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back to the magnus fitness and South Tulsa personal training show. Today we’re going to discuss a few different questions that some of our facebookers have have asked us to address, mention, comment on, explain or help with. But before you, uh, before I go any further, you know, I have to give a shout out to our PR program participants, uh, in our madness fitness way program who are getting results. These are people who have come into our program and I have put all of our resources to use and are reaching their goals. So without going any further, I want to give a massive shout out to nate. Nate is smashing it. He is two weeks into our program and he’s down 16 pounds. It’s remarkable and a lot of you listening to our personal training podcast might be thinking to yourself, well, that’s, uh, that’s really all that is, is water weight and uh, there’s not much more after that to be accounted for.

So I, Wa, I, I don’t want you to be a mistaken. Our program is specifically built and designed around this or personal training program is built around making sure people do not plateau. And I congratulate anybody first and foremost as a personal trainer in my profession, always congratulate my clients, South Tulsa personal training, for their weight loss goals, reaching them and making the lifestyle change. These are people who are just like you and me. They’re parents seeking weight loss programs, personal training, looking to make a better, a better lifestyle change for themselves. And they’ve done it. They came in, they called and asked for help, which is first and foremost the most important thing that this man did as a business owner. He could, could’ve acted like he knows it all, could have acted like he didn’t need help. Uh, he’s done crossfit, but he came in, he called, he came in and submitted to the process, is extremely coachable and diligent, uh, got our ebook, his wife, and he went home and made full use of our meal plan, made sure that they had the APP, downloaded it, plugged in all their food that our program requires for weight loss and our personal training company.

And, uh, walked in two weeks later, it was more motivated than I’ve ever seen the man in my life. It was incredible. He came in and started yelling my name and, uh, talking loudly and passionately other clients who were in the facility, uh, we’re actually curious as to what results he was getting in our personal training program. So where are your coach and we’re here and all that we ask is our clients just be coachable and diligent and trust us through the process. Uh, if you, if you’re interested in our program, do know that, uh, we, uh, we do have 90 day transformation packages available for you. Feel free to come in a apple, apply, South Tulsa personal training, and uh, and make a decision to reach your goal, reach your weight loss goal. You might be thinking, you know, what your personal training program is nice and all.

What’s the price? We have scholarships available for those of you who can’t afford it. Those are only for qualified participants. Uh, but, uh, we do make it affordable. We’re 30 to 40 percent cheaper than other personal training programs. You should know that. South Tulsa personal training, but, uh, but for the most part, it is not just nutrition, it’s exercise guys, you have to make a lifestyle of this. That is the most important key. You need to understand. It’s a lifestyle change. This is not just some gimmick or sham where we are coercing you into paying us money or we don’t show up. Our coaches and myself are fully dedicated to making sure you reach your fitness goals. That’s what polarizes us as a company and I cannot stress that a much as much and my profession. We’re not just personal trainings and our personal training company. We’re coaches and we’re committed to seeing you through to your goal.

And that’s why people like nate can drop what they’ve dropped, a, not just his, uh, uh, you know, courage and ambition and hope, but a combined with our resources and coaching staff. We really want to help you see your reach, your full potential, and reach your weight loss goals. So call us at nine. One, eight, eight, one, four, two, two, one, three. Reach out. She just a text and don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to call her to Texas. We’d love to hear from you and, South Tulsa personal training, if you’re out of state, we’d love to talk with you and see if we can’t help you somehow online as well. So without going any further, I want to address some of these questions that were on our facebook post.

Someone had asked her, cassidy has asked the question, why does meal prep take so long and why does cooking take so much time? It was, I’m sure it was probably a, a very, uh, a very, how do you say this? I’m sort of a joke, but, South Tulsa personal training, but I do want to. I think she brings up a great, great point or question. Whatever you make, cassidy by this, a comment on our facebook posts. I do want to mention something that I think is a very important to realize. This may or may not apply to you cassidy, but for the majority of Americans, the percentage of Americans who do not eat at the kitchen table is more than half, more than half of the American general public do not eat at the kitchen table anymore. And this is frightening because not only does this take away from our family unit, but it also creates a anelle healthy eating habits.

