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Tulsa, not podcast. Coming to you today. Subject was a powerful realization straight from heaven. Our personal training podcast is bringing to you today a moment of realization. Some of us need a wake up call. This could be you trying to approach your fitness goals, could be financial, it could be family, could be faith. Whatever it is I need to address to you what hit me, what I believe was downloaded straight from heaven. So before I go any further, South Tulsa personal training a congrats to one of our participants that are magnets, fitness program, uh, a unique, you’ve probably heard the name on a podcast previously down the 27 pounds and I’m almost four months. She’s following our custom meal plan for her life and her fitness goals. She is fully invested in the exercise full time a student and works full time. Just remarkable made it happen financially.

She took advantage of our scholarship program at a personal training company. Here’s the, here’s the thing, I had a problem with my field system in my bmw also nose bring your wallet. Uh, and I didn’t know. Lo and behold, this thing had, had been under driven, South Tulsa personal training, every since we got the cars we’ve been paid off, we, we, we’ve really focused on making sure that we kept them in good condition and we just really haven’t been driving a much. Well, let me just start by saying I’m going to be as transparent as possible without ruining my reputation to you as my listeners that are magnets, fitness out, also a personal training podcast and for those of your current clients. But the only way I know to grow is to tell the truth, be honest, uh, in our own lives and who better than a leader, uh, in the community and fitness to share thoughts and feelings, struggles so that you know, you can grow to and you have permission to do the things that you want to do in life and know the other people are struggling.

So that’s a, by the way, that’s probably what has made magnus fitness South Tulsa personal training company so successful in the short amount of time that we have been in business is a. although it is one on one training. And, uh, uh, we, we, we do create community people who are, who cross each other after their sessions have become friends. They high five, they, some of them have wanted to group up together during the same transitions, which we do, but don’t call it small group training. But, uh, we definitely had our personal training company do not turn people away from training with a buddy. So here’s the, South Tulsa personal training here’s the deal. My BMW, which I am recording this podcast from right now for has been dealing with some fuel system issues. It’s been acting up. It’s been acting a little bit shaky. It’s been acting a little bit troublesome.

Okay. And, uh, it’s a performance vehicle and it was created to go fast and to perform okay. And when you don’t, when you don’t use these cars the way they’re supposed to do, when you live in constant fear of ruining it or driving it, using it like a town car, safely, meaning around a way around the town, uh, you can actually do some damage to the vehicle. Here’s my backstory. I didn’t want to ruin these cars and I had started a business, had a kid and gotten, gotten married. And South Tulsa personal training, and ever since then I made these big decisions in life, which are big decisions. Uh, uh, my life had been driven by fear and that caused me a symptom of that is not using what I have in my life using the things I have to their fullest potential. You can damage your life by not using your fullest potential.

Do you realize that you were created for performance in life? You were specifically created to make a huge impact in your life? I have revving the engine in this bmw right now, and it is operating in ways that I could not tell you. It’s a miracle every since I put it on the highway. And I pressed on that, uh, on that, on that, uh, on this, uh, accelerator. This thing has been cleared up. It’s been working a little bit better and I’m to keep out at every day. And trusting that, you know, this thing was built for performance. It was never meant to to sit and to, to collect, dust and click build up. South Tulsa personal training, and so I want you all to think this in terms of your life. Many of you are sitting right now in fear of using what resources you have and you are clogging your fuel system called faith, the faith and the will to do the things you want to do in your life.

