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back to magnus selling personal training show. I just want to give a shout out to Jan who’s been with us for a year now and it’s sick to 60 years old. She and now do sit ups all alone on her own and she is rocking and 60 years old, no help. Um, and she can do those setups like she was in her twenties. So shout out to Jan. Great job, jan. Uh, here in our personal traininG facility in south tulsa. Jan has been working out with us for over a year now actually a year in october. So yay Jan. So here at magnus feminine south tulsa, personal training, we believe in, um, encouraging our clients at boosting their confidence in daily, Just helping them get the body that they need, not only through personal training but also helping with their mindset. So personal training is all about those relationships. South Tulsa Personal Training there is one qUote here that I have from napoleon hill that says no person may enjoy outstanding success without good health.

And this is what we are here at magnus fitness, personal training in south tulsa. We are all about good health overall. Uh, there’s one statistic also that I’ve found recently here and it was pretty shocking, um, that obesity around children in the United States has remained flat at around 17 percent in 2003, 2004 and 2011 and 2012. That is one crazy statistics that just means that our children are just getting fatter and fatter by the day. So here at magnus fitness south tulsa personnel and training, we are about educating the whole family. We are here about educating the whole family and getting the health, the good health of the entire family. So, um, I want to talk about some of the blogs That we see daily with people and even ourselves at in south tulsa specifically. I’m personal training has become such a pair of dogs that people Just feel like they can’t afford.

So we are here just to tell everyone that everyone can afford personal training. South Tulsa Personal Training we are here for you. So the blogs that people have or some of the things that they say they can do to train to get that weight loss goal running is that they are crazy busy, you know, we understand you’re crazy busy too with the kids with work and then personal training is the last thing that you want to think about. The gym is the last thing that you have time to think about, but it’s tend to reprioritize, you know, health is one of them. At your health is one of the main things that is so important that if you have the good health, you can have everything else in life. If you don’t have the good health, if you don’t have that exercise in your day three times a day, three days a week, I’m sorry to say, but your body is going to be deteriorating and not only your body but even your mind.

And so this is why magnus fitness south tulsa is all about getting your health and track. So if you are crazy busy, it’s time to reprioritize and no, that’s why we’re here. Set up in south tulsa to help our community with a weight loss to help our community with good help health to help our community with the state of mind just by encouraging them, by helping them exercise, wOrkout, getting them the great meal, nutritious meal. Did you know that average people, average adults eat 90 percent of the adults in America eat more sodium than the recommended dose of sodium per day. Ninety percent of people. So that’s why we are here.South Tulsa Personal Training I’m agnes fitness, located in south tulsa. Ready to rock and roll with you guys and help get your health back. So the other thing is that one of the other blocks is that people don’t want to be bothered, you know, it is, it is just in our dna that we just don’t want to be bothered.

So if we’re basicallY like something is so painful, we just gotta we just want to go around is so South Tulsa Personal Training or just exercise in general is painful. I mean if you’ve Just sent there for months, you and then you finally go to the gym, it’s going to be painful. So personal training has gotten this also, there’s a paradox that, oh no, I don’t want to work how, because it hurts and so I’m going to find a way around it, but this is why you have a personal trainer specifically here in salt tulsa with magnus fitness so that we can push your body. So the personal training can be fun and this is why we exercise 30 Minutes a day, three times a week so that you can get out of here and you can go have the day that you want to have. so iF you are looking to find another way around with personal training, just snow that you can find that here.

Not another way around, but you can find personal training to actually be fun because that’s what we do here at magnus fitness south tulsa. I’m one of the beliefS that people have, which is a block for working out, is thaT you don’t deserve it. I mean, if you think about it, uh, people that have gained weight and they look at themselves in the mirror, they don’t want to think about the weight loss because they just don’t think that they deserve it while we are here. So I’ll tulsa, we are here to tell you that you deserve it, that you can do it and that you deserve it. South Tulsa Personal Training so we want to tell you that at our facility, at our personal training facility in south tulsa, we believe that you deserve a healthy body and when you have a healthy body, you will have a healthy mind.

And when you have a healthy mind, you will have a healthy life, a fun life. So that’s what we do here. Or magnus fitness, personal training, south tulsa. One of the other blogs that people have as far as when it comes to training and when it comes to working out is that they’re afraid. They’ve tried all the new diets. They’ve tried all new exercise routines. They’ve brought friends at the gym. You close every, they’ve tried everything, and so now they’re afraid that they’re going to try just one more thing. Well, magnus fitness, south tulsa has so many testimonials on our website, South Tulsa Personal Training actually just go right now and magnus fitness, and look at our website and look at all of our testimonials and not only just the pictures, which pictures help so much with a weight loss and look at all the google reviews that we have from people that actually know us from people that have tried us, that have seen the gem.

This is what we do here. We’re here to tell you that I’m one size doesn’t fit all. One meal plan doesn’t fit all. South Tulsa Personal Training One exercise doesn’t fit all. We cater to specific needs of the people at magnus fitness, south tulsa, uh, so that we can make the personal training funds so that weekend, break those fears that you have and so that we can help you get to that a healthy body that you deserve. So yes, if you’ve tried all of these methods, like in new diet and exercise routine, new clothes, new gym clothes, um, and you are afraid that you will not get the results that you want. Think again, come to magnus fitness center also located 101st and sheridan and try us out for two weeks and you will see those pounds shredding off like you’ve never seen them before. Um, uh, the other thing that people have a block when it comes to their fitness results is that they don’t want to wait around, um, for the results.

So people, especially our generation these days were, were called microwave generation because we want things in an instant. We want result in about a minute to two minutes. Well, South Tulsa Personal Training that’s not how it works. You gotta put in the work when it comes to training, when it comes to exercise, you’ve got to put in the work to try hard and to two, given three months, six months, a year of what, uh, of what it is, what it takes for people to lose the weight, get reached those goals. So like I said earlier here at our facility and south tulsa, our personal training facility here in south tulsa, we have so many testimonials. That’s why we put the pictures up so that people are gonna come and see what actually has happened. You know, with our previous clients, with our clients right now. South Tulsa Personal Training I mean one of our clients has dropped 35 pounds in just four months.

I mean that’s amazing. That’s unheard of to some people and I’m one of our other clients, this lady, she came telling us that she’s tried everything that she’s heard, everything that she’s done, every new regimen there is all the new diets and so a sky, our trainers sky was able to work with her and in a matter of six months her body is completely transformed and not only has she dropped weight because of our personal training, but herself image has changed so much and it also helped her with different health issues that she’s had. I think she had like fibromyalgia that she had a sciatic nerve that she had, that our personal training and the training that sky did with her has helped her. And then, um, we have some other clients that because they’ve been with us for six months or so, uh, their diabetes numbers are dropping.

I mean they’re doctors are wondering what are they doing and actually are encouraging them to continue the lifestyle that they’re having and that lifestyle has come from South Tulsa Personal Training personal training studio in south tulsa. That is, um, so that is what we do here. That is how we help you get over the fears that you have, the blogs that you have for personal training, for exercising, for trying again to get in the gym and to actually believe, you know, to help yourself believe that you deserve and you body. So thank you so much for listening. Magnums fitness, personal training show here in south tulsa. We love speaking with you guys, answering your questions. If you have any questions about personal training or any new diets or good exercises, just send us an email or send us a text and we would love to bring it up to our show. Thank you again.