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[inaudible] everybody. Welcome back to the madness, fitness and South Tulsa personal training podcast, our personal training podcasts. Make sure that we get you the leading industry information when it comes to your health. Keeping up with everyday life or personal training company is highly interested in making sure you get to train for the speed of life, keeping up with the kids jobs, meeting to meeting family, whatever it is your why. We exist to make sure that, uh, you have the health and fitness levels you need to keep up with everyday life. Uh, we want to give a shout out as you know, we always do to our clients and those participants and our transformation program specifically been Carter. A. Welcome to our program. We’re excited to have you. He is progressing. He jumped right into our meal plan and went grocery shopping. I absolutely incredible at his diligence and coachability.

He’s here. Makes the effort to be here. That’s all we ask in our personal training companies that our clients be coachable and diligence. That’s all it takes to succeed and reach your fitness goals to admit you need help. One call our personal training company, a humility coming in and being willing to learn some stuff that, uh, maybe against your fitness education. That’s why we exist as professionals, is to be in the industry to learn, be ahead of the curve rather than information, but then also, South Tulsa personal training, make it actionable and sustainable for you at home. Uh, today’s personal training podcast is specifically going to address a few different questions. We’re in the middle of a series of entering questions that we have received from a facebook post. They’re all really good questions. Uh, we don’t necessarily get to hear the question on live feed a. So if we, at any point on our personal training podcast or not answering the question the way you meant to ask it, please feel free as you listen to this to rephrase or even give us a call.

Nine, one, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Come into our personal training company. So at 101st and Sheridan a conveniently located at 101st and Sheridan in South Tulsa. And we’d love to answer any questions you have. There’s no high pressure sales in here, there’s no contracts, binding agreements to keep you. We don’t, we don’t believe in any of that were we exist solely as a personal training company to meet your needs. South Tulsa personal training if that’s just information to keep you informed and healthy than then, that’s totally fine. We’re a by no means a, uh, a nonprofit, but we are a business, but we also understand that not everyone can necessarily invest this time in their life financially in personal training or a program such as this. And that’s fine. You should also be aware that we do offer scholarships out of a personal training company so that people can afford it.

We only, those are actually for qualified participants, but we do make it affordable. South Tulsa personal training, so without going any further in any other detail about our podcast or personal training company, it’s time to address, uh, one of my favorite topics and actually came from courtney. Courtney, thanks so much for commenting on our facebook post. She sent a question that says this, a favorite workouts also, do you have any follow any fitness gurus on instagram or youtube that you love? A. I am going to answer this in a two part series. At first, the question about workouts, um, I, I think I should start by, by prefacing your goal. Your goal is, and that’s where we start with our personal training company is understanding the goal. Um, exercise is, as it pertains to weight loss specifically. Let’s just use that as an example. Um, there’s something you need to understand a pretty, pretty clearly, and I’m going to speak pretty firmly on this subject that all exercise to a degree if it’s safe and, and within reason is effective.

I don’t care what you’re doing as long as you’re not killing yourself every single day, but all exercises are primarily going to, as long as your body is moving and you have activity in your daily routine, maybe 30 minutes or slightly more, South Tulsa personal training, than you’re doing great. All exercise or activity can be highly effective. Now, training methods and more specifically dialing in on on what it is, results you want to obtain is where the discussion becomes a lot longer and a lot more meticulous and understanding how your body, what body type you are or what muscle groups you’re training a effective cardiovascular training, et Cetera, et Cetera, et cetera. But specifically on this personal training podcast today I want to talk about a little bit. I’ll give you my stories and example. I was 262 pounds and I’ve actually lost that weight. I’m down to a $200.

I, I particularly wanted to be able to just do bodyweight exercises, right? Stay injury, free longevity, go to healthy organs. This was really important for me, um, but I knew that going to the gym and just training to muscle groups, uh, wasn’t gonna cut it. And so my personal training program that we developed is actually centered around weight loss. And so one of those things that we have to focus on is mixing things up so that we don’t plateau. Almost every participant in our program can expect water weight. And as I mentioned in my previous podcast that should be celebrated. Any lifestyle change or habits you attempt to change or new habits you attempt to create should be celebrated and recognized and rewarded to some degree. That’s a massive amount of success. We have one participant, a participant in our program, so lost 16 pounds in a week and a half.

