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welcome back to magnus fitness, sell Tulsa personal training shell today it’s me Elida again, and I will be talking about this topic that is so scary to be, to people to talk about which is commitment. So um, it’s not commitment to any relationship but it’s commitment to yourself. So I will be quote unquote, titling this show as in commit to yourself. The reason why I want to talk about this is because just recently, South Tulsa Personal Training, it was sorta like a calm, not a sort of like that it was a conversation that I was having with some people about how and generally human beings are scared of commitment but non just scared of men commitment to other people or relationships or marriage engagement and whatever, but committing to themselves to. And so what I want to talk about is why is it so important to commit to yourself as specifically to commit to your health.

But first I want to give a shout out to our client Jennifer. She’s been working on with us for five months now and I walked in the studio today and she is looking amazing. I mean, Jennifer has lost so much weight since joining our, uh, our team and she just looked like a whole new woman. She was a glowing. So great job. Jennifer, on your perseverance and your hard work and your commitment to your health. So I do want to talk about committing to your health. Why is it so important to commit to your health? You hear people talk all the time about, Oh, this gym membership is so expensive, or, oh, this healthier choice of food is so much expensive. South Tulsa Personal Training so they go with the cheaper options or with no cheaper at all, which is no exercising at all. No gym membership, no personal training, no nothing.

Well, if you think about it, the more you keep eating crappy and the more you keep not exercising, but just sitting on your couch, your body will start deteriorating. Your arteries will start getting clogged. Did your system will start to be messed up because of the food that you’re eating and then Bam, you get a medical bill that is so much more expensive than anything they could. You could have bod and Eden and to exercise or just, um, workout in a gym or with a personal training or anything like that. So Tulsa, wake up Tulsa, South Tulsa. We talked to you specifically here because this is where we are located at 101st and Sheridan and um, we do want to help you to wake up and to just take your health seriously. You know, South Tulsa Personal Training we always see these videos on facebook about this 90 year old woman still living and strong and you don’t listen further our watch further onto seeing that she’s been working out or she’s been at least walking every single day for two miles for the rest of, for her entire life or she has been eating well or eating salads and less carbs or eating, you know, like you don’t listen to what people have been doing.

And why is there a reason that these people are so healthy at 90 years old? So that is the goal here. That is the goal here, to get your body, South Tulsa Personal Training to maintain your body weight that you want and to live healthy. I mean Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s one of the worst places in the entire America for the obesity. I mean, the statistics are insane and I don’t want to give just a fall numb falls number, but if you just go on Google right now and look a worst, a obese places in America, Oklahoma will be one of them. So our goal here is because we live in Oklahoma and because we live in Tulsa and we, because we live in America, our goal is to get Oklahoma. Tulsa is starting with Tulsa and the top healthiest cities and his terms by you. It starts by you committing to yourself.

So South Tulsa people, wherever you are, make a commitment to yourself. I know it is scary to make a commitment to go to the gym three times a week. South Tulsa Personal Training You think? I don’t know that. I do know that it is so scary to make a commitment to go to the gym three times a week because as human beings, like I said, we are afraid of commitment. So personal training is even a bigger fear and so I’m committing to yourself is even a bigger, bigger fear because you think that you are not going to achieve the goals that you have decided on or that you wish for, but Tulsa, I’m here to tell you that you can do it. It only takes to make a commitment and not be afraid of it to make a commitment that you want at better health, that you want a better weight, that you want something, a better lifestyle, and so that’s all it takes.

And then obviously showing up, showing up to your workouts, showing up to your grocery store with a healthy list, not just the I’m starving, leverages by whatever there is peanut butter, good donuts, Jews and all this crappy food, but go with the less than with the plan to make the greatest, the yummiest quickest, cheapest meals because that is possible. Yes, and showing up to the gym three times a week, three times a week for 30 minutes a day to work out. How easy as that you waste 30 minutes on social media every single day. South Tulsa Personal Training more but 30 minutes. That’s all it takes for you to see results on a day to day basis with magnus fitness. I’ll Tulsa personal training. Why do I say that? Because I’ve seen a work. I have seen her work in so many lives and sky has been doing such an incredible job with everyone that shows up to do their exercise, to do their workout.

Everyone that shows up in our personal training facility has seen results unless they were likely other people that I mentioned on a previous podcast. You can see that you can go ahead and look it up on our website as a podcast podcast called, why do I not see results for my workouts? Don’t be that guy or don’t be that girl. The one that is always making changes and always going on their own. So yeah, every person that has walked into our facility and Salto a personal training has seen the results of their weight changing, has seen the results of their body changing and so you can do to make a commitment to yourself and do it today. Do it today to commit to yourself to commit to your health and say, South Tulsa Personal Training, I’m going to check out this place South Tulsa, two weeks for free. What do you have to lose, right?

Nothing, two weeks for free. Go ahead, check it out. How you can achieve the goals in your life, how you can make the commitment to yourself, how easy it is, and how you as well can afford this personal training program that is in Tulsa, available to everyone. So Tulsa. Again, I do want to say I have this big, big, big urgent. My heart, Jay, tell you, commit to yourself, commit to your health because five years from now, two years from now, God knows when we don’t want to see you in the hospital. We don’t want to see you with a heart condition. We don’t want to see you. Your bones basically deteriorating because you didn’t get up and walk around. You didn’t get up and exercise. You can do it. South Tulsa Personal Training You have the capacity to get out of the couch, to get on the house and go to this facility.

And how 101st and Sheridan Magnus fitness, personal training, and while people may thing that personal training is expensive or personal training is scary. It is not the way that we are set is that we make it affordable for everyone that walks in our facility to make this commitment to themselves possible. Everyone can afford it. Everyone can transform their body. Everyone can achieve their goals in our facility. A 101st and Sheridan Magnus fitness. All Paul’s a personal training can make it happen for you and with you. So we have this great desire to help people change their lives, to help people commit to themselves and their health and not just because the medical industry is failing as all around, but because you’re worth it, you know you are worth it to make the changes in your body. This is our passion. South Tulsa Personal Training This is where we love. It is so sad to us when we see people not doing anything for their health because months, years, God knows Ryan, they’re going to suffer for it and it is part of our duty.

It is part of our calling. It is part of our conscious, whatever you want to call it, to help as many people as we can, change their lives, and we want to change your life. So commit to your health. Call Nine, one eight, eight, one, four, two to one, three to schedule your free consultation. You’re free. Two weeks, you’ve got nothing to lose. Get on magnets, fitness, Contact us whatever way possible and get on facebook contact as however you can find us, which are many ways. South Tulsa Personal Training Go with us and you can afford personal training and you can commit to yourself and you can change your body and you can make it happen to where you don’t need to get an end to the hospital bed because you did not pay attention to your body. So that’s it. This is a leader with magnus fitness, personal training show, talking to you about committing to your health.

Have a great night.