You were experiencing symptoms like Shakiness, faulty acceleration. Now you’re calling everyone to get a diagnosis and they’re wanting to take all your money so that they can fix it, but it could be just as simple as you getting out and doing something with your life, getting out on the highway and pressing the throttle of potential and using the entire car his entire life for what it’s meant to do to make an impact, to carry you from one place to the next. Many of you are sitting back in your life and you’re addicted to things. You’re addicted to eating. You’re addicted to pornography. You addicted to a, to depression and medication because you were afraid. The root issue is you’re afraid. You’re afraid to believe that you were built for performance to get out and to conquer life, to be there for your kids, to be there for your wife, to be your spouse, South Tulsa personal training, to grow your business, to confront your employees, to cast your vision, to see your vision through this is what you were born for it living in fear is not going to help you. It’s going to be staggered. In fact, there are internal consequences to the human heart that if you continue to live in fear, you will have for the rest of your life and you’re going to try and treat the symptoms

of stress and anxiety and depression, but the root issue is false evidence appearing real false evidence that you cannot and will not ever be able to accomplish the dream that is on your life. The false evidence appearing real in your life, that you will never have the resources to accomplish what you need to do. How about you get going and God and the. Some of you call it the universe will bend over backwards to provide to you a human being full of power, wisdom, and might to accomplish the things you’re called to accomplish. It’s that simple. Some of you need to take your purpose and performance onto the highway of life and let go of the concerns of having enough, having it all sorted out, having it all figured out. We live our lives disguised in wisdom, but really wisdom and practically, but really it’s. It’s masked South Tulsa personal training it’s fear.

Now I’m not saying be stupid. I have no problem taking my car to the mechanic, but when I know in my stomach and my intuition is telling me something, this is another opportunity for me to throw money into a mechanic’s hands so they can work on other things other than what’s actually the issue is the same thing that’s going on in many of your lives right now. You’re asking for people to cash in their opinion, to take their opinion and give it to you on what you need to be doing with your life. But the root issue here me is you need to act your fuel system, your purpose, everything that is not happening in your life is not because you need to get everything diagnosed and symptom, all these symptoms, bandaid get a on these symptoms. You need to get out and you did make some decisions. Act in despite of how you feel and make some decisions that are contrary to your belief system. You were built for performance. You were built to fly on the highways of life. You were meant to have success. That cool breeze of everything working together for your good, that cool breeze of knowing that your father in heaven has got your back and that he is going to continually pursue you and protect you and provide for you when you fulfill his plan and purpose for your life. If the more you sit inside of a garage and the more you sit and drive carefully around every corner, not using your capacity, South Tulsa personal training.

you create internal damage on the inside of you. I as a coach cannot sit back idly and my personal training company and see my clients not use their potential. If you’re going to be friends with me or a client of mine, I’m going to put you on the onramp of life’s highway. If for your physical performance and potential, I believe you were created for more and I believe fitness and personal training and our personal training program, specifically magnus fitness will create for you new confidence, elevated confidence, and self esteem and self image for you to accomplish the things that you were called to do on this planet. Quit sitting back idly opened the garage door opener. Use the garage door opener, South Tulsa personal training open the garage back your performance vehicle out, and take it on the highways of life. Quit calling and asking people what’s wrong with it?

Just because something, uh, is, is, is symptomatic in addiction, depression. While I think they have their place, whoever’s listening to this, there are some people who will listen to this and they need to get some real professional help. But for the most part, I’m telling you right now, if this is what you, you listeners know what I’m saying and you know this is hitting home for you. You need to get out and use your potential. You’re a high performance human being and you were built for high performance, daily operation. If not, you’re going to create internal damage. Your heart, your soul, your mind, your spirit. You are going to damage yourself. I believe in you. Get Out, get out on the on ramp of life. If you need help doing that, come to magnus fitness. I’ll toss a personal training company and we’ll point you in the direction. We’ll provide you the resources. We’ll jump in the car with you and we will push it. Get clogged and clogged your fuel system with a little bit of acceleration. Get things circulating with a little bit of steps in your life. Make decisions outside your comfort zone. Make new friends, go new places, be in charge. Take financial risks in your life. Heaven is looking to back you. God is looking for people full of faith,

not people full of practicality.

We believe in you hear Magnus fitness, we love you. We look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand or watching you elevate and take control of your life and live in new ways. Live the life you were born to live.