 to 30 other people who may or may not know what they’re doing or may be further ahead in their fitness journey than you are? What if they are judging you? Magness Fitness understands these fears, which is why they seek to eliminate them by offering one-on-one individual training, just you and your trainer. Being at the top of the South Tulsa personal trainer ladder, Magness Fitness knows what they are doing. All you have to do is show up, ready to train! What could be easier?

Finding healthy ways to spend time with your significant other is difficult, everybody knows this! The easiest thing to do is stay at home and order pizza and watch Netflix for hours on end, or go to dinner or the movies. That is because these are the things that are marketed towards couples. Spending time together, but only in the comfort of your own home. Or out spending money, for no particular reason. This doesn’t have to be the case for you and your significant other! You could be the couple that breaks the mold, the couple that doesn’t accept the status quo for what to do together in a relationship. Magness Fitness applauds and embodies this, which is why they offer couples training, specifically geared towards seeking your mutual health and fitness goals together. After all, the best things come in pairs! So if this is you and your partner, than this five star South Tulsa personal trainer studio is the place for you!

What is the worst kind of camp? Well obviously, it is boot camp! Or at least, normal boot camp is the worst. But at Magness Fitness, their complementary boot camp turns training into an adventure! All of their client are invited on Saturday mornings to participate in their free boot camp experience. Go meet new people, while doing something on your Saturday morning that doesn’t involve cartoons and cereal in front of the TV.

Don’t forget call Magness fitness once you have realized that it perfect place to go to achieve your health fitness goals. Their phone number is (918) 814-2213, and visit their website at to read testimonials for yourself.

South Tulsa Personal Trainer | When would you have time?

What do you think when you hear the word “gym?” Do you think Gene Simmons and step aerobics, or do you think big beefy guys in their ripped tank tops, hogging all of the machines? Either way, let Magness Fitness show you just how wrong your preconceived notions of the gym are! This community driven, upbeat atmosphere having South Tulsa personal trainer studio is just waiting to help coach and guide you through your health and fitness journey. Are you unsure of whether you want to commit? Or maybe you have your own personal gym at home that you would rather use, but don’t want to have to research for your own personal trainer. Or maybe you are looking for something with a good support system online? If any of these sound like you, then Magness Fitness is the place to go!

It’s pretty common knowledge that free samples are the best, right? Whether it’s that free sample stand at the supermarket that offers those little crackers or tiny cups of juice, Or the free lipstick sample, or maybe it is that free trial with the magazine or even clothing subscriptions? Either way, free samples are a great way to see if something (be it crackers, make-up, or juice) is for you! As the highest rated South Tulsa personal trainer studio, Magness Fitness understands this, and wants to give you the opportunity to test them out. This is why they offer the first two weeks free with absolutely no contract, as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. They want you to be 100% comfortable with them, without having to worry about signing a contract up front.

So you did it, you had your own gym built your house. Most people don’t have the courage to do that, because they are not sure of what to do with it once it’s built. This is where the highest reviewed South Tulsa personal trainer studio comes into play. Magness Fitness understands that just because you have the equipment, doesn’t necessarily mean you know what to do with it. Or maybe you just need help getting started, but don’t know who to call. If this sounds like you, then Magness Fitness is the place for you! They offer home calls, so that you don’t have to leave the privacy of your own home, or drive to a gym, when you are ready have one built into your dream home. They aim to make your life easier, and to teach you how to utilize the resources that you already have in front of you.

Everybody needs a good support system. Whether it’s family, friends or significant other, nobody can do it on their own. Magness Fitness understands this, and offers an exclusive online support system created specifically for their clients. MAGFIT is there online community, where Magness Fitness clients can go to receive support, encourage each other, and so many other things! The meal prep ideas? Get on MAGFIT! Want somewhere that you can post about your progress, without getting unwanted comments or judgement from social media friends? Get on MAGFIT! This online community is geared specifically toward Magness fitness clients who are all on the same journey alongside you, even if they aren’t taking your same path.

You don’t achieve and continuously keep a five-star rating, unless you are the best at what you do! Magness Fitness is the one stop shop for all of your personal training needs. Give them a call at (918) 814-2213, or visit their website at to gauge for yourself whether or not this top-of-the-line training studio is the one for you.