South Tulsa Personal Training | Climbing the mountain to Success

This content was written for Magness Fitness Tulsa

We are excited to hear that you took the first step in looking into personal training with Magness Fitness Tulsa South Tulsa Personal Training. I can’t wait to tell you all of the amazing services we offer and are incredible things we can do. If you give us a chance. First, also free to check us out on our website at incredible testimonials, reviews, as well as different programs and services we offer. Although I will go through those briefly in this article, our website will give you the opportunity to view before and after photos to give an inside look on what it would be like joining our studio.

Here at Magness Fitness Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training the services that we offer include our boutique studio,
housecalls, which are very convenient for a lot of people. One-on-one training, as well as our body tracker app which allows you to keep track of your progress on your day-to-day training. We also include boot camp, and couples training that allows you to take a break from all the seriousness and kind of have a fun, relaxing session. Aside from all of this, we do include all the support you could possibly imagine. From online support that allows you connect with other clients to nutritional advice and seminars that provide you with the knowledge to start your fitness journey in the kitchen. Again, these are just some of the services we offer this does not include all of the personal support, you will receive by joining our studio.

Here at Magness Fitness Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training, we want to help you live a life full of passion to help you learn how to be confident in yourself and proud of who you are. This goes deeper than just what you look like on the outside. this transformation will not only be a physical external transformation, but from personal experiences. This will be a internal transformation as well. So let as tagalong with you on your journey to success by line as to teach you all that we know it provides you with all sorts of different materials and positivity.

Please give us a call for more information on 9188142213 ordered to schedule your free consultation. Lastly, I would like to mention that aside from your free consultation. We do provide a free 30 minute training session with one of our professional trainers. If you decide to join our studio we also would like to extend our offer of your first two weeks for free as well as your 30 day money back guarantee. We want you to feel comfortable in working with us at our studio to continue a pathway to wherever you want to go. We look forward to meeting you, working with you and creating the best you. You’ve always wanted to be successful, so here’s your opportunity. Let’s meet these goals together and bring out the confidence will that you never knew you had.

South Tulsa Personal Training | Becoming a Better You

This content was written for Magness Fitness Tulsa

Everyone’s definition of success is different, however, the actual definition of success is always the same, which is the accomplishment or aim of purpose. Which means that as long as you achieve your goals, you are succeeding. Here at Magness Fitness Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training will provide you with the most exquisite personal training experience that you could possibly imagine. With multitudes of services, as well as a studio with a positive vibe, we will offer you the most important piece of all, which is support. We believe in you and we know you can do anything you set your mind to. As long as you try.

First I would like to say that we will start by giving you a consultation which includes a complimentary body composition test. This allows us to tailor a workout routine that best fits you and your body. This also comes with a 30 minute training session with one of our multiple professional trainers. We do this to kind of give our clients a feel for the environment, as well as training session. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. And comfortability and negativity can make this experience opposite of what it’s supposed to be. This is why I stress being positive and leaving yourself as much as possible.

Here at Magness Fitness Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training, we offer multiple different services that you can access any time when you are attending our studio. These include our boutique studio, home calls, one-on-one, body tracker, boot camp and even couples training. All of these different services that we offer parental comfortability and positivity within because if we offer all of these different services that of course we believe in what we do and know we can achieve everything that we say. The home calls are my personal favorite because it gives you some convenience for when the days are long and thick, you can just give us a call and will come to you and your workout done it out of the way before you even know it. One thing that I didn’t mention that we do offer is a full-time support system. This includes an online support that allows you connect with other clients to support each other on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We also provide nutritional advice and seminars at the studio to help encourage people to start their lifestyle change in the kitchen, where it means the most.

We look forward to meeting you and having you join our team. We hope that we are a great fit for you and that you feel the same. We know, together we can accomplish great things. We have a passion to help people be who they want to be and create their dream body Magness Fitness Tulsa, South Tulsa Personal Training gives us the opportunity to do so. Give us a call at 9188142213 with any questions and to schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.