Uh, you may classify that as unhealthy. South Tulsa personal training, there’s no research proving that, that is unhealthy. He’s making lifestyle changes his water, he drinks a gallon and a half of water a day, keeps up with his electrolytes, each three meals a day, uh, and has snacks, snacks throughout the day. Uh, specifically our meal plan is what he’s following. But, uh, once he loses that water weight, I have to change things up. Um, and I don’t tell my clients a lot of times what I’m doing, but I’m giving them different routines so that they enjoy it. And that’s what I really want to preface here on this podcast is fitness has to become a lifestyle. Yes, as I mentioned, knowing where you’re starting, how to reach your goal and utilizing exercises and routines. And meal plans to get there, but you also want to enjoy it. And that’s why I really wanted to, to answer this question, I was excited to answer this question because, um, this question, uh, can, can help you keep the weight off forever.

As I said, I’m specifically talking about weight loss. Ninety five percent of people who lose the weight are guaranteed to be put to put it back on. And so finding what it is, what kind of fitness you like to do a you love to do so that you can do it forever is key. Okay? Uh, as I mentioned before, finding anything to keep your body moving maybe more than 30 minutes, a little 30 minutes or a slightly more a day is going to be effective. South Tulsa personal training, if you’re in the middle of losing weight specific type of training, which you can come learn. And our personal training studio, magnus fitness, Tulsa, South Tulsa, come in, call text nine, one eight, eight, one four, two, two, one, three. And we can help you stay injury free, risk free and help you reach your goal. But, uh, but it is important once you lose that weight to find something you enjoy to do forever. Uh, some of my favorite exercises are going to be body weight as I mentioned. My, I just wanted to be able to do pull ups. So on my journey I lost the weight, but then I had to find something that I enjoy a sustainable lifestyle for some of you do not be ashamed of cycling classes, orange theory,

fitness, moderates, amount of crossfit. I wouldn’t probably, uh, probably I cannot encourage that you go all out or try to compete with everyone around you with heavyweight. Uh, but for the most part, a body weight calisthenics, you have to understand that almost all fitness, if you can get your heart rate up to a specific rate and, and perform some type of resistance training and dial in your nutrition, you know. But again, South Tulsa personal training, the topic is sustainability

is that you can do forever because if you follow a specific meal plan for a long time, you could not feel human and burnout. Right? So all of these questions I should be answering in further personal training, podcasts moving forward. But, uh, for me, my favorite is bodyweight exercises. I really enjoy being able to do pull ups a lift my body with my core. Um, all of those just looking lean and chiseled at a optimal body

fat percentage. I do also enjoy it rowing as well, a battle ropes that things of those nature that are risk-free, less harsh on the joints. Um, and as far as the second part of the question is actually, you know, do I, do I have any fitness gurus? Yes. Right now I’m a big fan of Thomas Delauer. I’m actually acquainted with Thomas personally. We’ve emailed back and forth. You can find him on Youtube. He is one of the number one influencers on social media when it comes to the Kennedy Diet and how to exercise properly specifically for weight loss, my specialization. So Thomas is a great resource, not just for weight loss, understanding different types of workout routines, how to do cardio effectively. But, South Tulsa personal training, yeah, I hope that answers your question. Um, you know, it’s a broad topic, courtney, but a favorite workouts are gonna be body weight for me.

I think I, I feel in my gut that it should be said that anything that you love to do for fitness to get your heart rate up and provide some resistance outside of daily living a is good for you. And uh, you got to find that for yourself, know your starting point, whatever it is. But, but I’ll just stick to a plan, really do that. Just stick to a plan and, uh, and enjoy the journey. South Tulsa personal training, my clients I have caught many times, uh, you know, with their efforts becoming overly stressed with the routines and trying to get things done quickly and get out of their current circumstance, weight loss as a journey, fitness goals or a journey, whether you’re packing on muscle, looking to lose body fat. It’s a journey and you have to enjoy it and understand the, in it for the long haul and don’t be ashamed or whatever that is. There’s nothing more frustrating to me. And walking in a social setting and someone saying.