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Tulsa, Oklahoma, this is Scott and Magnus, magnus fitness South Tulsa Personal Training today, your fitness daily digest ever. We’re to talk about why should I crushed train tons of good board coming to me recently. You were in the middle part of the year. Uh, they found themselves and online routine. They tried to implement it in their big box gym with their memberships, find themselves sharing equipment, waiting on people who like to take selfies, promote their instagram and facebook profiles and they’re just agitated because that one routine for them is not as suspected, giving them the results they thought they would get. Now that goes without saying it is good. That’s why we call it a workout routine to get into a routine, uh, uh, working into at least 30 days of getting a good habit of showing up to the gym, finding your time slot that works where it’s not really busy. And finding a parks. South Tulsa Personal Training If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that you can train at a where there’s not a whole lot of people around or you know, uh, the, the privacy of your own home, living room, right?

But just finding a good rhythm, a good habit, that’s why we call it a routine. So there are reasons we, especially if we’re. I have listeners on here who are into strength training and making strength gains. It is crucial that you’re adding two point five pounds each week that you’re growing their specific key lifts you’re doing to become stronger if your crossfit competitor, certain key lifts you want to, South Tulsa Personal Training if you’re your bench press competitor. So that gives that same. This really goes towards the way us community beer and noticed the calluses on your hardworking hands or if you pluck them out of nervousness is throughout the day you begin to realize your body does something really good at adapting. And so we’re going to address the, uh, the big question, why cross train? There are many reasons you need variety in your workouts. Tulsa, if you’re a person of habit and you’ve got that down a center problem, you go to the gym at the same time every day.

Okay? You’re running through a strength training routine. You’re checking your work a lot. Yeah, your workout off the list or maybe you switch things up a little by alternating your days, your upper body, lower body splits. Other than that, you stick to a similar workout day in and day out. Getting exercise is vital, but you may be missing out on other parts of fitness if you do the same workout every time you go to the gym and go for variety. Someone who does several different types of exercises to reach a specific fitness goal. This could be a football player who wants to increase his strength, as I mentioned a minute ago and endurance, so he does weight training, South Tulsa Personal Training swimming and sprinting exercises in addition to like practicing football, right? And soccer player might take up to cycling to build her aerobic capacity or tennis gym, Bruce Springsteen, quick stress, speed and quickness.

The average person who does, who’s not into sports, however, like us, general public people like me, right? A Dad who had to lose 50 pounds. Cross training is just as important to also to do it. You alternate between various workouts throughout the day, week or month, and that’s what we do best here. Magnus fitness, we constantly, it doesn’t matter which trainer is with what client, what client. If you’re in weight loss and you’re looking to better your fitness goals, we keep your body guessing. Here are the benefits of variety folks. Doing the same workout day in and day out can get boring, right? The psychological journey, let’s just admit it, South Tulsa Personal Training there’s no such thing as enjoying a movie while you’re running on a treadmill or on an elliptical. All you can hear without the subtitles is your heartbeat. If you’re not being challenged or learning new skills, it’s easy to become weary of exercise.

Burnout. Tulsa is a risk when you longer no longer enjoy your workouts. Mixing things up with cross training, keeps you interested, engaged in exercise and exercise. Cross training also lowers your chances of injury, repetitive use of the same muscles and joints by doing the same movements over and over, but your risk for over over use injury by doing various types of workouts. You build total body strength instead of creating muscle imbalances that can cause injury if done correctly. Cross training allows you a chance to let your muscles rest between workouts, someone who typically runs for his workouts, but takes breaks during lower impact exercises such as cycling or swimming, lowers the risk of suffering a leg or foot injury. Do your research folks reached a plateau in your weight loss. Guys, you may need to cross train, as I said before, over time, as your body adapts to the same workout and is no longer challenged, South Tulsa Personal Training your calorie burn slows down, Rev your metabolism and burn more calories by changing things up with a new workout, you may have thought you were in shape from your spin class until you hiked in the mountains all day.

Cross training is one one way to improve your overall fitness levels. Instead of maintaining your fitness guys, why not seek to constantly improve, build muscles, strengthen different muscle groups, improve aerobic endurance, develop new skills, and increase flexibility and multiple areas of the body that may get neglected when you stick to the same workout every single day. Let’s face it guys, we have a really big habit of working out the glory muscles. We love biceps. Chest, let’s focus on the posterior, the Bot, maybe with the calves, with cross training, you’re more adaptable to change. Writing outside, you can lift weights at the gym, have an injured arm. South Tulsa Personal Training You can still ride the stationary bike. I had variety, so how do you get started with cross training? It’s best to think of the types of exercises you’d enjoy or the ones you’d like to learn. Then add them into your routine throughout the week.

This could mean shortening your strength training session and adding in 10 minutes of elliptical, 10 minutes of stair step machine at the end of your workout or three days a week. Do your regular run and the other days take up cycling or Yoga, not sure how to switch things up. Don’t do it alone. Talk to your personal trainer to cross train you successfully. Come down here, March into magnus fitness, Tulsa Da, one zero, zero, three, two South Sheridan road. I’m looking right outside and you get Tulsa in between clients and it is storming. You could run in here and you can learn very quickly how to cross train and manipulate the body. Constantly. Keep it guessing, South Tulsa Personal Training keep your mind engaged, and the adventure of learning fitness levels. Again guys, this is sky with magnus fitness, Tulsa here, 101st and Sheridan next, the bluestone steakhouse and fast Eddie’s burgers. So while you’re getting your workout and you can smell and look forward to a good steak or a burger, we love helping you and we thank you for trusting us with your health pulse.

Uh, feel free to visit our Find us on Google. It’s the new yellow pages. We’d love to hear from me. You can text a message, South Tulsa Personal Training book an appointment from their, check us out from the inside looking in with our photos. And we are now the top Google rated personal training company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re very proud of you all. Trusting was her health. We are who you are because you’re all his efforts to commit to yourself. We provide the resources you guys create the success stories. We love you so much. My wife and daughter and I, we appreciate you. Can’t thank you enough. That’s it guys. Keep going. Keep moving forward.