Here’s why. I remember being in high school and knowing full well that had dinner, I had to be in at a certain time to eat dinner with the family, sit down or grab my plate or sit down, be served or get up and grab, grabbed my plate and take it to the table. But bringing it back to sit down and have discussions with my family, interact, have some face time, share stories, um, and uh, grow, uh, through a live strategies my parents taught me. And um, it was for the most part, uh, uh, memorable experience. I miss eating at the table even now with how busy we are. This is something we’ve got to get back to. But uh, but that food that was made, do you remember there always being leftovers? Now you may have been in a household where everyone gorged and, and just enjoyed the food.

Mom was cooking so much or dad’s cooking for that matter to enjoyed the cooking so much that they just could not leave leftovers, but for the most part, the cooking food as a family is something that has lost. It’s a lost art and so one thing I would love for my clients and even myself and others around me and my sphere of influence to do a friends and family is to learn to cook as a family. If all we do is connect meal prep or eating healthy or doing what we’re supposed to do, South Tulsa personal training, as we limit it to time. If we have the resources or time or money to do it, then it’s never going to get done. But if we attach value and why behind that, then it’s more likely to get accomplished. Get back to eating as a family. And for some of you, this is going to take some major life adjustment.

So if kids play sports, if, uh, if you work late jobs, whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be dinner, but if you can create your family unit a game night once a week on Sunday night meal prep is your time for yourself to invest in your fitness levels of your weight loss goals. And if you’re part of our participating in our personal training program, it’s important to have one night out of the week. If you can’t find one night out of the week, I would dare to guess that your priorities are where to whack a and that your family can’t get on the same page for anything. And so that’s something that’s a whole other podcast to address, uh, and really outside of my profession. But as a personal training, owning a personal training company, I think it’s important for you to understand, especially when it comes to weight loss, South Tulsa personal training, your family’s watching you and you can be a leader in your household.

So taking time out of the week to eat one day out of the week, try practice one week where you eat together as a family if you already do it. Hurrah. Hooray. I’m excited for you. So I celebrate that. But learn to go grocery shopping. Take your children out to teach them how to make stuff, ingredients, talk, share stories. Ask how school’s going and getting involved in your child’s life or, or your siblings or your or your spouse, whoever it is in your life. Don’t blame them or call them a limiting factor to your fitness goals. Invite them into the process, uh, and if you don’t have to tell them that, just say, do you want to go grocery shopping with me? I’d love to talk to you about something and just take them along for the journey or were tonight, we’re going to have game night South Tulsa personal training, and mom’s going to cook.

Okay? Uh, you know, or we’re going to learn how to make a new recipe together and use that time around food, uh, to, to accomplish your goals. I really, I really, really don’t mean to get off on a tangent but, but the but the, but the excuses of meal prep and eating, the only reason that eating healthy has become such a major complication in our country is because we’re all about convenience and time and schedules and deadlines. If you don’t have time to invest in your health and your family, which can be, you know, they’re married, they’re the same, South Tulsa personal training they’re in the same there in and of themselves. The same you, you, you know, how you know you’ve got there are, you get what I’m saying. You have to understand that this is crucial and I know I’m just a personal trainer with a personal training company running a weight loss program here in Tulsa, Oklahoma who are you sky, but you know, these are key elements and I’m not going to go too far in and I’m, I’m limited on time here, but I just wanted to come out the gate saying that it’s not about time and it’s not about being hard.

It’s about finding different ways to accomplish the goal. You’re thinking about it, taking it, taking it from a completely different direction. So cassie, thank you for that question. I hope other listeners who, who, who maybe don’t understand Casitas questions, she simply asked, why is meal prep so hard? She may have been joking. I don’t know, but the point is, it brings up a really good subject. For those of you listening, feel free to go on our facebook and live a question and we’ll address it in our podcast the best to our ability. Um, and, uh, that’s it.